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Tonypancfy's Question Answered



The I RHONODA LEADER' HISSING WORDS COMPETITION By a Little Thought you may win Two Pounds Fifteen Shillings. In our "Gossip" Column this week it will be noticed that a word has here and there been intentionally omitted. We offer 4-2 15s. for the four missing words Should more than one of our readers suc- ceed in sending the whole four words as they ann ear in the original copy, the prize will be divided amongst them. Should, however, no one be absolutely correct, we shall send to six of the competitors whose coupons are nearly correct, a copy of Charles Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare as a consolation prize, and increase the money value of the Competition in our next week's issue. Fill in the following Form and post in an unsealed envelope, stamped wit fa halfpenny stamp only, addressed to "Competition," Rhondda Leader Office, Tonypandy, oil or before Tuesday next, Jan. 9, 1906. NOTE: That if the envelope is sealed, it will not be delivered. COUPON "RHONDDA LEADER" Missing Word Competition JAN. Oth, 1906. LIKK j MISSINCTWORD. 3 n I 7 1 I 14 I 18 Sent in by Address â Ladies competing should inseht Sirs." or Miss." The missing words last week were world readily," orphans," and buoyant." No correct coupon came to handâone competitor's attempts in- cluded the four wrrds, but unfortunately for his rocket they did not all appear on the same coupen. We have again in- creased the money value of the prize, and sent the six consolation prizes to Mr. Lewis Jones, 313, Williams Terrace, Trealaw; Mr. E. Davies, 112, Court St., Blaenclydach; Mrs. W. Evans. Pleasant View, Treherbert; Miss E. Williams, 23, Old Street, Tonypandy; Mr. Stephen Lloyd, 128, High Street. Cymmer, Porth; and Mr. C. E-, Manning, 27, Dinas Road, Dinas. OUR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE will furnish information of The Best and Cheapest PIANOS By all Makers, from £16 16s. od. upwards. Pianos & Organs TUNINGS AND REPAIRS, EXPERT ADVICE GRATIS, irrespective of distance. DALE, FORTY & Co., High St., CARDIFF Also at CHELTENHAM, BIRMINGHAM, &c.

Will Mabon be Opposed?

Inflammation of the Kidneys.

Jerusalem, Llwynypia.

Holiday Haunts.

* Collision at Treherbert.


Theatre Royal, Tonypandy.


English Congregational Church…