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The Prestatyn Licensing Case.

Up and Down the Coast.


Up and Down the Coast. [BY PERIPATETIC."] BABY FARMING IX FLINTSHIRE. THE recent baby-farming case investigated by the Flintshire coroner (Mr R. Bromley) will shortly find a sequel in the police court. It was proved that Mr and Mrs Jones, Clwyd Mount, Dyserth, had under- taken for a monetary consideration the care of two children without being licensed by the St. Asaph Board of Guardians, in accordance with the very wise, and beneficial piece of legislation, the Infant Life Protection Act. This case was reported to the Union authorities by the coroner, and last Friday they decided to proceed against the above couple for non-compliance with the requirements of the Act. Whatever may be the result of the prosecution it will doubtless have a salutary effect upon those people who traffic in the lives of infants. :? THE TERRIBLE WEATHER. MANY years-some say thirty, others fifteenâhave elapsed since North Wales was visited with such tempestous weather as that of the past week. February has hitherto borne the reputation of being a month of sunshine and spring-like mild- ness, but the year 1900 has spoilt it. Snowstorms, sleet, rain, and heavy gales have come down upon us in rapid suc- cession, until railway travellers groaned aloud in anguish of spirit. I can bear special testimony to this latter remark, being one of the unfortunate travellers. All the snow has gone, and the country side, especially valleys, is dotted with lakes. It is probable that the farmers are heavy losers through the decimation of their flocks by exposure and the rapid rising of the rivers. The market towns have also suffered through the inclement weather, as country people were unable to get through the deep drifts which blocked many of the upland roads. AN EISTEDDFOD FAILURE, THE balance-sheet of the Cardiff Eistedd- fod has just been issued, and shows a deficit of £626. It has been decided to call upon the guarantors to the extent of 9s. in the £ So far Cardiff has topped the record for their subscriptions, prizes, and expenses, and it also seems to have topped the record for deficits. Looking at the figures of the takings at previous Eistecldfodau, Rhyl comes out very well. With the exception of Llanelly, the takings at the last Rhyl Eisteddfod were greater by some hundreds of pounds than those of the other Eisteddfods held during the last ten years, and were among the very few to come out with an ample balance on the right side. Why cannot Rhyl make another bid for the National Eisteddfod ? NEW RIFLE RANGES. THE Government are now waking up to the fact that our volunteers have had no facilities for becoming efficient marksmen. During the last fortnight several military experts have been over various parts of North Wales looking at different sights on which to establish long-distance ranges. Two sites have been selected, one at Holyhead and the other at Halkyn, in Flintshire. There has for many years been a rifle range at Rhyl, but the distance is no more than 300 or 400 yards. The ranges will be used chiefly by the North Wales volunteers. :-¡:c :t AX EXTRAORDINARY FIASCO. THE conduct of Benjamin Sugden, who prosecuted Mrs Travers Morgan for felo- niously stealing a number of articles, which he alleged was his property, and at whose instigation this poor woman was conveyed in the custody of a policeman through the deep snow from Rhos to Colwyn Bay, and suffered the ignominy of a night's confinement in a cold police cell, is. to say the least, reprehensible. In the witness- box this gentleman actually couldn't identify what he claimed to be his pro- perty, and when pressed by defendant's solicitor, made the further extraordinary admission that he never meant to charge Mrs Morgan with stealing the articles. All he knew was that they were taken from his house in which defendant formerly resided. Of course the case was dismissed. Mr Nunn, the prosecuting solicitor, was in no wise to blame for the breakdown of the case. He was rendered powerless by the strange admissions of his client, and had to withdraw. Much sympathy has been expressed with Mrs Morgan.