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TOn-pentre.Police Court

, ^rga^°then'3 Offence.

sw^'id pouricii Prosecution.

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! kAcN shp y Threats


"ta.:I\.lit IVrVila at'rFather.…


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A Good Square Meal.

The Strongest Nerve Tonic…

Mine Winding Accident.


The Bible: Its Characteristics…


New Workmen's Hall, Ton.

Politics in the Rhondda.


Bavid n Bputal Collier.


Bavid n Bputal Collier. k?1 c°Uier, Tonypandy, was §""h b £ Charles Smith for aisault. timber ^aridy Field on Saturday, onr^^ess) a'skSe" wefendant cam(Lup- vf, wW » ,Kea, How are you getting him n;ef^dant jumped at him and refen,jailJ 1 the face. about a),ege^ that Smith had been atVwW f-i. place challenging him, «o h,?y.nmy met, Smith hit out afta ?ink:, ./f1'110 'w self-defence, hp L^he assm u saw complainant soon lonl- a Vii i' anc* told the magistrates Sf Pale ?ye- Complainant also >ft» £ ert"ibad' A man named sWa°k «ve k t°° bad been given said e? ivith y7 ^bomas. When remon- A' dicln-f ⢠e constable, defendant tk ^revioii« tbe b enough." Was ^°^ce w COnviction for an assault on r\ to r> recoi'ded, and defendant ^ict 1S°n ^°r a montb-