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Rhondda District Council.


Rhondda District Council. The Light Railway Scheme. The monthly meeting of the Rhondda District Council was, held at the Council Offices, Pentre, on Friday, Councillor W. T. Jones, J.P., presiding. Members pre- sent were Councillors Dl. Evans (vice- chairman), John Williams, Thos. Davies, Morris Morris, Morgan Llewellyn, Dr. E. N. Davies, J.P., Dr. W. E. Thomas, Evan Watkins, Thomas Thomas, Ed. Jones, R. S. Griffiths, Evan Williams, Dd. Williams, E. P. Davies, Thos. Morgan, Thos. Griffiths, J.P., W. H. Mathias, J.P., Wm. Morgan, Dd. Rowlands, D. W. Jones, Ben Davies, Dd. Smith, Joseph Brooks, L. P. Griffiths, with the clerk, Mr. W. P. Nicholas, Dr. Jenkins (the medical officer), and other officials. The Health Committee instructed the Medical Officer to get cards printed in English and Welsh for distribution amongst mothers, instructing them as to the best mode, of dieting their children with a view to combating the epidemic of diarrhoea. The tender of Messrs. A. G. Collins and Co., of L570 12s. Id., for the construction of sewers at Dinas, was accepted. The Gas and Water Committee recom- mended that the Council give notice of appeal against the increased rateable value of the Gas and Water Works, and that the matter be referred to the Legal and Parliamentary Committee for further consideration and report. The Roads Committee, were notified by the Glamorgan County Council that they had considered their request as to the making of a byelaw prohibiting locomo- tives without smooth wheels, and they regretted they had no power in the mat- ter, as locomotives with roughened sur- face on their driving wheels were autho- rised by the regulations of the Local Government Board. One of the items in the Roads Com- mittee's report was that the Surveyor had submitted particulars to them as to the total length of private streets and streets declared public highways, and they now recommended that the Council advertise for a Surveyor to act, generally as the Sur- veyor's chief assistant, and to undertake the superintendence of the work connected with the carrying out of the Private Streets Improvements still remaining to be done, at, a salary of E200 per annum.â Councillor R. S. Griffiths said he under- stood the Committee was to have pre- pared a full statement shewing how many men were employed in the surveyor's de- partment, what they were, doing, and their capabilities. The Council had, however, the bare recommendation as before to appoint a man. Mr. Morris Morris said the Committee had had particulars of the roads which had been taken over by the Council, and which required to be done. They found that there were 16 miles of private street works to be carried out. The work was greatly in arrears, and it would pay the Council to appoint a man to push on with it. The' Committee was not asked to' re- port to the Council. Several members thought otherwise, and a motion that the Committee report to the next Council meeting was carried by 17 votes to 7. Councillor Joseph Brooks called the attention of the Council to the state of the, road near the New York Hotel, Porth, where, the surface water flowed into the yard and into the hotel.âDr. E. N. Da.vies also referred to the state of the I Imperial and Rheola bridges in wet weather. After a little rain, the bridges were really dangerous, and only a couple of months ago his horse had fallen there. âMr. Mathias gave his experience of a similar state of things, and said thati for- merly gravel used to be sprirfkled on the wooden blocks of the bridges in wet weather, but since, the appointment of the present road inspector, this had not been done. He wished to warn the inspector that if reports of that sort were again brought before the Council, they would deal seriously with him.âMr. T. Griffiths seconded, and the motion was agreed to. Mr. Thomas Griffiths drew attention to the condition of the road in Bridge Street, Cymmer, where the water flowed down, and caused considerable havoc.âAll these matters were referred to the Roads Com- mittee. The tender of Messrs. A. G. Collins and Co., Barry, of £ 572 15s. 9d., for improve- ments in Wern Street, and Howard Ter race, Clydach Vale, was accepted. The Legal and Parliamentary Com- mittee reported having carefully con- sidered the estimate prepared by Sir Douglas Fox, of the cost of the pro- posed electric tramways for this district, and recommended that the main tramway scheme be from Treherbert to Porth, via Llwynypia, and that the scheme from Ystrad to Porth, via, Trealaw, be an addi- tional scheme. The Committee recom- mended that the estimate of Sir Douglas Fox be adopted subject to tramway No. 1 being constructed to run through Llwyny- pia. instead of Trealaw. The Clerk reported that, the Legal and Parliamentary Committee of the District Council had been summoned to meel the Parliamentary Committee of the County Council on Thursday last. The Rhondda representatives of the District Council were: ,Messrs. E. P. Davies, R. S. Griffiths ,W. T. Jones, H. Mathias, Morris Morris, Dd. Rowlands, and W. D. Wight. The Chairman intimated to the District Council that it, had become necessary for the County Council to reconsider the desirability of promoting the light railway from Mardy to Penygraig for the purpose of their scheme of a light, railway from Aberdare to Bridgend. If the District Council were willing for the County Coun- cil to obtain those powers, they would agree to solely maintain those roads. If the,y refused, the County Council were prepared to consider a proposal for a joint scheme for promoting the light railway from, Mardy to Penygraig. The Rhondda committee did not see their way clear to consenting to' the County Council promot- ing the scheme, but said they were pre- pared to consider the promotion of a scheme, jointly with the County Council. If the District Council decided upon pro- moting a scheme of their own, the County Council would have to consider the ad- visability of withdrawing their contribu- tions towards the maintenance of the roads. Mr. Thomas Griffiths asked if the County Council could withdraw their con- tribution ? The Clerk replied that it was a legal point; he rather thought they could not. Mr. R. S. Griffiths said that, in any event, it could only be done by a majority of the County Council itself. Mr. Thomas Griffithsi said they were, not the only District Council in receipt of a contribution from the County Council, and he did not think the attitude of that I body desirable, and they (the District


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Rhondda District Council.