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Letting in the Light on Dark Spots. FROM many of our summer resorts we now and again hear murmurs against the local press when anything is published which is supposed to reflect unfavourably upon the sanitary, or, rather, insanitary condition of the district, and frequently our local authorities resolve themselves into" committee," and deal with these things in private, in order that disagreeable facts be kept from the public. A press that would lend itself to this kind of hypocrisy renders very poor service tt) the public, and is scarcely deserving of con- fidence. It does good sometimes to let in a little light upon things which are unsatis- factory, and it is thereby that a remedy is prompted. It is by no means an agreeable task, for instance, to call attention to the prevalence of diphtheria in the Vale of Conway, but a remedy is scarcely likely to be effected by suppressing the facts. After perusing the reports of the sanitary and medical officers of the district one could not wonder if its ravages were much more virulent, for it is known that the case recently reported at Capel Garmon is by no means an isolated one. There is a very summary way of dealing with owners of cottage property who think that the sanitary requirements of work- men's cottages will be amply met by the provision of a coarse rubble drain running under the floors, without any outlet or receptacle to dispose of objectionable matter. The sacrifice of time and talk made by district councillors is very con- siderable, but what is the use of it all if their orders and directions are ignored ? In one of the places where there had been an outbreak of diphtheria in the Llanrwst rural district it transpired that orders to remedy the defective drainage had been given to the landlord nearly two years ago, I but to no purpose. Unless the Council can put a little more force into their behests and compel their immediate observance their proceedings will be nothing but an utter farce.

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