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Penrhiwfer. Valley


Penrhiwfer. Valley In connection with the Loya Qr(jer Lodge (4,967) of the Independent gup. of Oddfellows (Manchester UniW beid per and presentation °n at the Lewis' Arms, Penr^ âf'bro; Thursday, when a large .<>* thers and friends enjoyed tn g|ap mine host, Mr. Tom WiUiams» j 9lso per of Llwynypia Football Tea > afterwards of Salford. by were cleared, the chair was w Deputy William Hoard, Pontypr:id d, pis- Grand Master of the P°u T? ujg trict, who presided in a pre- ner. Mr. Jack Evans -ronypqldy, gipalld sided at the piano, and g&ve selection to open the concert. vjcesot were fortunate in securing the j.rjct '9 some of the best talent of tbe >Jessrs' artistes, amongst whom .J,, peflf Morgan Moses and Llew. Edw grai" who highly pleased t e JacK with their- high class songs ⢠coi»ic,8 Rees (comic), Tonypandy, wv| way of singing simply brougn jle*'SrS' house every time he appei\Le pavies> John Thomas (secretary), pel}' Hugh Jones and David Lloyd, a" rhiwfer. Miss Kitty Bon say? flUdieD,ce Manchester, also delighted th tbe on two occasions. The chief e a few evening was taken in hand a p,.eSentr songs had been sung, viz., -fctrjlliai115! tion to the treasurer (Mr. Joiin « late of the Lewis' Arms, now o Arms, Trebanog), who had seH gatis^' office for nearly 14 years to the took tion of the brothers. The Pr 'fflepiece' the form of a black marble tbe subscribed for by the members ° Johll lodge and some friends. jnoV6' Thomas acted as secretary or ^-ea- ment, and Bro. Gwilym Edwa1' ^air- surer. After a few words by pre' man, Bro. Gwilym Edwards n18" 0f the sentation (in the' absence of o oldest and most faithful me,nJ !» did '5 lodge, Bro. Wm. Rees), whichbaj a few choice words. The tiffl P i ypo!1 the following inscription eTl"r&tfillitff' it:â"Presented to Mr. Val' late treasurer, by the Loyal esteeJ'1' Lodge, No. 4,967, as a token 0 November 17th, 1904." t}jat vf feelingly responded, and hoped ie(j tb same prosperity which had a .j-ajned lodge in the past would be eve0 the future. The chief toast of yaM ing was that of "The Loyal Lodge," proposed by Bro- a, hoQ°^J holo It was received with musical gecret#r^ and was responded to by_ the gjiof Bi'o. John Thomas, Penrhiwfer. picb'L address was also given by Kr0" -jj tfl rici-, pro, Martin, Hope Lodge, pontyp secretary of which lodge f's0ntie of Hoard, who so abb' presided. jn c° most successful meetings evel, neht nee tion with the lodge was bro close with the singing of t-he M Anthem. Letters were receivedi an Gomer Evans, M.E., Gilfach qvebf11 Mr. Dan Rees, Richards' ArmSt regretting their inability to att

Llwynypia. pia

Maerdy. ioeetil"?


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