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Lodwig Evans' Concert. __j


Jewish Wedding at Penygraig.'I

Ton-Pentre Police Court. -,


Ton-Pentre Police Court. Monday.âBefore the Stipendiary (Mr. Ignatius Williams), Aldermen Richard Lewis, Wm. Morgan, Mr. J. D. Williams, and Dr. E. N. Davies. Robert Bond, Hopkinstown, was fined 10s. for driving without lights. Several men made their appearance summoned for leaving their horses and carts unattended. Wm. Griffiths, Ys- trad-Rhondda, left his outside a public house whilst he went inside, and was now called upon to pay 5s. Henry Click and Wm. Burford, Treherbert, were fined 2s. 6d. each for having their drays un. attended, they going into their lodging meanwhile for their breakfast. Mrs. Elizabeth Austin, Treherbert, was sumoned for keeping her refreshment house open after hours. A man was seen in there at 11.55 p.m. eating sandwiches. âDefendant said she had no clock, and did not know the time.âThe Bench ad- vised her to buy a clock, which would be cheaper than being finecl. She would now have to pay 5s. Amelio Provito, the Italian manager of Bracchi Bros., Pentre, was fined 2s. 6d. for Sunday trading. Wm. Thomas, butcher, Tynowydd, was summoned under the Animal Diseases Act of 1894, with signing two declarations for the removal of pigs which had not been in his possession for 28 days, as re- quired by the Act. The pigs were re- ceived from Pembrokeshire on the 2nd October, and six days later defendant signed a declaration for their removal. He was fined £ 1 in each case. For having two passengers in his brake in excess of his registered number, Dd. Carter, Pentre, was fined 2s. 6d. David Lewis, Pentre, and Griffith Morris, Gelli, were fined 15s. and 10s. respectively for refusing to quit a public no use when requested. For being drunk on licensed premsies, the following were fined: -James Brown, Ton, 5s. Samuel Jones, Treherbert, 10s John Ford, Pentre, 10s., and George Pinker, Pentre, 5s. Long List of Drunks." The list of "drunks" shows no signs of decreasing, and the following were called upon to pay the penalty for in- dulging in an overdose of Barleycorn â Wm. ^Llewellyn, Ystrad-Rhondda Wm. Edwards ,Pentre; Isaac Thomas, Ystrad- Rhonclda; Wm. Daniel, Ton-Pentre; Stephen John Brewer, Peutre; Wm. Evans, Gelli; Wm. Brown, Ystrad-Rhon- dda Dd. Williams, Treherbert; Edward Luney, Gelli; James Callaghan Gelli; Ivor Jones, Gelli; John Jenkins, Gelli; John Richard Lewis, Ton; D (I John Leek, Ton Stephen Jones, Treorchy; Thomas Williams, Treorchy; Evan Griffiths, Cwmparc John Lewis, Tre- orchy; Thomas Jones, Treorchy; Dd. John Griffiths, Treorchy; David Jones, Treorchy; John Williams, and Edward Howells, Treorchy; John Davies, Peiitre Thomas Isaacs, Gelli; Christmas John, Pentre; Thomas Llewellyn, Cwmparc; and John Power, Pentre. Assault at Cwmparc. Edward Morgan, 3, Cwmparc Road, Cwmparc, was charged with assaulting Sarah Wilcox, Grelenfield Cottages, Cwm- parc, on Sunday week. Mr James Phillips defended. Complainant's evidence was to the effect that defendant and others made a disturbance by her premises, and because she asked them to go away he assaulted her. Ernest Cook said Mrs. Wilcox threatened defendant, and that he gave her a back- hander." Defendant admitted giving her a blow after he had been provoked.â Mr. J. D. Williams thought it, was a cowardly action to strike a, woman in age, and defendant would be fined 20s. and costs. Assault at Oiilfach. Richard Williams, 14, Pritchard Row, Gilfach Goch, was summoned by his sister- in-Jaw, Mary Ann Roderick, who lives close by, for assaulting her. Mr. James Phillips, solicitor, defended. Com- plainant said defendant had threatened to "pull her liver out" because she said he had insulted a young girl named Mabel Thomas. He also told her (witness) to go with three married men from Ystrad. Mrs. J. A. Jenkins witnessed the dis- turbance, and said she heard complainant ask Williams to her while she was clap- ping her hands in his face.Ma,bel Thomas was, also called for the defence, and denied that defendant had insulted her, and that, he had threatened com- plainant.â-The Bench thought, the case was not made out, and dismissed it. Seven Months' Married Life. Mary Jane Rodd, 60, Hendrecafan Road, Penygraig, summoned her husband, Meredith Rodd, for desertion. Mr. D. W. Jones, solicitor, represented Mrs. Rodd, and Mr. James Phillips defended. Mr. Jones, in his opening statement, said the- parties were' married last March, and went to live with the defendant's mother. Whilst there, she was treated as a servant, and her mother-in-law was practically the manager of the house. The latter eventually ordered them out. Mrs. Rodd left, but her busband remained. After this they lived in apartments, but very unhappily. It was simply a ques- tion of the mother-in-Jaw.âBefore any evidence was called, Mr. J. D. Williams interposed, and said the parties were very respectable people, and the Bench would like to see them do something with a view to living together again. Mr. James Phillips said that, after that intimation he would not give his side of the case, so as not to widen the breach. He concurred with what their worships said, and suggested the parties should live away from the. mothers-in-law of both ides. They would probably then be happy.âThe Bench and Mr. D. W. Jones agreed, and the case was adjourned for a week with a view to a settleent being ar- rived at.

-----Fatal Accident at Llwynypia.I

---_---------Social at Tonypandy.

Llwynypia Fife Band.

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