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0ncei«t at Llwynypia Cottage…


0ncei«t at Llwynypia Cottage Homes. 0f SJiSfy evening last the inmates SU'tn a >ynypia Cottage Homes were ^cert. vr in the form of a V'oL, r' ⢠⢠Jones, draper, Cly- uUai'dians' ^le -Board of e Soar' I ,a Securea the services of ,e> and f7 stral S°clety, Ciydach of 1114 they, under the conductorship fisted h iv r ^]oma-s' Aberdare, and 0'*«s TnrI t> essrs- J- (jrwynne, Tom ^berdnr ki^Ps and Tom Thomas, all e' to^et-her with a few local a bP'tf8aVe a sPle"did conceit, in- 0Ile for u, i, â ei, C0I1cert than the ordinary JP^ards 011.e Pays from a shilling y °f tho1" -lnS- There were about 111 a Daif Jnmates congregated together above 6 Sundry, all of whom Y, ary to sv SIX^ .years of age, and con- lery aimi.0^e?a^on they proved to be a ^)eciative audience. Among the ones n fnt were Mr. and Mrs. J. T. liatDS' TrA i1 3La^'ej Mrs. Evan Wil- f-iss tr 5 Mm Williams,, Trealaw; b ch Valo \j ^ams> the Schools, Ciy- ,.(Jai(l 0j: J'r- Dd. Fen wick, member of i Orstown ,Ua,xdians; Mr. Tom Fen wick, ^ardia Â¥^r' Mason, member Board b?s^r a.niS' Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, v Melen J?3^1011'- anc^ ^-1SS Todd, 51, £ ). H' c^a"' was occupied by ei)iber nf11)!1 *le being the senior C°^rse of Guardians, and in the ai(l that u 8 0' and pithy speech he of Rvvvre was Present that evening taoiiwith the cause which f{ His i band thither. He knew n f^tellio. Uc;l6Uce consisted of a number uT PeoP^e) and whatever one's JW ''a' man's a man for a' that" t,°^age V, were inmates of a lw1*16' they did not cease to be at'l'kl Ilags ⢠The concert had been ,> give, the inmates a treat, i^seiypj''16 were in a position to avail iwlei's Wo. concerts elsewhere, but his st. °rtunafle n°t so fortunate. They were Lotion ln being inmates of an in- o ^ankfi i kind, but they should '^ntry i that they lived in a Christian u, er tni, e''ause the state of paupers in u- Pauno,n "ies *ar below that of tl?S ^iiiLw0^ ^bis country. The concert Jopic *ted by a Christian, a philan- u ^u.vL1' The band had come from very and he thought that church J'0'!? ,0rtunate in possessing such a ^4 ^chestra..The chairman pro- i^ates ,i1QlPress upon the minds of the taSt^tjAri nee(^s organisation in an I{oni that kind. Llwynypia Cot- ch i6S -,Was the best institution of U/an n. Wales. In conclusion, the 9S antj >n^)ai^ a compliment to the mas- th Mly a 'on) who treated the paupers did afiS circunistanceis would allow sii ^ev ^hey could, but not as much iS «^Uld like to do. Finally, the t* Q happiness of the homes de- jj/aUd everyone doing his utmost to things work smoothly. The tih ,°rcho^ Was then proceeded with, and "(J I^-th Played the march, "True 4 D 111 ^ne style. The overture, L° WaV(^eehive," followed, which was L^lais r exceedingly well. Mr. 11. "u\ G(ei,j ,°nes, Ciydach Vale, sang Yr ^ilr1 wbich was followed by VailM»i b Me," a comic song, by Mr. q. avie^, Wern Street, Ciydach I ^avi being vociferously encored, I reappeared with <! Trifling I tifeK A Welsh air by the band L 0ttQati' which perhaps was its best Pi ui Veteran Song," by ^ki c0tYi;' was followed by an- V"&liaonS Mr. W. Davies, en- Treasure," and on being \>W Sang I'm the Plumber." The V'1 by duet> Flow gently, ssrs- Jones and Evans, which °it TKry W6^ and was duly appre- c% j?e orchestra then rendered "Old 5 H it,01116'" which the inmates loudly ^r, f"ailt perhaps of the name of CViH Tr- s°1°> entitled Mary," by ^'bi |^gh, Ciydach Vale, followed, « rwi favourite again appeared V e Irish Jubilee" and A ''w.^ad the top." After Mr. R. 1/s..Jit SUUg Canwyll fy llygaid wyt W 4 Vn+6a^ effect, the chairman pro- f thanks to the band and %e 3-Hd r ^beir presence, and the >â 'r> co^^atron for the work they had 5f. t 6^on with the concert. Mr. S, ^i8 Ciydach Yale, -nded, and N" 'i Sol master) suitab '-espon- %r»i^od lection, entitled "i uored," sPe t th SaVe the King" by the band t° a close, all having rid,, i°ya^e evening, and not the Wlir!0?6' tile unfortunate in- aSbr Hofk- VG nothing more to hope 3 aiif)lng to expect but a pauper's N T^sts f,a Pauper's grave. The band X> nrien retired to supper, which ay pafe(i by the master and ii3c y*r0n ? the tables had been a extraordinary gastro- Mt- rpfr some of the gentlemen t thar.1 mas' Aberdare, proposed to Mr- and Mrs. lewis n lans for the welcome they WevanJ f,01: tbe splendid spread r|Sk i Ab«wi been invited. Mr. are' seconded. A vote of 5 vivalemreiby Mr. J. T. Jones, kin(j' to the Aberdare gentlemen SSS <5S LVlces- Mr. Mason, Gelli, W Mr- W. Davies had 5V* speech, during tk %L thf^ + 11 e ladies who had at- NL^iake f°r takin* such dispefSedPrefiGnt C°mf0rtable'

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