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ILand Dispute at Prestatyn.


Land Dispute at Prestatyn. Letter from the Bishop of St. Asaph. THE Prestatyn Urban District Council, anxious to keep abreast with the times, have decided to widen the thoroughfare known as Bastion-road, leading from the railway station to the seashore, which at present is very narrow in certain parts. At Wednesday's monthly meeting of the Council the chairman (Mr John Jones (Sefton) said that application had been made to the Bishop of St. Asaph, as one of the patrons of the living of Prestatyn, to agree to allowing the Council to purchase the necessary width of land, owned by the Charity Commissioners in Bastion-road, for the purpose of widening the same. Mrs McClaren and other landowners had generously promised to give the required land in other parts, and Mr Gerald Balfour, who was interested, as one of the patrons had given his consent condi- tional upon the other patron, Bishop Edwards, giving his. Since the last meeting, a letter had been received from the bishop, who said he had made inquiries as to the question of granting a portion of glebe land, as a result of which he regretted he was unable to agree to giving the land. The Chairman said that was just what he ex- pected. (Laughter.) The Rev Thos. Price (vicar) said the reason the Bishop objected was because he considered the Council wanted too much land. The Chairman replied that all the other land- owners interested were giving land free of charge. The Rev Thos Price Yes, but the Council want a portion of the playground of the National Schools, and when they touch the National Schools the Bishop and myself must step in. The Chairman said it was a public improve- ment for the benefit of the district. The road must be widened, and they were determined to widen it, and if they could not get the land by friendly negotiations,, they would apply for compulsory powers.

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