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YOU JSLUU KITOW RIGHT FROM WRONO ('- ⢠â W\vhl? Thg«f He ^-]!'vays ^'ngh*! Return Railway Fane paid to Customers whose purchase exceeds SO/- -WI IAW Why. lhe "frames are on his mind! inCC Royal Subjects," Art," with Battle Field," PICTURES Are Framed each in it's kind .â â â â â â ATTUDM OT'DDDT' AKE Intermixed with Sportsmen's" taste, v/i W U U ij 11 O 1 tl Ci Ej 1 â *â¢*$*» ppi> O T? M T Mansions and houses they all are grand; Xx.12/ O -t-/ IN A Gilded or carved in excellent style, A VI f T â That please when suitably framed! With artistic taste, while you wait awhile; /*V 1ft L JF r He excels all others, has earned renown, in all South Wales, besides this town. A few doors i\ £ jC^ IW" Having the largest stock of PICTURE Try him! his mouldings and work are grand, j r^r» *»«, And NOT excelled by any man. X** FRAMES and MOULDINGS in Cardiff and South Empipe. Wales to select from, M. W. is certain of giving every IF YOU GO TO e ft' satisfaction to all customers for PRICES, WORKMANSHIP and "WRIGHT," C\)t' QUALITY of MATERIAL. K*2y^» YOU CAN'T GO$gW A splendid selection of Framed and Un-framed Prints, after Leading Artists. WRONG Ola 13 PICTURES CJbETSNElD KH& RESTORED. ^ENGLISH GOLD WORK a Speciality. Old Frames Re-gilt-equal to New. Estimates given. Opals, Mirrors, &c., cut any size. All Winsor and Newton Artists' Materials in stock at popular prices. Chrystoleum, Photographs, Glasses, ^Mediums, &c., always in stock. Instruction Books for Chrystoleum Painting, Oil and Water Colours. Wâ¢' NOTE-Iris Ware and other Fancy Material for Painting. STUDIES ON HIRE. Note the Address-5299 Queen (Few doors from the Empire). w HAT'S THE MATTER WITH SAM TAYLOR? HE's ALL RIGHT. SO ARE HIS FAR-FAMED FEATHER BEDS He offers a Full-sized 6ft. Gin. by 4ft. 6in. Feather Bed (picked, purified, downy feathers), with Bolster and Two Pillows to match, complete, weighing 601 bs. the lot (ticking of FOR pure Barnsley linen, waxed inside). As good a bed as anyone need O^S wish to lie on. Packed and de- O livered carriage fr ee to your own door for 35s. ouly. A better OISLY, quality Feather Bed Set, with bordered and piped sides, lovely soft feathers, 601bs. weight. Only 45s. grand value. Also a pure Duck Feather Bed, equal to any goose feather, only 60s., same weightâviz., 601b. ANY SIZE FEATHER BED EQUALLY CHEAP. AT Sam Taylor's 46, Cowbridge Road, CARDIFF. 3*

Lodwig Evans' Concert. __j


Jewish Wedding at Penygraig.'I

Ton-Pentre Police Court. -,

-----Fatal Accident at Llwynypia.I

---_---------Social at Tonypandy.

Llwynypia Fife Band.

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