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°» M™.la,Tre°rChy


°» Mâ¢.la,Tre°rChy Was m, a most successful con- Wndly Ie^\en *-he Tabernacle Cliapel t the Ti-or.' £ Jroâ¢Â°te(l by the members to 1Jlr5 y Salvatio.i Army Brass ^'chasitio. their funds towards '.naii- w* aclclitional instruments. The J°«ah Phili' lnuably filled V Mr. W. Va<'ie<i and each item in the !naUner fai- iamme, Was renuered in a ai £ e and e,yon expectation of the c°urse 0f ,l.Preciative audience. In the e ,'ed to tr,0S lema|,ks the chairman re- y earn^t ^Progress made by the band, pent that, J a, to the encourage- ^QmmendaKiJ01!. g]yen to amateurs. Ti, Davie, we«> given by Miss °Hias, T Messrs. Jenkins, Owen, Sent' /uC] Williams, while /i.Wsiastinn'n on and J as. Jones were talists s Ical.lYencored. The instrumen- t> Hichat-fU' most cordial reception. flute £ Plano overture and Mr. i. c'arion a!:o were decidedly good, r! s by nlQ et distinguished them- of Welshng >a Vei'L pr(^ty ar,'ange- !I. S quartpf air-S" Ml' D- J- files' received an ovation, and at-loll B for their la st performance. The ion and made an excellent impres- CáW.IY plaYlUg a new march, entitled an a>1. encoro fi, i ^om conducted. M °v'?irial ⢠band played Bethania," M J- T. T^mP°sition for the organ by to arranged and a.!l- lT)s. A/r- mstruments by Mr. eJStic ooi-nJr Morgan's refined and jâ fred, ani solos were vociferously CT% ProoTnamong the best items Mr. T. H. Edwards, THA81?11 ASJLâ, a capable accompanist. loan S thl tll⬠usual vote of 'list of the ohn ig Weslevans for the tlin and to the vocalists, PaR H'e,'e al a" chairman, and said but lWays P.leas«l to have sym- r<w! them +1?^ u11nds had in adcliti°n k ilS Mot,heir help. The monetary st- satisfactory. 0 0Il^iinm mtetin§s have of late Cessfattl'actinIfea,ST y' and each church has C<W! 8atherinpLftVwefk a hJ^ suc" RationQWV. place at Hermon C ChapeI' whe? thore w»s» Mr k The CT ai?d spirited competi- li+' D. J) ^adjudicators were Music, k''Hure '-Williams, Nazareth, Pent re; *>%â¢' Zr' D- H. Davies, Bethania, Wp,. r\ 1Ze bags.- Miss Bessie Davies W J°nes. The proceedings « ;CW £ ^joyable, and the Rev. as f'y abU Past°r presided in Miv '°w banner. The awards were fi-fti? ^thp: tol° foi- children under 7, Ma?1 to J.on('s; solo for children So| Jaup t divided between Misses lato,0r boy?'°!f and MagSie J- Jones; Abpi Jones; modu- »oln J°HR £ divided between Master C f°r Snand Miss Edith M. Jones; W'&s; ail° or contralto, Mrs. M. dirtiij. s°lo °ii/r s°l°» Mr. Win. Thomas divi.ie<i L David Davies; solo !)(} b^t r mng People's Society), Part, avi«s euQ Messrs. Wm. Thomas and Mis* -L iWf choir, Mr. Wm. Thomas' sthe,, atl°n for children under 8, °VCVR 1. J ° IK>S recitation for chil- e^a, e<l tft Master Dl. Evans essay Mr T\lc°Hfin ^Urch)- Mr. Tom Bowen; iV?1' Blval 0 You"g People's Society), 'W' Mr rn PeiliHion, Mynydd Pen- \JI?'^1 ft m Bowen (brother to the Wei-eri Bowen)- Hearty votes of JoViw1 <T0ll e given the secretary, Mr. and ^'ie treasurer, Mr. jo in p n' f°r their unremitting e s^°nn^ction with the meetings Cess which attended same. V3' of Hhondda" Oddfellows a co, held under their aus- 4v at th^ltlve meeting on a large ?S'/Veiiiri» id Boys' School on Satur- <\ ioifc st' when there was a ?,*ihv. hillm6 ^ilc^ record entries. Mr. '⢠tk' engelli Hotel, acted as ? adjudicators being Mr. Porth. ma5ic (Mr, David U|'ck 'v<d preliminaiy tests); and !'tet^°Wen (Myfyr Hefin), Tie- H af+lr^" Tiie solo for children ^t 14 competitors, the it Miss C.. Lewis, High St., âl)i« al$o youthful and piomismg ^HvfC^pet'i,CUr«d the verdict against n a,lto solo, Bu ;%V torn, ^ac^ The soprano solo M ^as di^j-contestants, and the tL°ther between Miss C\ Lewis .The Soldier's Farewell r.N f3 Jn the male quartet, and la^ vp contest Mr. James Jones in '}liam adjudged winners, Mr. p h ^e tpn 0Ve<^ himself best out of l^W'. J. f\i0r s°lo competition, while J thP; T^^as, a prominent" basso, lhf& sol° out of a field of proved to be the chief W.v^Us hL <3vening- Mr«- Tom l' vvi'i^ a natural aptitude for 1-ting and has scored many 'j^t n>aCasion direction in the past. On Co%d to°TeVer' Mr- Dd- Griffiths 'ecitaf' re the spoils With her. tK ^\vl 21 n attracted the unusual bo6 ey^ged COmPetitors, and this was L Ofj. ^'ng, Mn. aU hands the tit-bit of hi the, yi!yr Hefin declaring it to good f competitions it had ti.f°rtune to listen to. A °f r place, with the re- f%N-v !Se was ^l e, staged," and the tt,'Y W etiti-tSt.radwas declared to be Gwylfryn, k;e|v t)f'oup-v,f r e chief choral com- li^i/V ^gcther three choirs, k^s) 0ll'6s). o" Choir (conductor, Mr. i rtfrenaders (Mr. Tom Wil- tfcN neorchy Music Lovers tft ^eserv ayies). The com- 1) j 'every credit for ji J. feN thl <? whlch attended their Atrj,^111 turn wish to thank < S1? a"d Mr. A. Pahrer, of |[rd meda^lal glfts of siIver cup J() al respectively. We think LW J; and ..I lams (Eos Ogwy), an Situ' Us 'J1" Mr Philanthropist, to- i S- ae>«ier 6' eiyncoli tye sno^- i secretary respec- V t ?neirfi:etir>. Praise. Mr. Lewis ^es in v, i striving in what- sJ atld'.and his own musi- serves to Ie%m good stead the lug to Perform as secretary of

^ tu Gelli. '




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