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0ncei«t at Llwynypia Cottage…

\h> J f ^ § of T °n Workmen's…


\h> J f § of T °n Workmen's Hall. L^^cti^T, ar? to be. complimented fOd^'ts a^ard + vocalists of such a Vh Sai to-nicv.^ /paPPear at their HKJ1 fj;l'clav (Thursday), Friday ^SK H?p°inted h°Ugh they have vft ^eir sfi^ +-lu some ot tbe y crerl^0 ^?11 of substitutes is ^N\^Sltable- Unfortunately, th« la Unable to give his is a °f Mr. Maldwyn & interi(fU lent guarantee to teW is secifr ,Patr°nising the con- S i for Xhl Saturday only. l\VS. £ Sal-?,nd Friday even- l^t of â 1iiiams, an Ameri- f1^ V t)Tbe ac^n^ able P°wer and %j. fi^>C.0 Mr. Harry c has been un- hi ClliQ8tan ent 0Win8 to un- S C<>ineS yet he bas seiected FtNJ^R co cT,pani^ Mr- w- S\Se o 'will ? ⢠otber artistes ^certc- i- i>in evidence at ci^h' Uwln!f'' Madame Bertha ever i?ffS i Roberts> con" ^Ul A.P pR'ar vocalist, Mr. 1' Presided ? evening con- OV,er b,y the follow- Frtrsda7v Mr- Jacob rif a?i' Dr- E. Hughes, V.' ^ncillor W. D. Wight

Ton-Pentre Police Court.

Porth Church Lad's Brigade.


Colliers' Wages.


The Pentre Murder.


) Mid-Rhondda Grocers' Association.

-------"I will have Vi-Cocoa."

Our Library Table.