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Ystrad. The tenth annual competitive meeting under the auspices of the Sunday Schools of Bethel, Dyffryn Nazareth and Jeru- salem Chapels (C.M.) was held at Dyffryn on New Year's Day, Monday, January 1st, 1906. There was a meeting at 2 p.m. and at 6 p.m. A large number of competitors had entered for the various items. The following were successful in ihe Biblical examination:âUnder 10 years of age Mildred Hughes, Ada Gri- ffiths, Catherine Hughes, (of Nazareth) under 13: Bertie Smith Evans, Eliseus Howells (Jerusalem), and Gwladys Llew- ellyn (Nazareth); under 16: Helen Evans (Dyffryn), W. D. Morgan (Naza- reth), and Maggie Jenkins (Bethel); under 21: Mary Thickens (Nazareth), L. Roderick (Jerusalem); over 21: Evan J. Powell (Dyffryn). Mr. Milwyn Howells, Pentre, carried away the prize on the poem, Hwn fydd mawr," which gained great commer-dation from the adjudi- cators he also was successful on the "englyn." Mr. John Rees. Maindy Rd., Ton, was successful on the essay on The Temptation of Christ," and the prize for an essay on "John the Baptist" was divided between Wm. Evans, Pentre, and Mary Thickens, Pentre. Essay for chil- dren under 16, the successful essayists being- L. Roderick, Ton, and Stephen Davies, Ystrad. Miss Dinah Davies. Ystrati, and Mrs. Ellen Evans, Ton, were first and second on an essay on "Anna the Prophetess." A prize of £1 Is. was given for the best essay giving the his- tory of the institution and progress of the church at Dyffryn. Mr. John Rees' (Maindy Road, Ton) essay was adjudged worthy of the prize. Miss Lily Edwards, Pentre, gained the prize for an organ solo. The quartet was, won by Mr. A. J. Timothy, Ton, and friends. Solo for girls under 16, divided between Miss Blodwen Price, Ton, and Miss Lizzie J. Owen, Ystrad: bass solo, Mr. John Davies, Pentre; tenor solo, Mr. T. J. Hughes, Ystrad; contralto solo, Miss Annie J. Jones, Ystrad; duet. Messrs. T. J. Hughes and R. Evans. Ystrad children's choir, Naazreth, Pentre; ladies' choir, prize divided between the choirs of Jeru- salem and Nazareth. The male voice comuetition on "Dewrion Feibion Gwalia" excited much interest, three choirs; com- peting, Jerusalem Choir being adjudged the successful one, which was under the conductor ship of Mr. Hugh J. Lewis, Ton. Mr. Milwyn Howells had the prize for reciting Yr Ystorm" (Hwfa Mon). Mr. Stephen Davies and Miss H. Mor- decai divided the -,i-ize, on the recitation, Gwers Natur." Recitation, Plant y Byd," divided between Lucy H. Jones, Ton. Jennet Rosser and Bertie Evans. Moto'r Plentyn," divided between Myfanwy Jones, Ystrad, and Lucy H. Jones, Ton. The translation from Eng- lish to Welsh, divided between Mr. J. Timothy, Ton, and Mr. L. Roderick; also poem from English to Welsh, divided between Mr. J. Jones, London House, Pentre, and Mr. Tom Howells, Pentre. The meeting was presided over by the Rev. P. Gellv. Ystrad; the musical ad- judicator being Mr. Phillip Thomas Neath and the literary, the Rev. Garn Adams, Dinas. The Nebo Young People's Union re- ceived a. visit, last week from the bard- preacher and lecturer, Myfyr Hefin. who delivered a highly interesting discourse on "Mamall Cymreig a'u Beibl." There was a, large and appreciative audience, presided over by the pastor, the Rev. Anthony Williams. The new year was heralded in the form of a consecration meeting, a paper by the appointed per- son, Mr. Jonathan Thomas, being post- poned for a week. -+-+-+- The funeral took place on Monday lat" at Wauntroda, of Mrs. Ann Griffiths, the beloved wife, of Mr. Wm. Griffiths, 22, Cross Street, Ystrad, when there was a large assembly, the Rev. A. Williams, Nehol, officiating. Deceased was well- known in the district, and was a, faithful member at Nebo Chapel for many years. She was ailing: for a considerable time, but, bore her illness with Christian forti- tude and patience, tdeath coming as a, welcome relief.. Much sympathy is being felt for the bereaved husband and his four sons in the great loss sustained.