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Tonypancfy's Question Answered


Tonypancfy's Question Answered The eviderce of our neighbours-Cardiff local men and womenâso many cases of which have been given in these columns during the past few years, has not. been without its weight here in Tonypandy, for we have, faith in a neighbour's word. But there was still one question: would the cures prove lasting? For that is the true test of a cure. A ringing Cardiff answer is given here. Sixteen months; ago Mr. J. H. Thomas, of Brook Terrace, Pahty Bach Road, Bivehgmve, Whitchurch, Cardiff, wrote us, describing his terrible illness and the good Doan's Backache Kidney Pills had done him. When 16 months later, our representative called to see Mr. Thomas, every word of the testimony was grate- fully confirmed. "And what is more," Mr. Thomas declared, "I am still well, and able to go to work as well as ever I could. Doan's Backache Kidney Pills saved my life, and anyone here will tell you the same." Speaking of his suffering, he said:- "It was while working in the Melin- griffith Iron Works, 25 years ago, that I was taken with a severe attack of rheu- matic fever, and not a winter since then âuntil I began with Doan's Pills-have I escaped a return of the cruel disease. At times I've been so bad that I haven't dared to move. Onoe I was laid up for nine months straight off, and none of my friends expected to see me about again. For 12 months after that I couldn't get about without crutches. My right leg became so drawn upith rheumatism that the doctor said it would have to be cut off, but my mother wouldn't, hear of it. My back used to hurt me dreadfullyâ I couldn't help crying out with the pain when I stooped. I'm at gardening work now, bending over all the time and in all weathers, but Doan's Backache Kidney Pills have protected me against those awful pains. My eyes used to be yellow and dull, and the kidney secretions were unnatural. The rheumatism was enough to drive me 1000t, of my mind. I remember once, after one of my worst attacks, I reached the stage when one gets keyond pain and suffering-I knew nothing of what was going on around me. When I wrote, many months ago, and told what Doan's Backache Kidney Pills had done for me, I thought them the best medicine in the world." Doan's Backache Kidney Pills are two shillings and ninepence per box (six boxes for thirteen shillings and ninepence). Of all chemists and stores; or post free, on receipt, of price, direct from Foister- McClellan Co., 8, Wella Street, Oxford Street, London, W. 11COd


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