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TOn-pentre.Police Court

, ^rga^°then'3 Offence.

sw^'id pouricii Prosecution.

)l'"il\t .l'G\1tjlllll Ja.…

! kAcN shp y Threats


"ta.:I\.lit IVrVila at'rFather.…


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fv i ^re imposed ChSu. ⢠r^lli in e-^ Ystrad, i irS 'pi0,8' Rich- ^'â <5 ? nfble'n Gelli, 15s.; lot aVC i aud Enoch In trad ⢠Lm' 5 Henry s £ i Joh»TlÂ¥Sthy V ^ficlvfir Thomas and V«>; 5t>Wy«ci' ,}?a- *&>â i g 'JJ?-; Evan Tni ?J> 10?' Williams,, and Qh>i d. ji' a°h; Benjamin Q 1:> vns, Treher bert, VJ.s and John Wil- k. liams, Fernhill, 10s. each; John Wm. Lind, Pentre, 10s. Thomas Evans, Tre- orchy, 15s. Wm. Davey, Robt. Leaker, and Ivor Richards, Cwmparc, 10s. each; James Curtis, Trealaw, 15s. Benjamin Goodwin, Clydach Vale, 15s. John Gwilym, Penygraig, 10s. Thomas Carey, Gilfach, Goch, 15s. John John, Ystrad, 25s. Wm. Jones, collier, Gelli, 25s. Ed. Phillips and Thos. Blake, Treorchy, 10s. and 15s. respectively; Dd. Williams, Tre- orchy, 10s. Thos. Thomas, Clydach Vale, 10s. Philip Griffiths, Ton, 10s.; Samuel Davies, Treherbert, 10s. Dd. Griffiths, Ton, zCl; Alf. Bird, Pentre, 10s.

A Good Square Meal.

The Strongest Nerve Tonic…

Mine Winding Accident.


The Bible: Its Characteristics…


New Workmen's Hall, Ton.

Politics in the Rhondda.


Bavid n Bputal Collier.