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TOn-pentre.Police Court

, ^rga^°then'3 Offence.

sw^'id pouricii Prosecution.


sw^'id pouricii Prosecution. cil fn 0lled b^6fi a butcher, of Pentre, was J'Lir Using aâ -^bondda District Coun- Njni ^epe slaughterhouse premises ^iuxMised. Mr. W. P. ecuted. Mr. T. Millward tor fp xr, vis°*y Tkrln g*ven by Sanitary Inspec- ts the t?1 the effect that when offal â¢lein*ses be found six sheep slGc| Wit, Jn a bag. When defendant a i ai*d p S coming» be hurried into I'irf said i°Vf',recl the skins with some di,/Vl's^ tho1^ something there he JVs >t su/^ctor to see. He said ut sheep on the pre- him- "l^da J is slf, 1101 sbeep had been R uSbterhouse that week by â tyrant il1 tL e 4eerJn, cthea' witnesses asserted 11 ^Ue,stion had been killed iâs and tli0 -Ml"' Lewis> butcher, sh fe skms brought back to anj16/ There were: no offals ij: to did not ask the in- SJL)^tiP ePwt him. Sh'V1 "R evidence, the case was 'Wiijfj {uU aKnf?0^ ^marking that there 0r istl the case- Mr' Millward were refused,

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