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Ystrad. A service of song, entitled "The Awakening of John Lovelace," was "Per- formed at Tabernacle English Baptist Chapel, Ystrad-Rhondda, on Thursday evening last, by the choir, under the able conductorship of Mr. R. Lawry. The work is one of great interest, and the audience was much taken up with the story gradually unfolded before them. The reading, in the absence of Mr. H. Thomp- son, Ystrad (who through family illness was unable to attend), was undertaken by Mr. J. P. Evans, Ferndale, who did excellently the work that fell to his lot. The choruses and solos were: "0 Lord, the Harvest," The way is dark," Seek ye the Lord," Open Thy Heart," Broken Heart, there's Rest in J'esus," The Song of Heaven," Praise ye the Lord Siilg, Reapers, Sing." Lord of My Life," Our Father's God," Pre- serve me, 0 God." The following artistes assisted:âSopranos, Miss K. Lawry, Miss E. M. Roach, and Miss S. Williams; contraltos, Mrs. J. Parker, Miss L. A. Davies, and Miss W. Prosser; tenors, Messrs. T. Smout and G. Lewis; bass, Mr. T. Morris. All without exception did their allotted task well. The singing of the choir was very creditable, and re- flected great praise on the efforts made by the conductor, Mr. Lawry. The ac- companist was Mr. Haydn Lawry, who elicited praise from all. The chair was taken by Mr. D. Brimble.



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