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The Revival.



ADAME CINDEPELI,A CLARKE, MADAME CINDERELLA CLARKE, the world-famed Physiognomist, Phren- ologist. Clairvoyante, Palmist, and Ladies' Specialist, may be consulted at 14, High Street, Treorchy. A Station for Tonypandy. An excellent model of the above Station, with complete Train of Steam Engine, Carriages, Waiting Room. Bridge, Signals, Bell, &c., now on view at EVANS AND SHORT'S, opposite Pt Office, Tony- pandy. Also all kinds of Electric, Steam, Hot Air, and Spring Engines, Trains on rails, and working models of machinery and tradesmen. Toys, &c. This Show eclipses all our previous displays. See window! Prices from Id. to £ 1 Is. 2229 NEW MARKET NEWS of Christmas Goods Is worth your while to study, For value in all kinds of foods, We sell at Tonypandy. Bold Currants 2d. Best Butter 1/- Choice Currants 3d. Good Butter lOd Selected Raisins 3d. Pastry (Pure) Butter 9d. Our Best Raisins 4d. Pure Lard 4 £ d. 2 Seedless Raisins 4d. Good Margarine 4d' Best Sultanas 4d. Buttapat 6d., 8d., tad. NEW MARKET CO., TONYPANDY. 2228 PETERS & COa, Penygraig Are now offering a very choice selection of XMAS FRUIT Quality the Highest Prices the Lowest. Fine New Currants 2d. & 2d. per lb. r Finest Selected Raisins.3d, per lb. Choice New Currants .3d. per lb.. Selected New Sultanas. 4d. per lb. 2 Finest New Currants 3KI. per lb. Candy Lemon Peel 3d, per lb. New Valencia Raisins.3d. per lb. All our Fruits are Machine Cleaned. We have a Large Assortment of Fancy Boxes of Chocolates, Xmas Stookings and Fancy Sweets in great variety, Cigarettes, Cigars, &c. 2217

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