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YOU ALL RIGHT FROM WRONG â ââ-ââ "WX?T^a^r^r Retupn Railway Fare paid to Customers whose purchase exceeds 30/- Royal Subjects," Art," with Battle Field," GU â^PICTURES Are framed each in it's kind AA ATTDDM OTDETT1 Intermixed with Sportsmen's" taste, O 1-4 i-i 1 D 1 fl Sit lj 1 i ^â JtlS* PPTf CT7 MTQ Mansions and houses they all are grand; *â XvaZ/ O 1-/ AN X O Gilded or carved in excellent style, PAR T\ TpD That please when suitably framed I With artistic taste, while you wait awhile; V-/ /Hk JL» mJ A A j He excels all othets, has earned renown, â¢~ in all South Wales, besides this town. A few doops MT Having the largest stock of PICTURE Try him! his mouldings and work are grand, «1rina rn A And NOT excelled by any man. X** FRAMES and MOULDINGS in Cardiff and South âââââââââââââ Empire- e Wales to select from, M. W. is certain of giving every IF YOU GO TO .â IT satisfaction to all customers for PRICES, WORKMANSHIP and 44 W RIGHT QUALITY of MATERIAL, YOU CAN'T GO MT A splendid selection of Framed and Un-framed Prints, after Leading Artists. WRONG h^V OtaJD PICTURES el*E7*NEE> 7^ND RESTORED. ENGLISH GOLD WORK a Speciality. Old Frames Re-gilt equal to New. Estimates given. Opals, Mirrors, &c>, cut any size. All Winsor and Newton Artists' Materials in stock at popular prices. Chrystoleum, Photographs, Glasses, ^p Mediums, &c., always in stock. Instruction Books for Chrystoleum Painting, Oil and Water Colours. NOTEâIris Ware and other Fancy Material fox* Painting. STUDIES ON HIRE. Note the Addpess-29? Queen (Few doors from the Empire). w HAT'S THE MATTER WITH SAM TAVLORP JlES A" RIGHT, SO ARE HIS FAR-FAMED FEATHER BEDS He offers a Full-sized 6ft. 6in. by 4ft. 6in. Feather Bed (picked, purified, downy feathers), with Bolster and Two Pillows to match, complete, weighing 601bs. the lot (ticking of FOR pure Barnsley linen, waxed inside). As good a bed as anyone need 0 £ v S wish to lie on. Packed and de- OO iivered carriage free to your own 11 t door for 35s. only. A better j ONLY, quality Feather Bed Set, with bordered and piped sides, lovely soft feathers, 601hs. weight. Only 45s. grand value. Also a pure Duck Feather Bed, equal to any goose feather, only 60s., sante weightâviz., 601b. ANY SIZE FEATHER BED EQUALLY CHEAP. AT Sam Taylor's 46, Cowbridge Road, CARDIFF. 353 ONLY TRUTH Gan give true reputation. marveluTjintment Has found its way into thousands of homes purely on its merits. It has no rival in DESTROYING PAINS- as NEURALGIA and RHEUMATISM. 0 It gives Comfort and Relief in SORE THROAT and. BRONCHITIS in a few minutes. iarPILES, WOUNDS, SKIN DISEASES, BURNS and all Sores are quickly relieved and cured by its soothing virtues. It can be used with perfect safety and advantage 011 the youngest child as on the person of mature age. Dont fail to TRY IT Price, 1/1 £ Sold by Medicine Vendors generally. Wholesale Agents-BARCLAY & SONS, London. FREE SAMPLE. To enab'e all Readers of the Rhondda Leader to give his remedy a trial, a free sample box will be sent to any pers >11 sending name and address and one penny stamp for postal e. From Sole Maker and Proprietor, B. E. BEARD, Treharris, Clam. AGENTSj LLWYNYPIA J. W. Richards, Chemise: TONYPANDY T. DaviEs, Chemist; and Porth. PENYGRAIG: Misses Evans, Post Office. PORTH & YNYSHIR: D. W. Davies, Chemist. TREORCIIY: G. R. Protheroe, Chemist; D. E. Davies Chemist. PEXT RE David George, Chemist. TON-PENTRE J. P, Williams, Grocer MARDY D. E. Lewis, Chemist. TREHERBERT M.- D. Evans, Chemist. FERNDALE Cooperative Stores. TYLORSTOWN Morgan & Co., Supply Stores. 276 CT ERGYMEN, MINISTERS OF ALL DE- NOMINATIONS, SECRETARIES, and j all wtia have to do with organising meet- ings or public gatherings, are respectfully invited to send intimations of forthcoming. events, and steps will be taken to obtain a report of the proceedings. Contributions of local and special items are cordially welcomed. Will correspondents please bear in mind that news should rcach our offices as early as convenient after the event referred to. When the attendance of a Reporter is desired, early notice should be sent to our offices with place, date and hour of meeting. All communications to be addressed to the Editor.

-------Rhondda School Board.

Presentation Meeting at Ciydach…


Ton-Pentre Police Court.

Trouble with her Third Husband-

Ystrad County Court.

Cycle Races at Treherbert-