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tu Gelli. ^l'sdav ^ii^Trl^^c, la'st Miss M- on ai1 addvS' Assam, Ktl^d ;t £ b Mi!8⢠at (C.M.) ^ani^v iinieli^hf11 e at shillong," ^I'iL plated i? \,rviews- the lantern ^fe%V^turlby Mr. B. D. Thomas, l!s w H missirf6 d 11 Gr many ex- d^ing a period ^ti? of thro^,yeans- Miss Thomas AVat ^alts' being a fy to mam an. haS contri~ to a*1 thjs ( magazines T?ron tQPlcs ? thD4ecturer «!, 1 ^ligions develop- 'v '^in i far-off we that boys and i&tiSh*? 'n tS c°?nt'7, when they y thi reforma i aspects 10.. the various buildings and schools, the officials, native and foreign missionaries, teachers and students. The lecture was much appreciated, and the chairman (the Rev. J. W. Matthews) in his remarks said that we were all glad to know and see to a certain extent through the pictures placed before them that evening, that where the Christian religion was taught it of necessity brought about many other advantages which were unknown without Christianity. A cordial vote of thanks was tendered Miss Thomas, for her able address. Another competitive meeting was held at Siloam Chapel, Gelli, on Wednesday evening last, when the vestry was packed to its usmost. The chairman, Mr. Thos. Samuel, Gelli, in his -opening remarks, said that these meetings were the same and took a similar form as those of thirty years ago, yet they flourished and pros- pered to-day the same as they did when they were first held. After the president's address Mr. Wm. Davies, Ton, gave a solo. The onus of proving who were the worthies in the differrent competitions fell upon the following: Music, Mr. William Davies; literary, Mr. Rhys J. Davies, both of Ton. The first competition brought forth five young aspirants. The test piece was reciting "0 Blentyn yNefoedd." Master Bertie Evans proved to be the best after a keen competition. The prize for the soprano solo, "Wyres fach Ned Puw," was divided between Misses Mary Rees and W. Williams. Reading unpunc- tuated nrose, Mr. Elias Davies. On this competition, the adjudicator remarked that it was high time these competitions were discontinued, as it was well under- stood that they were placed on our pro- grammes for the only sake of creating fun, which was not a very elevated ideal. Mr. E. J. Lloyd placed three little infant boys on the platform, who recited toge- ther the well known "Mae genyf wait* i'w wneuthur," which brought an encore. Eleven competitors came up on the im- promptu speech, the subject chosen being the well-known epithet, All is not gold that glitters." The prize was won by Mr. D. J. Bowen. Mr. Jonathan Thomas, Ystrad, next recited in his usual popular manner "Y Baban ar fin y dibyn." Mr. Thos. Richards, Pentre. won the bass solo, Gofoniant i Gymru." Seventeen com- petitors had sent in their works of writing for the best the first Psalm. The prize was divided between Blodwen" and D. J. M. who proved to be brother and sister. The open recitation was post- poned.




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