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LlandriHo and Eirias United District School Board. THE Rev John Edwards presided over the monthly meeting of the above Board, which was held at the Clerk's office, Bank-buildings, on Tuesday afternoon last. There were also present the Revs J. Griffiths, J. Meredith Hughes, and O. J. Davies, Mr Robert Evans, Mr D. C. Williams, together with the clerk (Mr F. J. Holmes), and the attendance officers (Messrs Roberts and Davies). Vote of Sympathy. The Rev John Edwards proposed, and it was carried that the clerk be instructed to convey the sympathy of the Board to Mr Griffiths, district auditor, in the loss lie had sustained by the death of his wife. Assistant Mistress at Colwyn. The Clerk intimated he had received four appli- cations in response to the advertisements in the papers for an assistant mistress. All four of the applicants had good testimonials which were read, and the Board finally decided to ask two out of the four to attend before them on Friday next. Deaf and Dumb Boy. On this matter coming forward the chairman intimated he had spoken to Mr Byrne with regard to the deaf and dumb boy, and had received a letter from that gentleman stating he had some information which he thought would be advantageous to the boy. Mr Byrne attended the meeting and gave the particulars as to at what cost to the Board the boy could be sent to a school and properly trained. He also on behalf of Mr Edwin Jones and himself promised to stand the expense of providing him with the necessary articles to start with. Increase of Salary. A letter was read from the school attendance officer, Mr Roberts, asking for an increase of salary as tne district had greatly increased since he was appointed. After the details of the case had been gone into it was decided to increase it to £ 15, and 10 per cent. bonus. â Another application was received from Mr Davies, the Colwyn attendance officer, applying for an increase. This was also increased in proportion. Non=Attendance. Mr Roberts, the attendance officer, reported several cases of bad attendance, but as the weather had been so inclement he thought it better not to take proceedings. Mr Davies reported several cases in which he stated it would be desirable to take proceedings, as a warning to other parents. The Board then instructed the clerk to proceed against three of the parents. Leaving Home. Mr Roberts asked if when children went away !⢠from home for several weeks together, if their names should be allowed to remain on the books, as it took a iot of the percentage of attendances. It was decided that in future names should be removed. Cases of Ellness. It was pointed out by the attendance officer that the number ot cases in which parents state that their children cannot attend school, when at the same time they are frequently seen playing about. This matter occupied the attention of the Board for a considerable time, and several suggestions were made as to how to stop this, and it was decided to consult members of the medical profession with regard to obtaining certificates in all cases of illness. Notice of Motion. Mr D. 0. Williams had given notice at a previous meeting to propose some means of improvement in the attendance, but he thought the previous matter had embraced what was wanted. As Mr Williams had not put his proposal in form, it was decided the chairman, Mr Williams, and the clerk, should B1)¡ct to formulate some practical,suggestion. Contributory Parish. This matter occupied the attention of the Board for a considerable time. as the Department staled that they could iick do anything in the matter, oxviii, to the accommodation at the schools of tile other parish being sufficient for those who attended. After a long in which all the members took part, the matter wa"Jeft- over for full partial- lars, as to accommodation, the number of children- in the locality, &c., to be ascertained, in order to furnish the Department w.ith the proper particulars of the case. Owing to the lateness of the hour the Board adjourned.