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Clydach Vale.



C win pare.


C win pare. Yuletide is once again over, and every- where things are settling down to their normal condition after a strenuous obser- vation of the rites and ceremonies pecu- liar to our festive season. As far as our knowledge goes, Cwnparc folk spent a downright merry Christmas, and although the historic day did not visit us in its traditional guise of snow and frost, the exceptionally mild temperature that pre- vailed tempted almost everyone out of doors, and thus helped to a fine appre- ciation and the .successful digestion of the sundry "good things" that make dys- peptics shudder. It is gratifying to note that, thanks to the efforts of a, few philanthropists, with Dr. Barrett as their generalissimo, the poorest hearth was gladdened with Christmas cheer, and that the manifestation of the spirit of the Christmas that Dickens immortalised, in all deserving cases made poverty fly through the window. May the shadow of such noble workers never grow less. On Christmas Day, the Salvation Army held its annual Christmas tree and tea for the children, in the Park Hall. Several hundreds of children gathered, and regaled their eyes, and their little Marys" with a sight and taste of the innumerable, toys and delicacies which had been provided. The function was a highly successful one, which is synonymous with saying that. Mr. Edward Meredith and Miss Vaughan were the principal workers, in the affair. Last Thursday and Friday evenings, the Salem Baptist Chapel Band of Hope held a very successful fruit banquet," in the chapel vestry. On Thursday evening, adults attended, while Friday evening was devoted to satisfying the miniature hordes of juvenile temperance zealots. Mr. Tom Maclean deserves much credit for the completeness of his arrangements. A concert was, held on Thursday evening, at which several notable local singers performed. It, would have been a little more politic, however," to have offered some of the promising youngsters who are members of the Band of Hope, a chance to distinguish themselves. Rhondda people should not go for coals to New- castle. x We have to chronicle the death of Cwmparc's oldest lady resident, in the person of old Mrs, Jones (who. resided with her son, Mr. Wm. Jones, Park Road), at the advanced age of 88. She submitted to the exigencies of Old Time on the first, day of the New Year, being satisfied, as it were, with one glimpse of the infant 1906 before she joined the great, majority. The old lady was one of the most interesting personalities we ever knew, and locally she had come to be looked upon as an institution, everyone knowing her by the endearing title of Granny Jones." For many years she was the v.wirparc midwife, and our late medico, Dr. James, was on very friendly terms with her. One great matter of pride to the old lady was! that she was of the same age as our late beloved Queen, being born on the same day. In her youth, old Mrs. Jones was an ardent eis- teddfodwr, and was a faithful soprano in Caradog's choir. She leaves 36 grand- children, who are scattered in various parts, of the world. On New Year's Day we were, privileged to see a greeting" card, which for originality and interest would be hard to beat. It was simply an irregular piece, of brown paper, on which was printed a bit of doggerel, which proclamied the impccimio.sity of the wonder nnc$the cerity of his good wishes. Although used by a, lot" this year, it will certainly become, a craze next year. This month's, Hauwr," the monthly organ of the Welsh Baptist Sunday School, contains a, good likeness and an interesting biography of Mr. Evan Middle- ton, manager of the Park (Ocean) Col- liery.