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evening last at the Gwalia Restaurant, when a goodly number attended. A grand spread was provided by the host and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, after which a very enjoyable evening was indulged in. Great praise is due to the following friends for the thorough success of the entertainment, which commenced at 8 p.m. and wa,bpene,d with a good speech by the chairman, Mr. P. Bevan. The pro- gramme consisted as follows: -Pianoforte overture, Mr. J. Lewis (who was also the accompanist for the evening); song, Shall I be an Angel, Daddy," Mr. T. Lewis; comic sontr. Doh, Ray, Me," Mr. T. Baynham (encored and responded with If the Missis wants to go, let her go "); recitation, Rienzi's Address to the Romans," Mr. J. Davies; song, In Old Madrid," Mr. J. Lloyd; piccolo solo, "Blackbird," Mr. C. West; song, The Song that shall live for ever," Mr. T. Lewis; flute, quartet, Cuckoo," Messrs. C. West, M. Rees, J. Taylour and J. Turner: song, Through the Forest," Mr. J. Lloyd (encored and responded with "Good-bye"); comic song, Callaghan, call again," Mr. T. Baynham; song, It was gone," Mr. T. Lewis; recitation, Charge of the Light Brigade," Mr. J. Davies (encored and responded with "Mark Anthony's Speech "); song, Once again," Mr. J. Lloyd; flute quartet, Songsters of the Grave," Messrs. C. West, M. Rees, J. Taylor and J. Turner; comic song, "It's alright in the Summer," Mr. T. Baynham; piccolo solo, Belephegor March," Mr, C. West; comic song, "Hokey-Pokey," Mr. P. Bevan; song, "As the Ivy," Mr. T. Lewis; recitation, Wreck of the Express," Mr. J. Davies; song, White Squall," Mr. J. Lloyd. The meeting was brought to a close after the usual votes of thanks to the chairman and all that took part, also to Mr. and Mrs. Evans (Gwalia) for the way in which the supper was laid out, by the singing of the National Anthem. In our account of the Tonypandy chair eisteddfod in last week's issue, we inad- vertently omitted the names of Mr. Dd. Lloyd, Tonypandy, as adjudicator of the preliminary tests, and Miss Jennie Evans, Llwynypia, as accompanist.

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