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Blood and Skin Diseases:


Blood and Skin Diseases: Blood is Life, let it be Pure. Blotches pimples on the face and body, scrofula, sores, itching and redness of the skin, tetter and eczema are symptoms which indicate impure blood and skin diseases. If your blood is pure your skin will be clear and healthy looking; the direct oause of skin eruption is found in the blood. Purify the blood and you purify and clear the skin. The purifi-ing and healing properties of YENO'S SEA- WEED TONIC do this admirably. Treatment for a week or two will be so convincing as to place a cure even in the worst cases beyond doubt. The old way was to take sulphur, sarsaparilla, etc., the new is to take SEAWEED, which is infinitely superior. VENO'S SEAWEHD TONIC not only purifies, but enriches the blood. It acts constitu- tionally by strengthening the digestion and increasing assimilation and nutrition. Ask for VENO'S SEAWBHD TONIC. Price Is lid and 2s 9d, at chemists everywhere.

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