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Abergele. LADY DUNDONALD left Charing Cross on Monday for Mentone. Ituprovements.-We are pleased to notice that the asphalting of the footpaths has begun, the men having started work last Monday in South-parade, Pensarn. Furious Driving.âOur local omnibus attained the unprecedented pace of four-and-a-half miles per hour the other day, which resulted in one of our local policemen having a narrow escape from being run over in Market-street. Monthly Fair.âThe monthly fair was held last Wednesday, which proved of rather a rowdy nature, although the attendance was rather small. Several free fights took place in the railway station waiting rooms before the 9-37 p.m. train. The usual Flood.-When are the Council going to remedy the Pwll Coch-road, which always appears flooded at the least downfall of rain ? This is the question which has been freely asked during the last week. Several days the road, fur about 50 yards, has been flooded to the depth of fifteen inches, making it impassable. This has been going on for years. When is it going to be remedied ? Special Police Court.âBefore Mr J. D. Miller and Dr Wolstenholme, at a special police court held last Wednesday, Thomas Jones (Tom Denbigh), a tramp from Conway, was charged by P.C. Rigby with being drunk and disorderly on Pentremawr- road the previous evening. Mr J. E. Harrison, proprietor of the Castle Hotel, also preferred a charge against the prisoner of wilful damage by breaking a pane of glas 's in the door of the hotel (value, 3s 6d.), which charge was proved by the barman, Frank Hall. The prisoner pleaded guilty to both offences, and was fined 5s. and costs in the first case, and is. and costs and 33. 6d. damage in the second, or in default, one month's hard labour. As the fine was not forthcoming the prisoner was conveyed to Carnarvon gaol.

Bettws, Abergele.


_ „. 1 -1 ■. Colwyn.