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----Welsh Correspondence Class.


Welsh Correspondence Class. Thanks to the energy and enterprise of Mr. W. E. Jenkins, librarian, Cwmparc, the above was inaugurated in a highly- successful manner at the Park Hall on Thursday evening last. A large number of young men attended for the purpose of enrolment and to hear the founder of the class expound his scheme. Mr. Jen- kins, in the course of his speech, ex- plained that he had been in correspon- dence with Dafydd Morganwg, whose work. "Yr Ysgol Gymreig," they would adopt as their text book. He considered it highly desirable that such a class as he suggested should be formed, so that young men in general should acquire the art of writing pure and correct Welsh. If the scheme should be adopted with sufficient enthusiasm, and received wide and general support, he was certain very beneficial results would accrue. The fol- lowing is a brief outline of the scheme: -(I) Each weekly lesson to be returned for correction; (2) second lesson to be studied and worked while the first is being corrected and third prepared, &c. (3) terms, a weekly fee of 2d. to meet ex- penses of printing. Thel plan was unani- mously approved of by the intending pupils, and to secure its successful fur- therance Mr. David Thomas was elected hon. secretary, and Mr. Vaughan Francis treasurer. Mr. Jenkins, in process of time. hopes to extend the sphere of the class work, and by means of postal cor- respondence carry the study of the national language further afield. He in- vites inquiries from any quarter, and would be pleased to consider applications for membership. Copies of Dafydd Morganwg's "Ysgol Gymreig" are on sale only through him, as he bought all those upon the market. We may remark that the lessons are carried on through a series of questions, ample room being allowed for answers in ruled spaces on the same paper.




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