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----Welsh Correspondence Class.



Gossip, The sea was invented so that England might be distinguished from foreign countries. It is the business of the stage to hold the mirror up to nature. This is why the ladies of the ballet wear as much clothes as the ladies in the stalls. Bridges are built to prevent the two sides of the river floating together and getting swamped. The waistcoat of righteousness fits but a few. Are there no tailors in Fleet Street? Actors paint their faces so that no member of the audience can afterwards recognise and attack them in the street. Prevarication on the part of a wife is perverted dogma. There are sermons in stones, but that is no excuse for throwing them at election candidates. London is the largest city in the world. Therefore, more people go to Heaven from London than from any other city. Houses are built so that refined people may not see the slums on the other side. The road to Heaven is paved with church abstention's. A pigeon-hole is so called because it either will or will not hold pigeons. To-morrow is the junction for Heaven. Free-lances are people who speak their own mind. It is generally a most un- pleasant one. The modern society lady's difficulty is not to get frocks to suit her face, but to get a face to suit her frocks. Socialism is what the small boy feels when he has to stop in bed with the mumps. The appalling slowness of an aimless existence has reduced the wealthy to a state of mutual boredom. This is why the smart set are called fast. All is not spleen that splutters. Charity comes from a butter-boat, philanthropy from a pepper-pot. The criminal statistician who declared that eight per cent. of the population were knaves probably worked on the basis of four in a pack of fifty-two. Respectability consists of mediocrity and Venetian blinds. If the daughter of Mary is the wife of James, what chance of ultimate salvation has Mary from the point of view of James ? Hilarity is impossible with a hole in one's glove.â"London Opinion."



To Benefit the Farmer.

Licensing Prosecution Fails.

Colliery Gust0ftfs

—-Ferndale Landlord

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Teachers and the Bishops.


,Ch Mid-Rhondda Free Council*