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Ton-Pentre Police Court.


Ton-Pentre Police Court. Moiiday.-Before the Stipendiary (ML1. J. Igatnius Williams), Mr. T. P. Jenkins, Mr. D W. Davies, Aldermen Richard Lewis, E. H. Davies, and Mr. J. D. Williams. Pickaxe as Persuader. Wm. Ellis, a long-haired, unshaven man, was charged with being on Gelli- whion Farm, Pontypridd. John Williams, farmer, said that on Saturday evening at 10.30 he was sitting in the kitchen, when he heard someone trying the door. Alfred Jennings, a labourer on the farm, said that while going home he saw prisoner trying the back door. He asked him what he was doing there, and caught hold of a pickaxe, compelling prisoner to go with him to the front door. Mr. T. P. Jenkins: Were you afraid of him ? Witness (proudly): Not a bit, sir (laughter). The Bench asked what was the con- dition of the prisoner's hands. Inspector Hoyle (after examination): Ladv's hands, sir. Supt. Cole said nothing was known about prisoner, and no one appeared to know where lie came from. Prisoner, who denied that he tried to open the, door, was afterwards discharged. Deserting. Dd. Davies, 55, Fernhill Houses, Blaen- rhondda, was charged with being a deser- ter from the Cardigan Artillery. He was remanded. Stole when Drunk. John Da" described as a travelling labourer, was charged with stealing two pairs of boots, value 12s. 6d. and 3s. lid. respectively, from the shop of Wm. Geo. Lewis, Hannah Street, Porth. Mr. Lewis said that from information received, he ran after and captured pri- soner, and found in his possession two pairs of boots, which he identified as his property, packed up in a handkerchief. A little girl, named Ruth Williams, gave evidence of seeing prisoner taking the boots from the shop, and she imme- diately gave information to Mr. Lewis. Asked to explain his conduct, prisoner said he was so drunk that he knew no- thing about it. Prosecutor said it was true he was drunk. A fine of zCl was imposed. Disobeying an Order. Ivor jrfrooks, collier, Ystrad-Rhondda, was sent to prison for six weeks for dis- regarding a bastardy order granted to Mary Ann Pearce, Ystrad-Rhondda. Drunks. For drunkenness there were fined:- Henry Cable, labourer, Gelli; Robert Brace, collier, Gelli; Dd. J. Leek, collier, Ton; Thos. Harries, haulier, Treorchy; Wm. Rees, collier, Treorchy; Gwilym Minton, labourer, Treorchy; Aneurin Davies, collier, Treorchy; Benjamin Wil- liams, collier, Treorchy; Llewellyn Thomas, collier, Pentre; John Evans, collier, Pentre; Lewis James, collier, Ystrad; Thos. John, haulier, Ystrad; Geo. Fowler, collier, Ystrad; Thomas Jones, collier, Clydach Vale; Rees I Thomas, collier, Clydach Vale; Wm. Ed- wards, collier, Clydach Vale; Wm. John, collier, Gelli; Evan Jones, collier, Gelli; Cornelius Ward, collier, Gelli; William Jones, timberman, Gelli Thos. England, collier, Gelli; Wm. Morgan, collier, Gelli- John Evans, collier, Gilfach Goch Patrick Carey, collier, Ystrad; David Thomas, collier, Tonypandy; Benjamin Evans, collier, Cwmparc; Jeremiah Mor- gan, collier, Treorchy; Oswald H. Herd, labourer, Pentre; John Williams, collier, Toii John Jones, collier, Treherbert; Phillip Walters, collier, Blaenclydach; John Gilks, collier, Tonypandy. Black-Listed." James Reynolds, Gelli, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly. Several previous convictions were proved against him, and he was now placed on the Black List." Colliery Offences. Wm. Rees, Pentre, and Wm. H. Davies, Treorchy, were charged with committing a breach of the special rules in force at the Pentre Colliery. Mr. D. W. Jones prosecuted. The offence consisted of the omission to sprag coal, as required to do by the rules. Each was fined 15s. Disturbing Congregations. Fines were inflicted upon Stanley Owen, Richard Rees, Geo. H. Stone, Price Jones, Alfred Williams, Ebenezer Edwards, schoolboys, Ton-Pentre, for dis- turbing congregations by rowdyism. Football in the Streets. For nlaying football in the streets the following were fiiied:-Evan J. Jones, office boy, Cwmpai-c Owen Watkins, door boy, Cwmparc; Dd. T. Lewis, school- boy, Cwmparc; Thos. Jos. Jenkins, school- boy, Cwmparc; Geo. Williams, doorboy, Cwmparc; Dd. Rowlands, collier, Clydach Vale; Benj. James, collier, Clydach Vale; Abraham Thomas, collier, Ciydach Vale. Desertion. Evan J. Jones, collier, Trealaw, was charged with deserting from the Rifle Brigade on the 8th April, 1903, and was now remanded to await an escort.

Porth Church Lad's Brigade.


Colliers' Wages.


The Pentre Murder.


) Mid-Rhondda Grocers' Association.

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