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Llandudno. Prince's Theatre.âAt a meeting of the creditors of Mr Kitts, of the Prince's Theatre and Restaurant, Mostyn-street, Llandudno, Mr G. A. Humphreys presiding, it was decided to wind up the estate. Stealing from a Cart.âAt Llandudno Police Court, on Monday, Edward Thomas Evans was charged with stealing a rabbit from the cart of Arthur Davies, Prospect-terr., Llandudno. Davies said he left the cart in Back Madoc-street on Jan. 27th, while he delivered some things at ar house there. A boy told him that a man had taken a rabbit from his cart. Owen Owens deposed to having seen Evans take the rabbit. P. C. Hughes also gave evidence. The magistrates fined Evans 20S and costs, or fourteen days in default. The Recent Hawking Case.âMr W. Corbett applied at the Llandudno Police Court, on Monday, for costs, including advocate's fee, in the case of the Llandudno Urban District Council against John Hughes, which was dismissed by the I I magistrates on September nth last year. The case was subsequently tried by the Court of Appeal, when the decision of the magistrates was upheld. Mr Chamberlain, on behalf of the Council, opposed the application. The Clerk advised the magis- trates that the case having been dismissed, an application for costs could not be entertained by them. The application was accordingly dismissed. Special Council Meeting.âA special meeting of the Urban District Council was held on Wednes- day night, under the presidency of Mr JilO. Owen. A bill was received from Councillor T. T. Marks for professional services in connection with the Warburton lease in London and elsewhere. After a discussion, the Council repudiated the claim, and stated that Mr Marks would be only entitled to the scale of every other councillor. On the recom- mendation of the Sanitary Committee it was decided to adopt the Baths and Washhouses Act, 1864, and the Private Streets Act. The annual death rate for 1899 was stated to be 13'4 per 1,000, and the death rate among residents 10-5 per 1,000. Plans submitted by the engineer for protecting the Promenade were adopted. Fire at the Snowdon Hotel. At half-past one o'clock on Friday morning the Llandudno Fire Brigade was called to the Snowdon Hotel, Tudno- street, which was found to be on fire. The brigade, in charge of Superintendent J. Owen, turned out smartly, and on arrival at the hotel perceived that the floor of the bedroom on the third storey was in flames, and that Mr Robinson, the landlord, and the other inmates who had been sleeping in the storey below had hurriedly effected their escape from the building, which was full of smoke. The brigade attached a hose to the main, and attempted to reach the seat of the fire, there being ample pressure of water. All the windows were kept shut, otherwise, owing to the gale which was raging at the time, it would have been impossible to prevent the place from being gutted. The fire- men were unable at the first attempt to reach the upper storey, but a second strenuous attempt proved successful, and when the men succeeded in playing upon the flames they quickly put an end to the mischief. It was found that a large gap had been burnt in the floor, and the contents of the rooms were damaged, while the damage by water was also considerable. How the fire originated is unknown, but it is supposed to have been caused by an electric light wire becoming heated and 21 melting a lead gaspipe.



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ILand Dispute at Prestatyn.

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