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Moriah, Tonypandy.-


Moriah, Tonypandy. Opening Services and Stone Laying Ceremony. Pathetic Feature. The music of rejoicing is often jarred by unwelcome discords, and clouds are apt to cast their gloom o'er the sunniest day. Sunny, indeed, had been the pros- pects of the rising church at Moriah during this present Christmastide. Re- joicing in the completion of their new and' attractive place of worship, the members and numerous friends of the young cause had looked forward with expectant, interest and pleasure to the opening and memorial stone laying ser- vices. But the spirit of rejoicing was soon to be touched with grief. Christ- mas night closed sadly, for on Monday evening Miss Cassie Richards, the young and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Richards, Central Stores, after a brief and painful illness, passed away. Cassie, by her quiet and unobstrusive manner, had always endeared herself unto all who knew her, and her untimely demise, at the age of eleven years, would have occa- sioned much sorrow under ordinary cir- cumstances. But the fact that the dear little friend had been chosen to lay one of the memorial stones in connection with the new chapel on Wednesday last greatly deepened the already poignant grief. The mournful tidings were tearfully conveyed to the crowded congregation at the close Rev. J. NICHOLAS. > of the evening service on Christmas Day by the pastor (Rev. J. Nicholas) and created a profound sensation, and few were ahlei to preserve their composure under such distressing circumstances. On the proposal of the Rev. Dr. 0. Waldo James, a silent vote of sympathy with the bereaved relatives was passed, the whole congregation upstanding. The introductory service in connection with the opening took place on Saturday evening last, when the Rev. J. Nicholas (pastor) officiated. On Sunday, the Revs. J. Prichard, Sherwood, and D. C. Jones, Penygraig, together with the pastor, preached to large congregations. On Christmas night, the special preachers were the Revs. Dr. 0. Waldo James, Porth, and W. Elvad Da vies, Clydach Vale. The whole, of Boxing Day was devoted to united revival services, friends from all the neighbouring churches taking part. The formal stone laying ceremony took place on Wednesday afternoon, the pastor conducting the proceedings. Mr. E. W. Lewis (secretary), on behalf of the church, presented the trowels, which had been supplied by Mr. Kinstley, jeweller, Tony- pandy. The first stone was laid by Mrs. John Thomas, Liverpool (daughter of Mrs. Davies, Maesyffrwd), on behalf of her mother, who, we regret to state, had not sufficiently recovered from her recent in- disposition to do sol personally. Mrs. Davies very generously forwarded a cheque for L70. Then came Miss Annie M. Williams, daughter of Councillor Evan Williams, Fairfield, Trealaw, who kindly handed over a cheque for £10. The remaining space was intended to accommodate the stone prepared for the departed Miss Cassie G. Richards, but in face of the "untoward circumstance, it was nassed over in mournful silence, the vacant space being draped in black. The next stone was laid by Mr. Evan Tre- harne (formerly of Tonypandy), Brook Villa, Llantrisant, who was one of the founders of the church at, Moriah, and among the most enthusiastic workers for the cause until his removal from the locality. Mr. Treharne once again showed his practical sympathy with the church by contributing. the sum of £ 30. Master David T. Collier, Dunraven Street, was next called upon, and having: declared the stone well and truly laid, handed a. cheque for JE20, a like sum being kindly given by Alderman Richard Lewis, J.P., who laid the last stone, and who has on more than one occasion dealt generously with the church. The subsequent proceedings took place inside the chapel, when several addresses were given. At the outset, the pastor made feeling reference to the pathetic feature in connection with the ceremony, and after expressing the gratefulness of Mr. and Mrs. Richards for the deep sym- pathy extended them in their hour of sorrow, stated that he had received from them a cheque for L70, which their dear daughter would have presented to the church. The rev. gentleman afterwards said that the church was originally formed in April, 1897, services having, however, been previously held at the Tony- pandy Schools in 1896. At its formation the membership of the church totalled 37, that number having by to-day in- creased to about 200. A site, together with five houses, were purchased for the sum of LI,050, and a further expenditure of JE608 was incurred in the erection of a vestry. Of this sum £1,100 had been cleared, the remaining debt being amply covered by the two houses still remain- ing intact. The new ohapel, which is one of the most handsome edifices in the Principality, is of Gothic design, with Doiulting stone dressings, and tends to- wards a distinct improvement in Non- conformist architecture. The cost will amount, to L3,200, and seating accom- modation is provided for 750 worshippers. Mr. Evan Treharne, who spoke next, expressed his sincere pleasure at being among his many old friends and co- ivorshippers once more. He was agree- ably surprised with the beautiful edifice which had been erected, and prophesied n o-Pfil future for the church as a result of their efforts. The Rev. 0. Waldo James, D.D., felt it his duty to congratulate the church and pastor on their possessing such a glorious temple. He had always maintained in the past that, there was room for a church at Coedymeibion, a nd the history of Moriah Church had proved his contention and justified her existence. Alderman Richard Lewis, J.P., who, on the request of the pastor, spoke in Eng- lish, in the first place wished to associate himself with the expressions of sympathy made by Mr. Nicholas in regard to the sorrow and grief of the family of Mr. D. W. Richards. He had been for many years a near neighbour of Mr. Richards, and he knew him to be a true son of one of the most worthy and highly esteemed families in Mid-Rhondda. He prayed God to support them. He greatly re- joiced in the opening of the beautiful new chapel. It reflected very highly upon the architect, Mr. Jacob Rees. It looked to him like a cathedral in miniature. There was; beauty here, and strength. He thought it symbolical of the Gospel that he hoped would be preached there for many years. He felt that the world needed more places of worship. He did not care what denomination it might be, but wherever he found a body of men living for the betterment of their fellow- creatures, then he said, God-speed to them. In the, Rhondda, there were con- tinually added institutions which were at once both destructive- and degrading, and it was for them as Christians to combat this evil by erecting institutions the object of which would be the counter- action of such places. But, however much we might commend education and cul- ture, without the religion of Jesus Christ ana the Spirit of God all would be of little avail. He trusted that the bless- ing of God would be-poured abundantly upon the church at Moriah, and that it would be the means of bringing multi- tudes from darkness into light. The Rev. Dr.. W. Morris, Treorchy, subsequently speaking, was grateful to God tûat the young pastor of Moriah, despite numerous calk to other places, formal and otherwise, had elected to remain at Moriah. He congratulated him on this auspicious occasion in his ministerial career. It had doubtless caused him much trepidation, but by faith he had lived to see the realisation of his dreams. The rev. gentleman after- wards referred in eulogistic terms to the self-sacriifcing spirit which characterised the Rhondda colliers. During the last 35 years the Baptist churches had in- creased from 7 to 51 at the present time. The membership had also increased from 70 to 13,000. The value of the religious edificesi in connection with the denomina- tion in the Valley was £ 150,000. Of this R120,000 had been cleared, while during the last. 35 years the subscriptions to general purposes had totalled upwards of £ 700!,000. That, proved that, the accusa- tion frequently made by unscrupulous persons that the colliers and ministers of the Rhondda did nothing, was utterly false. He wished the church at Moriah every success. At the close, the Rev. J. Nicholas thankfully acknowledged the receipt of zC220 on the memorial stones alone, and expressed the hope that this sum would be substantially increased in the general collection then to be made. In thanking the speakers for the kind words made regarding his efforts in connection with the building, he wished to state that the greater portion of the burden had devolved upon the shoulders of the building fund secretary, Mr. Edgar W. Lewis, who had devoted every spare moment during the erection of the chapel to the duties in connection therewith. He also desired to thank both the archi- tect and contractor (Mr. Alban Richards, Pentre) for the manner in which every- thing had been carried out. In con- clusion, he thankfully acknowledged the receipt of cheques and donations from Councillor D. W. Davies ( £ 5); Mrs. M. Williams, Whitehall (IOs.).; Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Griffiths (£1); Mrs. Lawrence, Maesyrhaul (42s.); Councillor J. R. Evans (tl); Mr. Daniel Thomas, Post Office, Trealaw ( £ 1); Mr. Wm. Norman, T'realaw (10s. 6d.); Mrs. Lydia John, Abergwvnfi (f:ls.); Rev. Dr. W. Morris (10s.); and Mr. Evan Williams, Peny- graig (10s.). Wires expressing, regret, and inability to attend through illnessi had been received from the Revs. W. Harris, Heolyfelin, and J. R. Jones, Pontypridd. The Rev. J. Young Jones pronounced the Benediction. Among those present at the ceremony were the Revs. John Thomas, M.A., Liverpool; D. O. Jones, Penygraig; J. R. Phillips, Pontygwaith; J. Jones, Llan- fyrnach; W. E. Davies, Clydach Vale; John Morgan, Llwynypia: M. H. Ellis, Trealaw; J. Prichard, Sherwood; and J. M. Elias, Pontyclun; Councillors D. W. Davies, J.P., J. R. Evans and Dd. Williams, J.P. Dr. Makuna, Messrs. Dl. Thomas, T'realaw; T. Old, Geo. Evans and W. Rees, Llwynypia; and Mrs. E. Treharne, Llantrisant. The meetirg over, the many visitors and friends were subsequently entertained to tea in the vestry, over which the lady members of the church presided. At the evening service, the Rev. John Thomas, M.A., Liverpool, officiated. The well-known divine's visit to Mid-Rhondda. attracted a huge congregation, hundreds failing to gain admission. Those who were fortunate enough to hear the rev. gentleman, will not readily forget the expository and soul-inspiring sermon on the Mediatorial Jesus. On Thursday evening the Revs. T. T. Jones, Blaenclydach, and E. Richards, Ebenezer, Tonypandy, officiated, whilei on Friday evening a crowded congregation assembled to hear the Rev. Charles Davies, Tabernacle, Cardiff. On Satur- day evening the Revs. Anthony Williams, Ystrad-Rhondda, and M. H. Ellis, Seion, Trealaw, occupied the pulnit. On Sun- day, at the concluding services, the Rev. Dr. W. Morris, F.R.G.S., Treorchy, offi- ciated morning and evening, while in the afternoon a large and appreciative con- gregation listened to sermons by the Revs. J. L. Roderick, B.A., Bethel, Tonypandy, and J. Jenkins (Gwili), Oxford, in Eng- lish and Welsh respectively. The meet- ings throughout have been very success- ful. while it is, expected that the church will mark its entrance to the new chapel by diminishing the heavy debt by over £300. Our sincerest wishes for a flourish- ing future are extended to church and pastor in their efforts with regard to the religious welfare of the community.


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