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ABERDOVEY. BODFOR TERRACE 1, Mrs Jonesâ Mis and Miss Hills, Mr R Montague Hills, Hampstead, Staffs; Miss Maundrup, Manches- ter Miss Pudsey, Doncaster 2, Miss Charles- Mr Charles Wace, family and maid, Shrews- bury; Mrs Wace, sen, do 3,- Cclonel and Mrs Ruck and servants, Mr and Miss Pedley GLANDOVEY TERRACE 1, Mrs Edwardsâ Mr J Da vies, Chester 2, Jones- Mrs. Master Vivian, and Miss Alison Bonsall and maid 5, Mrs Davies- 1h and Mrs A Richardson, family and maid, Snitterfiekl; Miss Clarke, Stratford-on-Avon 6, Mrs Kichards- M rand Mrs H W Vardon and family 7, Mr Walters- Re T and Mrs Holden and family, Old Hill, Staff's 8, Mrs Williamsâ Rev T G and Mr? Gibbons and family, Hal- s:ead, Essex; Miss Maud Sperling, Dynes Hall, do 9, Mrs Bell- Col and Mrs Pilgrim, Masters Roy and Ross Pilgrim, Mr Murray and maid, Oaklands, Ciitton, Bristol 10, Miss Daviés- Lieut General Sir Robert and Lady Grant and maid, London 11, Mrs Williamsâ Mr Saunders and family, Stratford-on-Avon 15, Mrs Owen- Mr and Mrs Patterson, Chistlehurst,an(i friends Mr and Mrs Palmer and friend, Handsworth, Birmingham 16, Mrs Pughâ Mr J B Wcrthington, Dr Robertson, Mr Ed- wird L Jacobs, Birmingham SEA VIEW TERRACE i, Temperance Hotel, S E Morris- Mr md Mrs Clington, Wolverhampton; Edward K Foulkes, Bangor; Mr, Mrs, and Miss, Bailey, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Hampton, Miss and Master Hampton, Sheffield; Mr H D Black, London; Mr and Mrs Rees 4, Bank House, Mrs Evansâ Mr. Mrs, Miss, and Master Hadden, Ratcliffe- r- Trent, Notts â¢Cambrian House, W D Evans- Messrs T M Barlow, A M Ingledew, J Hunter C B Stoddard, A Randugger, S B Reid, W H M Tucker, F Mason, J Pitchford, and Reek 14, Mrs Evans- Mr Bevan, Port Talbot; Miss S J Evans, Chel ::a. L'Vn J3, Mrs Jer kin-â Mr and Sharland and party, London; Mr d Mrs Crawshaw and family 16, Mr J Edwardsâ M., -4 Jt-tl" ;0: Miss Gibson, Miss Jones 17, Mrs Jones- Co one!, Mrs, and Master Atkinson IS, Mrs Hughesâ- Dr and Mrs Pritchard and family, Cardiff 20, Minafon. Mi*s Jones- MrLud Mrs Ball, family and nurse, Mr L Rd, Birmingham 23, Mrs Lumley- Mr, Mrs. Miss, and Masters Smirke and baby, Tonbridge 24, Mrs V, ti ,i-,i Mr H W Little and family, Twickenham 27, Mrs Ron- amisâ Mrs Hardie and two children, British Mrs and two children, Altrineh at 28, C-l:ic Hou e, Miss Owen- Dr Biggam and family, Dudley; Dr Aiundy C London 29, Li ire Ir J Hughesâ Mr Edmur"; Spencer, Hoylake Mr H Ludlow L:ndoii Mr E Breifft, Porthcawl :32, Mrs Lewis- Rev H E Wilson and family, Hampste^d Lon- don. N W CLIFF SIDE Mr F J F Baines, Sheirield; Mr L A,-minted, S.ndbach Vicarage, Cheshire; Mr J R.iyl; Mr Morgan, Liverpool 2, Mrs J Willlams- Mi*s ;v> ,1 Mrs Fenton, Swo children and Lurse "'< i 4, Mrs Jenkinsâ Messrs G K Thompson, J H Quigley, and W Mc uev, London PENHELIG ROAD Morawelon, Mrs Williams- Mi<- 's Hughps and nurse, London Cragg Hous=, Miss Wardmanâ Dr and Mrs W H Lamb and family, London Miss Phipps, Collingtree, Northampton Mona Hou=e. Mrs Nicholasâ Col B C'namer, Indian Staff Corps J r" antI Masters (2) Channer From* en, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mis ArLhur Hughes and baby, Loudon Penhelg HotB- Mrs. Miss, and Mr P Gotto, Mr and Mrs Sidney Gctto and servants, London Brynh-'bg, Mr3 Rhys- Mrs Higainbottom and maid, Nottingham Rev E Braithwaite and family, London May Bank, Mrs Ellisâ Mr and Mrs J J Walker and family, London Tanyr 'It Viliaâ Mr and Mrs Sherwood, Birmingham NANTIESYN 3, Mrs Reesâ Mr and Mrs Leon and child 8, Mrs Hughesâ Mr and Miss Ingram 9, Mrs UaviLs- Rev T Tyers and family, Bath BATH PLACE Dovey Cottage, Mrs Richards- Mr Hague, Manchester 34, Plas Dyfi, Mrs Lewis- Mr and Mrs Candish and family, Liverpool; Airs Boyd and family, Tonbridge, Kent BRYNHYFRYD 3, Mrs Roberts- Mr W II Powell, Mr and Mrs A J Ball, Alias F BaJ, Moseley, Birmingham; Mrs Breedon, do TERRACE ROAD 1, Glandwi. Alisa Claytonâ Mr and Misa Bally, Birkenhead 2, Mrs Roberts- Mrs Andrews and children 15, Glanaber House, Mrs Owenâ Mrs and Miss Fentoa; Mias Grant 20, Glanydon, Miss Lewisâ Mrs and Mi-<8 G Reynolds, Cheltenham Misses B and P Broster, do Master H Reynolds do HILL SIDE High Clitfe, Miss Jones- Dr and Mrs J Leslie Callaghan, Miss Nora Kil maine Callaghan, Coventry Mr and Mrs G M Archdale and children, Purslow Hall, Shrop- shire Stanley Villa, Mrs Jenkinsâ Dr and Mrs Collins and family, Cardiff; Mrs, Misses and Mr J Garioch, Stoke Newington Pleasant View- Messrs Michell, Weller, J and D Waller, A Weller, Kalberer, Grantham, and A and H Siddons Clinton viiia- Mrs and Miss and Miss D Weller, Miss Michell. Messrs Siddons, Habley, Muirhead, and F Weller CHURCH STREET 16. Mrs Edwardsâ Rev and Mrs Willis Barrett, Masters Theodore and Victor and Miaa Louisa Barrett, Etruria Vicarage, Stoke-on-Trent 21, Mrs Morganâ Mr and Mrs Jones and family. Mr John Ditch- field, jun, Prestwich, nr Manchester Miss Tomkms, Birmingham Mr R D Morgan, Miss Spicer, London 22, Mrs Richards- Misses M and D and Messrs E, F, and P Rudge, Mr and Mrs Rudge COPPER HILL STREET 28, Mrs Lewis- Miss A Jones, Tredderwyn, nr Oswestry PROSPECT PLACE 4 Mrs Harriesâ Mr and Mrs Wadsworth, Pleck, Walsall FRONHAULOG 1, Mrs Bagsterâ Rev B and Mrs Lucas, baby and mxrse, Bellary, India ⢠Mr Earp, Birmingham Messrs T K and B B Bagster, Dublin; Mr J Weaver, Leamington GIBRALTAR TERRACE 5, Mrs Evans- Miu Glenny NEW STREET 1, Meirion Temperance Hotel, Mrs L Daviesâ Mr and Mrs Breeze. Walsall; Messrs W and J E Smith, Birmingham 2, Miss Bowen- Miss Rees, Moat Lane 3, Mrs Evans- Mr Walter Wooten, Redditch Rosetta Cottageâ Colonel Dyer and family Bryntegwel Cottage- The Misses Fenton, Bath Balkau diii.- Major Green, family and servants, Miss Ken- nedy Morannedd, Mrs Humphreys- Misses Arotleld (2), Dolgalley Ardudwy House, Miss St John- Mra and Miss Webb, Miss D Webb, Mr Wood. ward, Worcester Bryndoveyâ Colonel and Mrs Patton and servants Balkan Cottage- Mrs Rowe, Miss Mannall