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Ton. A very successful Christmas tree and sale of work was held in the new school- room in connection with St. David's Church on Boxing Day. The sale of work was declared open by Mrs. LI. Phillips, Ton, and a, brisk sale ensued. The toys from the tree were doled out by Messrs. H. Collins, D. J. Smith and H. Powell. The following stalls were presided over as folloiv :-I'ai-icy Stall: Mrs. Phillips, Mr. E. J. Lloyd and Miss E. A. Lloyd. Needlework Stall: Mrs. Collier, Mrs. Godsall and Miss Collier. Fruit Stall: Mrs. Pea roe. Mrs. Wilkinson and Mrs. Allessey. The following side shows, which were well patronised, were presided over as follow:âMuseum: Messrs. T. Royal and W. Holmes. Fine Art Gallery: Messrs. Chapman and J. Jones. Turn- abouts: Messrs. T. Evans, R. Davies, D. Morris and T. Jay. Mr. John Pearce acted as general superintendent of the side, shows. Bran Tubs: Messrs. Uri Jones and John Davies. The refreshment tables were presided over by the follow- ing:âMrs. Davies, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Joe Jones and Mrs. Smith. The secretarial duties were very efficiently carried out by Mr. Rd. Phillips. The stall building. by Mr. P. Bailey was perfect, and the arrangements in all particulars faultless. The proceeds are stated to have reached the very substantial sum of E50. Last Monday evening a. very successful social was held at the Workmen's Hall by the students of the Dressmaking Classes >of Ton, Gelli and Treorchy, which are held under the control of the County- Council. The programme was a varied one. Misses Tilly Thomas, Ton. and Cissy Thomas, Treorchy, rendered solos at intervals, while Messrs. Wallace Buiid3, and Rhys Richards, the former a power- ful alto and the latter an excellent re- citer, entertained the audience. Tableaux were another feature of the evening, which included the followil,- representa- tions: A Welsh Cup of Tea," "Night and Morning," The Song of a Shirt," "Justice," and The Women of Britain." After a fine spread was partaken of, games were indulged in, Jncl everyone present seemed to enjoy themselves. Mr. T. J. Price ably presided at the piano, while praise is due to Mrs. Toon Williams for carrying out, the duties of secretary. There were upwards of 80 present, among whom were Mr. W. D. Wight, Rhondda Rise (chairman of the local Education Committee), and Mrs. Wight; also Mrs. E. T. Davies, a member of the committee. Last Tuesday the Christian Endeavour Society at Bethesda, Ton, held a success- ful tea, and meeting. In the evening the Rev. J. Owen (Dyfnallt), Pontypridd, gave a, most interesting and edifying address on Robert Louis Stevenson," that most devotional writer. Mr. Owen spoke on the epitaph written on a foun- tain in his n emory at San Francisco, and dealt with the profound ideas contained therein. We trust his remarks may live in the minds of the audience. We congiatulate Mr. Isaac Davies, Maindy Road, on his recent appointment to the position of superintendent of the district, for the Weslevan and General Assurance Company. Mr. Davies is well- known and respected in the locality, being one of the newly elected deacons of Bethesda, and a staunch temperance advocate. We congratulate also Mr. Tom Davies (Cenech) on his recent successes; he won the chair an elegy at Bodringallt, and three other prizes at Ynyshir, one being a stanza on "Y Diwygiad." There were 40 competitors. An open lodge was held on Wednesday evening last under the auspices of "Tenil Clanrhondda/' I.O.G.T., at Jerusalem, Ton. The chair was taken by Mr. I. T. Rees, Ton. The following took part:-




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