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The Protestant Army Challenged.


The Protestant Army Challenged. SIR,âGranted it is divided granted it has its undersirable differences drifting from the God of Battles, who dwells only with men and assemblies "keeping the unity of the Spirit in the hand of peace." Granted that all this is true, has its divi- sions, has its differences, wrought more to offend a just God than the boast and bounce, cruelty and harshness of a mass of people gone mad with the transient glory of a mere arm of flesh for coupled with the insult thrown at the Dean of Durham, we have its sequel in a gathering calling itself a public meeting, branding the Dean of Winchester with being a traitor to his Queen and country, because he has courage enoughâbecause he has Christian charity enough to recognise, to appreciate, what there is to recognise, what there is to appreciate, in a mistaken, misled foe fighting, perishing, against its own welfare of "peace, order, and free- dom," which might well commend itself to a Biblical Pres dent Kruger. A harsh meeting, lost in the chaos of darkness, branding with traitorship, a man of men, though dean of Winchester, that puts to practice the show and sham that characterises some, to ever pray (as he declares) in private as well as in public for the success of our Army, and that in harmony with Christian principles, that seemeth more likely to meet with the approval of the God of Battles than the boast and bounce referred to, of which I give a fitting specimen, though isolated and less conspicuous than many of its kind, which your readers can, no doubt, both testify and prove. But not the least instance of the kind is that experienced by the writer himself, and I would here observe that though I make use of the term, "A Biblical Presi- dent Kruger," I use it not to mock I say it not in a spirit of defiance, which terribly, unfortunately, befel the lot of a certain person, who, speaking of Kruger not so long ago, made use of the following words: â"That ill as he was, if he had hold of Kruger, he would make him that he couldn't read his 'Bible' any more." The lips that framed those words are now silent in the tomb, sealed by the cold hand of death itself and if God's Word is still of effect, if it still retains its truth and power, then, surely, does the danger exist for this boast and bounce, condemned by Scripture, to lead this nation to wrong and ruin, but let us sincerely hope that it will not, like the doubly unfortunate indi- vidual, become a lifeless corpse to mock its own boast and bounce by a bitter still- ness and helpless reality to mock its wrongly claimed right to avenge this and to avenge the other, when vengeance belongeth to the God of Battles Himself, to dispose of as He will, for is it not written, Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord I will repay." Though divided, though differing, let the outsiders do half the work; yes, one-fifth of the labour of the regrettable divided Protestant army, to keep danger and ruin from our shores, to protect those whom we love and respect from being robbed and pilfered of their freedom, and to have the Bible bequeathed to their care wrenched from their grasp and keeping, of which no notice whatever is taken. Let them, I say, do one-half yea, one-fifth of what others are doing, before they undertake to brand men who, at least, endeavour to be faitnful to a Creator, and hath no respect of persons with a guilt that will otherwise, most assuredly, recoil on their own heads when the day of reckoning comes to weigh in the balance of their indebt- ness" to an abused and scantily-respected religion. OUTLOOK.