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Jewish Wedding at Penygraig.'I


Jewish Wedding at Penygraig. 'I A fashionable marriage between two members of the Jewish community took place at the Butchers' Arms Hotel, Peny- graig, on Wednesday last, when Miss Phcebe Freedman, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs Freedman, pawnbroker, Dunraven Street, Tonypandy, was married to Mr. Issy Woolf, of Hull. The ceremony was conducted by the Rev. P. Wolfres, B.A., of Cardiff, who was assisted by the Revs. M. Katz, H. Macht, and K. Kozlouski. The wedding party drove to the Butchers' Arms in six closed carriages, the, last con- taining the bride and bridesmaids. There was a strong and general desire to make the occasion one for demonstrating the esteem and goodwill felt by the people of the district. The pavement and passage leading to the room where the ceremony was held were thickly carpeted. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked remarkably well, being sweetly attired in a beautiful dress of white bro- caded silk, with court train, suspended from the shoulders, and in her hand carried a beautiful shower bouquet of orange blossoms. The Misses Gertie and Reixy Levi, Cardiff, nieces of bride, and Miss Etty Novinsckv, acted as brides- maids. and looked charming in dresses of white silk, trimmed with white silk lace, and white straw hats to match. Each carried a. bouquet of beautiful flowers. Mr. J. Lever. Derby, acted in the capa- wards proceeded to the reception room, and afterwards to the reception room, and were met. not, only with the usual mani- festations of goodwill by way of showers of rice, but with hearty cheers. They were introduced to the company by Mr. and Mrs. Levi, of Cardiff, and received the heartiest congratulations of relatives and friends. At the wedding supper which followed, the guests were:âThe bride and bridegroom, bridesmaids, Mr. and Mrs. Freedman (parents of the bride), Mr. and Mrs. M. Woolf, Hull (parents of the bridegroom); Mr. J. Woolf. Leeds (uncle) Mr. and Mrs. Gastor, Cardiff (sister and brother-in-law of bridegroom) Mr. and Miss Freedman, Pontypridd (uncle tnd cousin of the- bride) Mr. and Mrs. Levi, Cardiff (sister and brother-in- law of the bride); Mr. H. Freedman. Tonypandy (brother); Mr. B. Freeclman. Tonypandy (brother); Mr. J. Freeclman Tonypandy (brother): Mr. M, Freedman Pontypridd (cousin); Mr. and Mrs. Isaacs. Cardiff; Mr. and Mrs. Shatz, Cardiff; Mr. Sydney Lever, Derby; Mr. A. Lewis, Cardiff; Mrs. Saul, Swansea;" Rev. Mr. Wolfres, B.A., Cardiff; Rev Mr, and Mrs. Nathaniel, Cardiff; Hey. Mr. and Mrs. D. Cartz, Cardiff Mr. and Mrs J. Abrahamson, Cardiff; Mr and Mrs E. Stem, Cardiff Mr. and Mrs. Ncvinskv. Jeweller's Syndicate, Tonypandy; Mr. ,i and Mrs. Protheroe, butcher, Tonypandy Mr. and Mrs. T. D. John. schoolmaster, Penygraig; Mrs. Charles .Tonypandy Mrs. Webb, Tonypandy; Mrs. Phillips. Tonypandy; Mrs. Willism.s, Ton vc.avu-: v Mr. and Mrs. Young. Tonypandy; Miss Williams, Pimmer, Penygraig; Mr. N. Simon, Cardiff; Mr. D. John. Pontypridd; Mr. Macgregor, Pouty- pridd Mr. Chapman. Swansea Mr. Levi. Bristol Miss Benson, Cardiff; Miss Evans, Llandaff Miss Thomas. Ton- ypandy Mr. W. Masey, Penygraig; Misses A. and B. Kerslake, Penygraig; Miss Harcombe, Penygraig; Miss Edwards, Penygraig; Mr. T. Morgan, Penygraig; Mr. A. T. Webb (" Rhondda Leader"), Tonypandy Miss Upjohn, Trealaw Mr. Price, Tonypandy; Mr. Evans, Ponty- pridd Mr. A. A. Leek, Trealaw, and members of the band. The Rev. P. Wolfres read telegrams of congratula- tions sent by friends of both bride and bridegroom. The supper over. the ball was then proceeded with, in which the happy pair enjoyed several dances to the excellent music provided by some members of the Mid-Rhondda Orchestral Band, under the conductorship of Mr. A. A. Leek. Soon afterwards the bride and bridegroom drove to Dinas Station, with the best, wishes of a, host of friends, and left by the 11,5 p.m. train en route for Hull to spend their honeymoon. The bride's travelling dress was of brown satin face cloth, trimmed with cherry- coloured silk. Following is the list of the presents received:âMr. and Mrs. Frows, Grimsby, handsome skin rug; Mr. S. Lever. Derby, massive silver-plated can- delabra; Mr. Beirnstein, London, silver- plated table lamp Mr. Isaacs, Cardiff, ottoman couch Mr. Woolf, Hull (father of bridegroom), solid walnut bedroom suite Mr. Woolf, Leeds, half-tester brass bedstead; Mr. Lever, Burton, case of silver spoons Mr. Fineburg, Derby, hall flower stand ;Mr. and Mrs. Abrahamson, Cardiff, case of carvers; Mr. Woolf, London, massive silver waiter Sergt. Thomas. Tonypandy, silver-plated butter cooler; Mrs. Garston, Cardiff, dinner ser- vice; Inspector and Mrs. Hoyle, Tony- pandy, case of serviette rings; Mrs. Saul, Swansea, tapestry table cloth; Mr. Beirn- stein, Nottingham, liqueur stand; Mr. J. Freedman, London, case of silver prongs; Mr. Levi, Bristol, pair of silver prongs; Mr. Eddy, Tonypandy, preserve stand; Mr. Forse, Bristol, lounge chair Brother of the bride, handsome china, clock; Mr. Freedman, Pontypridd, silver wine cup; Mrs. Protheroe, silver-mounted claret cup; Mr. Shatz, Cardiff, case of silver spoons; Mrs. Lewis, Cardiff, silver biscuit casket; Mr. Novinsky, Tonypandy, table flower stand; Mr. Lever, Glasgow, three pairs of handsome engravings; Mr. N. Sinion, Cardiff, case of table cutlery; Mr. Masey, Penygraig, silver-plated waiter; Mr. and Mrs. Stone, Cardiff, flower stand; Brother of bride, brass fire screen Mr. and Mrs. T. D. John, Peny- graig, case of spoons; Mr. Britton, Lon- don, beautiful skin rug; Mr. Diamond, fruit stand;, Mr. Harries Freedman (brother of bride), walnut sideboard Mr. Barnett, Birmingham, tea. and coffee set Mr. and Mrs. Myers, London, silver cream jug; Mr. and Mrs. Baron, London, pair of silver candlesticks; Mr. Wilson, Byham, handsome brass fire screen,; Mrs. Webb, Tonypandy, pair of cord fancy frames; Mr. Bloom, Glasgow, valuable pair of paintings; Mr. Hollander, Hull. Brussel carpets; Miss Chapman, Trow- bridge, hair overlay; Mr. Barrett, Lon- don, travelling portmanteau Mrs. Levi, Cardiff (sister of the bride), silver cruet stand; Rev. Mr. Brouhhurst, London, case of silver serviette rings; Miss Benson, silver-mounted jug.

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