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Chester. Grosvenor Museum.âAt a meeting of the Paxton Society, held on Saturday, Mr Robert New- stead, F. E.S., -consulting entomologist to the society, delivered a lecture to the members on Recent Important Investigations of the Currant-bud Mite,' followed by "Notes on the Pear-tree Slug." Dealing with the currant-bud mite, Mr Newstead gave some interesting particulars of a series of experiments he had recently, in conjunction with Mr Spencer Pickering, conducted on the Duke of Bedford's fruit farm, at Woburn, Bedfordshire, with a view to the extermination of this pest, so much dreaded by growers of black currants. After having un- successfully tried many so-called remedies, Mr Newstead said they had come to the conclusion that the best and most expeditious method ol getting rid of the mite was to cut off all the infected branches and burn them. He then gave in detail the result of his enquiries into the life-history of the pear slug, and the best means of dressing the trees infested by this destructive insect. An animated discussion followed, in which Mr Robert Wakefield, president of the society, and others took part, and Mr N. F. Barnes, in proposing a vote of thanks to the lecturer, mentioned the t, fact that the Royal Horticultural Society of England had recently recognised Mr Newstead's ability as practical ent: mologist by inviting him to lecture at one of their London meetings.

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