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Spiritual revival is The the talk of the hour, Revival. and local events, however important, are transcended by the wave of enthusiasm which the religious revival is gradually but surely spreading throughout the Prin- cipality. We cannot welcome any con- tagion with more joy, and from reports to hand from local churches, the thin small voice" is evidently speaking, and conversions by the ones, twos, and tens are chronicled. It is only a spark as yet, but the flame is anticipated, and with this comes the announcement that the mis- sioner, Mr. Evan Roberts, who attributes all the glory of his great task to the in- fluence of the Holy Spirit, is to appear in the Rhondda next week. We have every reason to believe that the mission will have its effect upon the community. The good work has already received the preliminary fillip; our churches for weeks past have been, almost without excep- tion, engaged in nightly prayer meetings, some isolated, others in unity, but all in quest after the same objective, and we feel confident that these earnest solicita- tions will result in the descent of the desired "Blessing before the end of next week. We are embarking on a new era; an epoch that will leave its trail upon all sorts and conditions of men, that will raise us in our spiritual, moral and social status. No one will dare oppose this visitation of Divine influence. The rapid spread Typhoid of the typhoid epi- Epidemic. demic at Ystrad and Trealaw has caused considerable consternation throughout the Rhonddas. Serious though the outbreak be, it need cause no undue alarm among the inhabitants generally, for though over 300 cases are recorded, it is a matter for congratulation that only two deaths-re- grettable though they be-have occurred. True, the epidemic was sprung upon us with awful suddenness, and still more awful was the rapid increase in the daily number of fresh oases notified. The Isolation Hospital was more than crowded, and the great majority-something like five-sixths-have had to be treated and isolated at their own homes. Thanks, however, to the action of the District Council in giving carte blanche" to their capable Medical Officer (Dr. J. D. Jenkins) and the chairman of the Health Committee, the virulence of the dread disease has been successfully combatted, and the daily notifications have grown appreciably less. There is, therefore, no need to worry, and provided proper pre- cautions are observed, such as the boil- ing of drinking water and the scalding of milk, no anxiety need be felt. The promptitude of the action of the Council and the vigilance of the Medical Officer are a matter of congratulation to the dis- trict. The tradesmen of Shop Hours Mid-Rhondda have Act. met, and decided upon adopting, in principle, the measures of this Act. For years a section of the shopkeepers have agitated, notably the grocers, to obtain a uniform hour of closing. After much holding of meetings, petitions and can- vassing, hours were agreed upon, but, we are afraid, owing to the action of a back- sliding few, the adopted hours have never been rigidly adhered to. What could not be done by private arrangement has now been accomplished by Act of Parliament, seconded by the efforts of the local Cham- ber of Trade. Provided two-thirds of the members of a particular trade in any dis- trict are in favour of the adoption of the Act. application can be made to the Dis- trict Council to have it enforced in that district, and we believe, in Mid-Rhondda at any rate, after being adopted, the re- quirements of the Act will be rigidly adhered to. As far as we are aware, the meeting at Tonypandy was the first to be held with a view of fixing uniform hours of closing for the various trades, and it is a matter for regret that Mr. W. T. Davies, confectioner, Tonypandy, who occupied the chair, should practically repudiate the recommendation of the Chamber. If the butchers, bakers, and, we believe, greengrocers, who are exten- sive dealers and purveyors of perishable goods, are prepared to adopt the uniform hour of closing, we cannot see what earthly reason prevents a confectioner (whose wares cannot be considered perish- able) from adopting the same. If, how-, ever, the Chamber succeeds in obtaining the requisite two-thirds majority of this trade, the contumacious vice-president will perforce have to fall in, or-be prosecuted. Catholic At last the School Catholic School Managers managers have held a meeting-a meet. lng at which there was a lot of talk, but scarcely any business done. One item ivhich took up a lot of discussion should the Press be admitted? In this instance, consisted solOlY Of thel) â¢epresentative of the Rhondda rvho presented his card with a re^u ^jy admission, and whilst waiting f°r a in the porch of the Presbytery, w e meeting was held, and without any bion of acting the part of eav r^, oD6 was compelled to hear the rernar. i it manager that if he were admi e would create jealousy among 6 reporters. The District Counci ^re. and rightly too, a strong point o ^.g sentation with taxation, all(^ ^axatiofl score, we think, the victims of should have someone who will ifflPa record the doings of the managers. th who will thus record them? representatives of the Press, ness it is to furnish the public-be it Conservative or Liberal, Sectarian o sectarian, Catholic or Protestant, conformist, Agnostic, or At particulars of the transactions public bodies to which he 'subscribes, coin, pulsorily or otherwise? Otheis jealous! We have only to remar^ although the representative Leader" only was PRESENT R appeared in the two local daily P Whence came they!

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The Typhoid V-PidOF".