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To Benefit the Farmer.


To Benefit the Farmer. It will be remembered that some little time ago widespread interest was aroused b- the announcement of a venture on the part of the Great Western Railway Com- pany in connection with the supply and conveyance of agricultural produce from country to town, and general satisfaction was expressed with the new arrangement which had the effect of assisting the agri- culturalist by bringing the producer and the consumer into closer touch. It is pleasing to learn that the facilities afforded have been well appreciated, and it is evident from a perusal of the com- prehensive pamphlet issued by the Com- pany, in which is given a list of farmers and others who are willing to supply weekly or as may be desired such com- modities as eggs, butter, cream, cheese, poultry, fruit and vegetables required for home use, that the residents of our large towns and cities have much to gain from the system it advocates, and which tends to promote the welfare of the British agriculturalist in such a happy way. A part of the arrangement is that boxes of varying sizes and suitable for the packing of commodities of the kind refer- red to are sold at the stations from which agricultural produce is forwarded at practically cost price, and much trouble and inconvenience in connection with the return of empty packages is thereby saved.

Licensing Prosecution Fails.

Colliery Gust0ftfs

—-Ferndale Landlord

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Teachers and the Bishops.


,Ch Mid-Rhondda Free Council*