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----Welsh Correspondence Class.




To Benefit the Farmer.

Licensing Prosecution Fails.

Colliery Gust0ftfs


Colliery Gust0ftfs Important Case oJJ Before the Porth SUp^a Vyre^ day Wm. Forward,^ Co^u sued the South Wales g 0(jd 1 Company, Tonyrefail, of a month's notice, Mi ⢠> a appeared for plaintiff, « was oiniseS son defended. The evi ijjery notice was posted on t^e ^i- on the 6th of July g1^ Jate to Jje a month's notice from iaimed$not nate contracts. Plaintiff .jce dj" was an official, and the spedfy mis- apply to him, as it did Q to P j,9d the firemen's services wer also pensed with. The notl^ec1 given 0 one, as it should have irjes 1st of the month according g0llth ment which governedn # coalfield. Mr. Watts Morgafce 011 thbllt the custom was to give 11 ,Pnce v?ai tW of each month. His exp0 jjgCharge 3pgci' when firemen were to be were given direct notice o jyj,. V ^0 fied in the general notice- _n(]ents' son argued that the r°11Kscri' i tb4 were foreigners, had not s jjau of agreement mentioned. neli0ln sp° any knowledge of the c about giving notice. coi»e,! The Stipendiary If. tn n|e e»lS district where a certain r gl must be bound by it- e plaiftf- His Worship awarded adt-hv'e OcaPtlleallil fee 15s. 2d. with costs and

—-Ferndale Landlord

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Teachers and the Bishops.


,Ch Mid-Rhondda Free Council*