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Litany for our Soldiers.

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Abergele and Pensarn Urban…

Geironydd Rural District Council.

Penmachno Sewage Scheme.

Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Transvaal…

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Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Transvaal War Patriotic Fund. COMMITTEE. Mr D. Gamble, jun. (chairman). Hon. Secretaries:âMr J. Evans, N.P. Binko Colwyn Bay Mr T. H. Morgan, Rhos House, Colwyn Bay Mr R. Booth, Conway-road, Colwyn Bay. Hon. Treasurer :âMr Geo. Bevan, J.P., chair' man of Urban District Council. It is proposed that the funds raised be applied- Firstly, for the relief, through the medium of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Families' Associatiollr of- 1. Widows, orphans and dependants of soldiers, sailors, and Reservists killed. 2. Wives and children of soldiers, sailors, and Reservists separated from their bread- winners owing to the latter being on active service. And, secondly, if specially requested by any dividual subscriber, or so determined by the committee for the relief of- 3. Disabled soldiers, sailors, and Reservists after leaving the service. 4. Sick and wounded soldiers, sailors, and Reservists. 5. Refugees from the Transvaal. The following is a list of subscriptions already promised or received up to date £ S- A Amounts previously acknowledged 489 i5 Young People's Society, Welsh Congre- q. gational Chapel, Colwyn Bay o 6 L Mr Wm. Phillips, Trefgarn 0 1 Colwyn Bay Higher Grade School En- () tainment II II 10 Mr T. Parry 2 2 Mr Evans, Colwyn o 5 Do. per Queen Hotel. o 3 Total

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