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Til, ewnipai-ac.

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-----Ferndale Doctors' question.

Pontypridd and Rhondda Valleys…

Death of the Curate of Ystrad-Rhondda.

Notice to Correspondents.

Children's Concerts at Clydach…


Children's Concerts at Clydach Vale. During the week a series of highly suc- cessful concerts were given at the Noddfa Hall by the children of the Clydach Vale Board Schools. trained to a high degree of excellence by the Misses Collins and Mr Williamst the head teachers, assisted by a willing and talented staff of teachers. Each evening the limited capacity of the hall was stretched to its, utmost extent to provide accomodation. The hall presented a most attractive appearance, heving been lavishly decorated with flowers, flags and appro- priate mottoes. On Tuesday evening, in the unavoidable absence of Mr W. W. Hood, the chair was taken by Councillor James Evans, Clydach Vale. On Wednes- day evening Mr Daniel Thomas, Trealaw, presided. The concert was opened by the children singing "The comradesr song of hope. an adaptation of the well-known chorus "Comrades in Arms," and followed by a < song by the busy little mothers from the infants' department entitled "Rocka-by baby." In this, between twenty and thirty little girls each nursing a beautifully dressed doll went through the operation of washing and tidying up the little infants after a long day's play. The next item on the programme was an old favourite, The stocking menders." In this song a number of girls all quaintly dressed in Welsh cos- tume went through the various operations necessary ifor the successful darning of stockings. -tie several operations were most successfully done by the Misses Con- stance Organ. M. A. Pugh, Cassie Rees. Mary Jones, Blodwen Griffiths. Mabel Bird, Agnes Thomas Susannah Williams, Mary Davies, Sarah Anscott and Mary E. Davies. Master Isaac Thomas made a reputation for himself by his rendering of "The Octoroon. In the singing competition, the first as- pirant to mock eisteddfodic honours is Miss Mary Jones, who conducts a number girls singing that quaint old song Majone Daw." She is followed by another party under the baton of Miss Amelia JenklllS., whose party sinqs "Goosey Gander." Then Miss Mary Ann Evans, in good style, con- ducted a party singing "Home, home." All voted that the third par y was the best. Miss Evans was consequent- ly most gravely invested b~ one of the boys. this concluding an item of the programme which was highly appreciated by the aud- ience. The tit-bit of the evening was a recitation by six little dots from the in- fants' department, who, in an excruciat- ingly funny manner, proclaimed Tis no joke to be a baby." Each little girl in her own droll fashion gave some reason why if is not all honey to be the youngest addition to a family. Screams of laughter and loua rounds of applause greeted this perfor- mance. The names of the little champions of children's rights were Lily Blake,.Magg? Pugh, Mary Organ Cassie Williams, ive Williams, Maggie Lewis, Lilian Tho > Lizzie Tybrum. A capitally ren e chorus, "Hark! hark! away," by the wh°l choir elicited loud applause. A band of about thirty little infants then strmned the stage and went through a series of P y cal exercises of a most difficult and en_, taining nature .with the dumb-bells. M girls then gave an action song entit e White Sails." The second part of the programme was opened by the boy in a minstrel troupe. This was a splendid- ly conceived and well executed P0^Jon 0c the programme. Mr Tom Thomas acted in the capacity of interlocutor wi great skill and Masters Ben James an Isaac Thomas proved themselves highly capable cornermen. Their antics provokingly funny. Some ^fPeC^pZucky solos were rendered, viz., Old ^Ke Home" by Master Walter Phillips, "Old Folks at Home" by that budding young artiste Master Abram Thomas. Master Isaac Thomas gave a very amusing song, "Nigger's Shoe," which had a very pleaslll and catching refrain Master Ben James rendering of "PoHv Wolly-Doodle' closed the nigger farce. The rest of the troupe were Masters Dl. Lewis, Morgan Rees, Jason Rees, W. D. James, Isaac Rees, Tom Jones, Charlie Davies, Stephen Pro- theroe, Archie Owen, Trevor Harding, Thos. J. Thomas, James Phillips, John H. Tho- mas, James Phillins John J. Thomas and Evan T. Evans. The next item on the pro- gramme was another charming song by the girls called "Flowery Garlands." Twelve prettily dressed young ladies tripped on the stage carrying most exquisite garlands of flowers with which they went through some very bewitching drills and figures conclud- ing by doing homage to the "Queen of the Flowers," who was represented by Miss Catherine Thomas. The other garlanders were Misses Agnes Thomas. S. Williams, Mabel Bird, Mary A. Davies, Blodwen Grif- fiths, S. J. Anscott. Mar" Jones. Martha A. Pugh, Catherine Rees, Mary Davies and Constance Organ. The concluding item of a lengthy programme was a chorus by the choir, "The Sailors' Chorus," which was so breezy that one had quite a pleasant re- collection of the seaside. Mr David Rees presided at the piano and Mr Eddie Lewis manipulated the organ. Where all have done so well in getting up the concerts, it would be invidious to single out any for special mention. but we feel bound to men- tion the name of Mr David Rees to whose assiduous labours the success of the con- cert in no small degree is due. Miss Lewis, as chief stewardess, performed her duties most satisfactorily.

Presentation to the late Vicar…




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Giydach Vale.