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TOn-pentre.Police Court

, ^rga^°then'3 Offence.

sw^'id pouricii Prosecution.

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)l' "il\t .l'G\1tjlllll Ja. nance Orde. â Jte> a married woman of S\0tV âan.ce applied for a main- Xv gai"st her husband, John Vk Ynyshir. ha'ik^Tbo was represented by Vd M ],ij.>,11t.Vpri(ld, said that her tiu,. ^Vp^j'ovifi, her for a month, and Hi hi- n with a home and /°^e ? m°nc.y- When she asked 3^' fin? So boots for her, he ''t-pH earn them. J,Sai(l she had heard de- r) K. wiHing to go back to S 'Wc ston .J, w'll use her and dii1,1.mei so long." She i lotIT,Ji hls Wlfe was true to like hers^6 was' call Ot. lik roplied that she was, but I lil a f??^ainant said her husband C fe-oM c^ight St H an?ldered that the case had I I <5 a made an order for the >A, Tek aild COfits'

! kAcN shp y Threats


"ta.:I\.lit IVrVila at'rFather.…


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A Good Square Meal.

The Strongest Nerve Tonic…

Mine Winding Accident.


The Bible: Its Characteristics…


New Workmen's Hall, Ton.

Politics in the Rhondda.


Bavid n Bputal Collier.