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ZOAR CHAPEL, PENYCRAIC opening of New Organ A GRAND ORGAN RECITAL Will be given at the above Chapel, on Thursday Evening, Dec, 8, 1804, by A. L. PEACE, Esq., (The Ren MUS' D0C' (°xon): F.R.C.O. (Hon.), owned Organist cf St. George's Hall, Liverpool). AIC, Vocal Artistes-Sop)-ano, Of QclQm BERTHA ROSSO W, on, (the Charming Australian Prima Donna), Baritoneâ IVOR FOSTER, R.A.M., Of London Cotitralto- Miss EVA HALL, Of Ferndale, UmSeSdafe?,: 10/(i' 5/ and 3/-(nnmbered). en ⢠£ and a very limited number at 1/- Ch ⢠ââ- So? J- R* EYANS' E**> Trealaw. Pen at 7-15 p.m., to commence 7-45 prompt. Carriages at 10-15. 2203 0 ISAAC LEWIS Most Humorous Book! In English or Welsh, ad. Wxn Shon Catti In English 6d.; Welsh, 1 OF SKER In English or Welsh, 6d. ^RNtIA^0 tlle Publisher, D. DAVIES, STRAND, ^ovelg ^or Catalogue of other Welsh By ALL BOOKSELLERS. URICURA arid DROHS M (Hammond's Specifics). 'CURE.. 1/1 RHEUMATISM, ^^MBAGO, Viatica, > When all else fails. be JJ^tained of ail leading Chemists Patent Medicine Vendors. Hangings. Paper Hangings. 11 This years' Stock of 411 and Ceiling Papers Is offered 'ro t Neatly Reduced Prices eroo for 1905fpatterns. Inspection Invited. P. J. THRASHER. "Rint,. Paper and Colour Stores, PENYGRAIG. 2099 U â ââ - -â Public Houses, etc. rv FREE HOUSE. DUN RAVEN HOTEL, \f TONYPANDY MANAGER FF. BOLTON. 8 °f the Golden Horn every alternate & Tuesday. Worthirigton Ales on Draught. 2188 RED cow HOTEL, Pro TREORCHY. Stress Mrs. REBECCA HARRIES. ^ge Biiii rd Room (two tables). First-Class Stables. Only Free House in Treorch W*89" â- lif go0cT?CT>â¢t which there can be no question, en *s the surest key to a long and happy Oh al>> is sure it is that food advertised as th (.Pleasu» "nes very nasty, and tends to shorten tin i? as we" as our lives my point then, is l.IalitO should buy your Provisions where first h this 8tandard aimed at. j ln^'oduction I will draw your attention to Section' Brand of Butter Deli ⢠AND ilClous Blend of 1/10 Tea BEST VALUE ON THE MILLS. ââââââ iwr JONES, TCl:?(lstone House, PORTH. eM>lione, 0196. 2181 ^TIFICIA Tuu7saZ #> lQliT aND STRONG. jtATi Trussas, X,OV S tllWrated VV >/l*ons,&e JV Elastic Stockings. 4 Maker and Repairer of Surgical Appliances. Jr Lady Attendant for Belts, &c, Charles St., Cardiff AND T IIXXSTOL. Services for Suqday Next. For insertion under this heading notices must reach the "Leader" Office, Tonypandy, not later than first post on Wednesday morning. CHURCH OF ENGLAND. ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, LLWYNYPIAâ8 a.m., Holy Communion 11 a.m., Morning service and Holy Communion 2-30 p.m., Sunday School; 6 p.m.. Evening Service and Sermon. Preacher, Rev. R. W. EVANS, Vicar. ST. THOMAS' CHURCH, CLYDACH VALE^Â¥3oTm7, Holy Communion; 11 a.m., Morning Service and Holy Communion; 2-30 p.m., Sunday School; 6 p.m., Evening Service and Sermon. TIX^AINTS' CHURCH, TREALAW-8 a.m., Holy â Communion 11 a.m., Morning Service and Sermon; 2-30 p.m., Sunday School; 6 p.m., Evening Service and Sermon, ST. OYNON;S.-CHURÃH;-YNYSCyÃON=Ãa.m., Morning Service and Holy Communion 2-30 p.m., Sunday School, 6 p.m., Evening Service and Sermon. EGLWYS DEWI SANTâ 8-45, Cymun Santaidd 11 Gwasanaeth Boreuol a Phregeth 2-30, Ysgol Sul; 6, Gwasanaeth Ilwyrol a Phregeth. BAPTIST. â JERUSALEM, LLWYNYPIAâParch- W. S. JONES' Gweinidog, am 10-30 a 6 o'r gloch. Ysgol am 2, ac yn Beulah, Tyntyla. 7 l ALFARIA, CLYDACH VALE-Parch. W. ELVAD u DAVIES, Gweinidog, am 10.30 a 6 o'r gloch. Ysgol am 2. BETHLEHEM, TREALAW-Cwrdd Adrodd am 10-30 a 6 o'r gloch. Ysgol am 2. RETil EL (English), TONYPANDY-Rev. DANIEL â DAVIES, Tonypandy, at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday School at 2-15. CARMEL (English), TREALAW.-Rev. J. LAMB, Pastor, at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. CONGREGATIONAL. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, TONY. E P ANDY.-H.ev. T. B. HARRIS (Pastor), at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday School at 2.i5. SARON, CI. YDACH VALE-Parch. T. CYNFELIN BENJAMIN, Pisgah, Talgareg, am 11 a 6 n'r gloch. METHODIST. UETHANIA (M.C.), LLWYNYPIA-Boreu am 10.30, Parch. T. E. DAVIES, Illaenclydach: Hwyr, am 6 o'r gloch. Parch. JOHN MORGAN, Gweinidog. Ysgol" am 2., acyn Penuel, Sherwood.



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