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REPAIRS. REPAIRS. REPAIRS- SCALES. SCALES. SCALES. Established 1876. ¡'TH E OLD FIRM.' NAT. TEL. 5x5 GO OR WRITE TO Gx*eadeF &> iSon Scale & Weighing Machine Makers. COMPLETE SHOP FITTERS FOR ALL TRADES. Every Trade Requisite for Grocers Fruiterers, Butchers and Confectioners. 18, CAROLINE STREET, CARDIFF, Repairs tol8cale and Weighing Machines a Speciality. Fried Fish & Chip Shops fitted out in the Latest London Styles. 1829 A BOON TO WOMEN. Washing Made Easy I After life-long experience of mm* < a r ory strong, yet simple & W h g Very strong. || SLC h I in 6 Swashes Glean. It enables us to offer you The Very Best Value in the Trade A COMBINED Washing, Mangling Wringing don'' Machine. tgg- 5i- in the A discount from Maker's List. Carriage Paid. Distance no object. Lists Free. SOLE AGENCY W Griffiths, 746, Windsor Rd.,NEATH. Established 1871. 2119= GOOD TIME WE ALL WANT If you haven't got a GOOD WATCH, go to J. KINSTLEY& Co., Oldest Established Practical Watchmakers & Jewellers, 32, DUNRAVEN STREET, TONYPANDY. Purchase one of their Watches and you will have the best time you ever had. Quality Good, Prices Low. Ladies' and Gents' Silver Watches from 10/- upwards. Ladies' Gold Watches from 25/- to £ 10. Gents' Gold Watches from 50/- to £22. li -11 il A Grand Stock of Gold and Silver Alberts and Guards. Gold and Silver Jewellery of every Aescription. Engagement, Wedding Rings and Keepers. Nowhere sold better anil cheaper. Immense Stock of Clocks of all kinds from 2/- up to f8. Electro Plate, Spectacles, and Optical Goods in Great Variety at Prices to suit everybody. Come and see our large and well-selected Stock of Fancy Goods, all useful, good and cheap, sure to please everybody. Sole Agents for the Celebrated Mentor Watch at 4 6. Workmen's Fearless:Watch at 2/9. ESTABLISHED 1874. 123, BnSBBSj|B» WHEN YOU SUFFER FRO> Tic, Toothache, Neuralgia, TAKE ADnCE And don't suffer any longer. The pain is too severe to bear for amusement, and the Remedy is too get-at-able for anybody to make themselves -'lARTIRS Davies' Tic Mixture instantly reljpve aro cure any of the com- plaints Thin Bemedy is not advertised to cure every- thing, but will cure the COMPLAINTS mentioned al)on e. IN BOTTLES, 18. EACH. Prepared only by T. DAVIES, Pharmaceutical Chemis The Bridge Pharmacy, PORTH. Agent for Ilid-Rhozidda- JOHN DA VIES, Chemist TONYPANDY. 1MHAT? IMIY" OWN At 2/- Surpasses others in Strength and Flavour. E. MEREDITH & SONS TEA DEALERS AND PROVISION MERCHANTS, High-class Reliable Provisions. A FINE SELECTION OF FRUIT SELECTED FOR CHRISTMAS. Pandy Square, TONYPANDY. T. P. EDWARDS, HIGH-CLASS Gents' Mercer HAS A REPLETE STOCK OF HIGH-CLASS MEN S WEAR i 122, Dunraven Street, TONYPANDY. J J LUM TURNS YOUR WAY 1 ^#when YOU go after it. Good luck smiles upon the many thousands who deal at H. SAMUEL'S. The largest and most magnificent selection of Watches, Clocks, Jewel- lery, Plate, Cutlery, Silverware, Leather and Fancy Goods in the world. Thirty magnificent branches in Great Britain, and a great central store in Manchester. BY DEALING WITH H. SAMUEL YOU I AVOID ALL EXTORTIONATE RETAIL CHARGES, GET THE FULI, BENEFIT OF BEST QUALITY GOODS DIRECT AT FACTORY PRICES AND HAVE A FULL MONTH'S FREE TRIAI^OFTHE ARTICLE. THOUSANDS OF BRIGHT BARGAINS: BEST QUALITY GOODS DIRECT AT FACTORY PRICES AND HAVE A FULL MONTH'S FREE TRIALOFTHEARTICLE. H THOUSANDS OF BRIGHT BARGAINS: I <> SOLID GOLD DRESS RING, SET WITH REAL RUBIES, SAPPHIRES ORC/C PEARLS, ONLY W/0 1,000 most Reliable â Nickel Clocks | M Splendid Table H Cruets, Best â Glass & Electro- â plated 2/6 |l Solid Silver â Ej Thimbles OQ H Solid Gold Gem H Ring's, set with B Real Stones. H Government 9 stamped Z'0 I B Ladies' Handsome Oxydised Keyless â Watches. Decorated or Plain H Strong Real Silver Watches for Men. flj The best bargain in England O/O â DON'T FAIL TO CALL TO-DAY. B Railway Fare paid up to 80 miles on HL purchases of 25/- and upwardau^H 7, St.-Mary St., CARDIFF j IF INCONVENIENT TO CAU., SEND POST CARD TO MANCHESTER FOR THR, FAMOUS FREE BARGAIN GUIDE.

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To Benefit the Farmer.

Licensing Prosecution Fails.

Colliery Gust0ftfs

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Teachers and the Bishops.


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