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-------Rhondda School Board.


Rhondda School Board. The monthly meeting of the Rhondda School Board was held at Tynycymmer Hall, Porth, on Monday, Mr. W. Jenkins, J.P., in the chair. Others present were: Miss Ada Jones, Rev. W. Lewis, Rev. W. Charles, Rev. Thos. Williams, Rev. Row- land Morgan, Messrs. Dl. Thomas, D. R. Jones, Henry Abraham, Dd. Lloyd, and Jonathan Rees, with the clerk, Mr. W. G. Howells. Lectures at Ferndale. The committee of the Ferndale Popular Lectures wrote asking permission to use North Street Schools, Ferndale, for the purpose of giving lectures.âAs the nature of the lectures was not specifically mentioned. Miss Jones, Mr. Abraham, and the Clerk were instructed to ascer- tain their nature before permission would be given. The Education Department, approved the plans of the new school at Bodringallt (providing accommodation for 362 infants and 317 girls), and the site' of the Mardy girls' school. The application of the local Technical Sub-Committee' for the use of the schools to1 hold technical instruction classes during the coming session was granted. The architect reported that the founda- tion of the Blaenycwm Infants School was laid already all round that the master's house at Dinas was making satisfactory progress; that the contractor had started at the Gelli schools; and that the Mardy Infants' School was completed. Llwyncelyn Site. In a supplementary report the Building Committee stated that the lessors and lessees were prepared to sell the site be- hind Primrose, terrace, Porth, for the Llwyncelyn school, upon certain condi- tions.âThe Committee recommended that the offer be accepted, and this course the Board agreed to. The Finance Committee recommended payment of accounts amounting to P,5,038 19s. 8cl. After that day's payments there would be a balance of £ 1,925 to the credit of the Board.. The Committee, recommended the ap- pointment of Miss Rosa K. Morris as teacher of needlework at the Porth Higher Grade School. The condition of the approach to the Llwynypia. Schools on the south side was the cause of a, complaint, by the At- tendance Committee, who said another accident had occurred there lately, when a little girl had her arm broken. The Committee hoped something would be done to improve the approach.âIt was reported that, Mr. Hood was attending to the matter. Nominal Appointments. It appeared that a number of children residing at Gilfach Goch, within the boundaries of the Rhondda parish, at tended the Gilfach school of the Llantri- sant School Board, and that other children residing at Penrhiwfer and Trebanog (out side this parish) attended the Ystrady- fodwg schools at Williamstown and Cym- mer. In order to enable the attendance officers to deal with such of these children who were irregular in their attendance at school, the Committee recommended, if the Llantrisant Board agreed, that their at- tendance officer be appointed by the Rhon- dda Board at a nominal salary of 10s. per annum to look after the Ystradyfodwg children, and that a, similar appointment should be made by the Llantrisant School Board with respect to the Ystradyfodwg attendance officer. The returns of the attendance officers shewed that during the month ended Sep- tember 20th, the average attendance at the schools was 20, 483, equal to 81 per cent, as compared with 80.2 the previous month. Higher Elementary Schools. The School Management Committee, in their report, said they had received a letter from the Board of Education stating that they had at present under their con- sideration the question of the recognition of the Ystrad Higher Grade School as a Higher Elementary School, and hoped soon to be able to communicate their de- cision on the matter. Until that decision, it was not possible for the Board to give their final approval to the plans, since the planning of the school must differ consider- ably according to whether it was intended for a Higher Elementary School, or for an ordinary public elementary school. Resignations. The resignations of the following teachers were! received âM. A. Thomas, Mardy Infants' School S. A. Jones, as- sistant, Fernda,le Infants' School; Eliz. Jones, 'assistant, Cwmclydach Girls' School; Edith M. Jones, assistant, Pentre Infants' School. Mr. R. D. Chalke. headmaster of the Pupil Teachers' Centre, was, on his ap- plication, given an increase of R20 per annum, and £ 10 per annum hereafter until a maximum of P-300 is reached. The Committee recommended that in future all persons passing the Junior Cer- tificate examination and desiring to be apprenticed, shall, upon appointment, serve two months on probation without payment, their continued engagement thereafter to be conditional upon the head teacher satisfactorily reporting as to their teaching abilities. The headmaster of Mardy Boys' School had attended before the Committeet with reference to the failure of his school to earn the higher grant. Mr. Lewis com- plained of the frequent absence of teachers through illness during the, year, and the frequent changes in the staff; but the Committee had no reason to believe that that, school was exceptional in that re- spect. They, however, recommended that, another certificated assistant be appointed for the school. In connection with the proposed higher elementary schools at Porth and Ystrad, the Chairman, Mr. Dl. Thomas, and the Clerk had been deputed by the Committee to wait upon the Board of Education with the view of urging the views of the Board upon the matter. Cookery Results. The report, of Miss Hester Davies on the result of her recent examination of the cookery classes was received, from which it appeared that in Mrs. Sarah A. Owens' district 109 passed first class; 39 second class, with no failures. The prize winners were: Annie Thomas, Florence, Griffiths, Edith Abraham, Gwen Bevan, Mary A. Bayliss, Jenny Evans, Blodwen Pugh, Sarah Weaver, Sarah J. Smith, Margaret J. Morgan, and Gerty Davies. Miss Emily M. Collins' district.-131 passed first. class, 60 second class, and 12 failures. Prize winners Vera. Matthews, Ann Bevan, Jennie Jones, Emily Taylor, Minnie Thomas, Poly Watts, Ethel Thomas, Alice Phillips, Mary J. Headly. Esther Ann Jones, Sarah Evans,, Annie Masters, Esther Phillips, Maggie Williams, and Blodwen Davies. Miss, Lizzie M. Evans' district.-184 passed first class, 66 second class, and 4 failures. Prize winners: Jane Morris, Martha Lewis, May Jones, Maggie Lewis, Maggie Morgan, Annie Powell, Louisa Hughes, Minnie Hughes, Rose Phillips, Alice Elliott, Jessie M. Owen, Margt. J. Jones, Margretta Williamsi, Eleanor Lewis, Mary Jenkins, Margt. Ann Thomas, Lavinia, Smith, Emma Gough, and Ceinwen Thomas. Miss, Maud M. Cooke's district-132 passed first class, 49 second class, and two failures. Prize winners: Lucy Davies, Agnes Winfield, Mary L. Jenkins, Alice Davies, Mary Dixon, Rosy Lewis, Annie Mandy, Sarah Meredith, Catherine Thomas, Gerty Davies, Edith M. Thomas, Annie Lewis, Bessie Evans, and Florrie Chapman. The Committee desired to record their high appreciation of Mrs. Isaac, Treorchy, whilst on the Cookery Cimmittee and who was now leaving the district. The following ladies were added to the committee:âMrs. D. R. Jones, Treher- bert; Mrs. Charles, Treorchy; Mrs. Ed- wards, Ton; Mrs. Evans, Vicarage, Llwyn- ypiai; Mrs. Anderson, Llwynypia; Mrs. Evan Davies, Penygraig; Mrs. J. D. Williams, Trealaw; Mrs. Thomas, Vicar- age, Cymmer; Mrs. Joyce, Glynrhondda, and Miss Hannah. Ferndale. The Evening School Committee reported having received the authority of the County Council to continue the 25 evening schools, the day science school at Fern- dale, and pupil teachers' school at Porth. "B.P." Anti-Cigarette League. The Moral and Religious Instruction Committee recommended that it be a sug- gestion to head-teachers to form a Courtesy Guild" in all boys' and girls' departments ,and a B.-P. Anti-Cigarette League in every boys' school. Rev. W. Charles objected to the words "Baden-Powell." He thought it would foster too military a spirit in the boys. His motion to eliminate the "B.-P." found no seconder. Appointments. The following appointments were made by the Staffing Committee: -Sidney Lewis, (!.< j'.t., Cenarth, to R!denrhoud<!a John Phillips, C.A., Neath, to Ti-eaiaw Rhys Evans, certificated assistant, Herne Bay, to Mardy; Dd. Emiyn Davies, certi- ficated assistant, Lower Coy Church, to Hafod Annie Emily Thornhill, certificated assistant, Bath, to Ferndale Bessie Cowden, ex-p.t., Swansea, to Graigddu; Grace Humphries, certificated assistant, Festiniog, to Porth; Ada Mary Bush, certificated assistant, Bristol, to Ynyshir Margretta Owen, certificated assistant, Wotton-under-Edge, to Pontygwaith; Jennie Williams, ex-p.t., Denbigh, to Fern- dale; Edith Mary James, ex-p.t., Neath, to Mardy; Mary Thomas, certificated as- sistant, Dinorwio, to Blaenllechau Mary Morgan, certificated assistant, Portmadoe, to Cwmclydach Jessie Llewellyn, Ystrad- Rhondda, to' Ton, on probation Dorothy E. Roberts, certificated assistant, from Portmadoe, to Tylorstown. Deputation from Pentre. A deputation from Pentre, consisting of Messrs. Lewis Lewis, W. Griffiths, and W. Davies, members of thei Cambria Glee Society, Pentre, waited upon the Board to seek permission for the loan of the Higher Grade School, Pentre, on Sunday afternoons between the hours of 4.30 and 5.30, for the purpose of holding a singing practice. The Board's present rule did not allow of a practice being held on Sunday until after eight o'clock. The Board pointed out that their rules did not allow them to entertain the request, so Mr. D. Lloyd gave notice of motion to amend the rules at, the next, meeting. The New Rate. It was proposed by Mr. Daniel Thomas, chairman of the Finance Committee, that a, precept for tlS,500 be issued upon the overseers for the ensuing, six months, equal to a. rate of ninepence in the t.

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