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CRICCIETH. I MARINE TERRACE 3 and 4, Marine Boarding House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs G E Kelsey, Manchester Mr and Mrs Locker, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Brown, Bir- mingham; M r and Misses Harri&on, Leicester ( 6, Mrs Capt Watkinsâ Mr and Mrs Peyton, Leamington Miss and Misses Band G Hough, Worcester 7, Glandon. Mrs B Williams- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Adlam and maid, Clifton, I Bristol 9, Cantref, Mrs R Thomasâ 3 Mr Grimshaw and family, Manchester 10, Mrs G Jones- Mrs Hamilton and family 11, Glanglasfor, Miss Jones- £ Mr and Mrs Speakman, Mr H Spsakman, Man- chester; Mr and Mrs and Miss Garrat, nurse and baby, Misa Fenelow, Dublin; Miss Roch- ford, London r; 13, Mrs Evanaâ Mrs W and-Alias H L Keary, Oak Hill, Stoke- on-Trent j 17. Mrs Priceâ Mr and Mrs Parr and family, Sale, Cheshire Mr and Mrs W A Squires, Dublin IS, Mrs Dora Jonesâ b Mrs,Misses (2) and Masters (3) Hickman and maid, Wolverhampton Mr, Mrs, and Mast6r C Hall, Huyton, Liverpool 19, Merion View, Mrs Griffiths- Rev and Mrs Fearson and family, Leek Mrs j Luckman, sen, Mr and Mrs W G Luckman, Miss Taylor, Sparkhill, Birmingham Dr and Mrs Smyth, Malvern Wells Tower House, Mrs Robertsâ Rev and Mrs Thompson, child and maid, Elles- mere, Shropshire Mr and Mrs C B Kelley and J family, Sinetliwick Mr and Mrs Haynes and family, London 25, Mrs Capt Robertsâ Mr and Mrs Stadelbauer and family, Didsbury, Manchester 26, The Cliffe, Mrs H Jonesâ Mr and Mrs J L Entwistle, baby and nurse, Monmouth Mrs Entwistle, Rivington, Lanes; Mr and Mrs Taylor, family and maid, Bedford 27, Mrs W Gritfiths- Mr and Mrs Mills, family and maids, Mr and Miss Smith, Mr Symonds, Mr Wigram, Stockport Mr Stokes, London 28, Beeswing House, Mi?s Jones- Prof and Mis 0 Reynolds, family and maids, Fallowfield, Manchester Mrs Wilkinson 29, Moseley Houoe, Miss Griffith- Mr and Mrs Wilecck. family and nurse, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Bradford, Miss Litler, Mr J Scott, Salford, near Manchester Miss Carr, London 30, Antjorfa, Mrs William- Mr, Mrs. and Miss Stnngitharm, Roby, Liver- pool; Mr and Mrs Payn,- and family, Monmouth: Miss Payne, Svxkport Mjss Payne, Bir- mingham: Mr J l-tt, Mrs and Misses (2) Mott. Birmingham Mrs and Mr W Brown, Mrs Smith, London Mr H and Miss Wood, Kersal, Manoheste: Glanllifon, Mrs Wi liamsâ Ir, Mrs, Miss, and Master Clegg, Oldham Mr, Mrs, Master, and lis" Trotter, Miss Warner, West Malvern Abereistedd Villa. Misses Roberts- Mr F Hogarth and party, Cheltenham Mr and Mrs G W Appley, Miss Grace Appley, Bir- mingham WEST PARADE Plas Eifion, Mrs Parry- Mr and Mrs Leach, Dublin; Mrs Elliot and party, Edgb.is.on, Birmingham; Mr and Misses (3) Cohb. London M A RIN E CRESCENT 2, The Crescent, Mrs Eva-is- Mr, Mrs, Miss M, and laster D Hill, Harrow Messrs A C Ziegler, A J Chadwick, R M Chad- wick, Birkeuhead Wilton House, Mrs Williamsâ Mr. Mrs, and Miss NV gl^y, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Misses I Masters J and C Nicklin, Smethwick, Birmi-yhim 4, Mrs Owen â Mrs, Miss, and Mr W H Robins, Kings Heath, Birmingham 6, Rose Bank, Mrs Jor-sâ 'Rev T and i. own, Colney Rectory, Nor- wicfi; Dr and Miss Abbutt, Miss Kiogsmill, Miss Ellis, Dublin Sunny Side, Mrs Capt Williamsâ Mr, Mrs, and Misses (2) Lees Mr E A Gilchrist and family, Edinburgh QUEEN'S ROAD 6, Mrs Jones- Miss Prowse, Mr Evan Prowse-Gell, Miss Mary Prowse Gell and maid, Liverpool 13, Miss Owenâ Rev C A. Mrs, Miss, and Master HulbeiJI, Melton Mowbray STANLEY RO AD 5, Mrs John Hughesâ Mr and Mrs Bagnell, maid aud baoy 11. Miss Hughesâ Mr and Mrs Adam, family and maid, Gateacre, Liverpool Frondeg, Mrs Parryâ Mr, Mrs, and Misses Nanscn, Miss Hawkins, Miss Woolley, Eccles. Manchester HIGH STREET 5, Mrs BurneII- Rev W D Williams, Mr M Williams, Harrord; Miss Williams Llys Caradoc Hotel, Mrs Roberts â Mr. 1r, D G. and Miss G M Davies and maid, B<-the.cda; Mr Hughes, Birmingham: Mr Read, Ntuttmgton, Bedford Mr T A Coldhurst, London; Mr T Liverpool Mr Olton, Sandhaeb; Mr and Mrs Atkin, Birmingham Mr Pratt, Newtown; Mr Oliver, Mr Nisbett, Mr Williams, Lirkenhead Tal Eifion, Mr Rowlands- Mr and M rs J Brown and family, Bletchingley, Surrey Sheffield House, Mrs R T Pritchardâ Mrs Charles Minshall, Oswestry; Mi-s Gasquoine, Leamington; Miss James, do; Miss Gasquoine, Harrogate Wernrldu, Mrs J nnes- Mr. Mrs, Miss, and Master Coppock, Marple Bridge Hope H ou?e. Mrs Jonps- Mrs Deards and family, Prospect Gill, Wal- thamstcw Victoria House, Mrs DO Price- Mr J E Underhill and party, Magdalen College, Oxford; Mr T L Randall and family, Fillymore Hill. Hanbury, Burtou-on-Treut George Hotel, Miss Williamsâ Admiral Chatfield and family. London: Mr and Mrs Earp and family, Newark the Dean of Chichester and family, Chichester Mr and Mrs J H Harrap, Birmingham; G F and F W Goodman, Edgbaston, do; B Morley, London Mr and Mrs J E Howell. Bala; Rev and Mra Perkins, Sydenham: Rev H W Lowe. Lich- field; S C Thornton Jaggei, Mr Hugh A Cheape, Bentley Manor, Worcestershire Dr J H Bayley, Northampton Misses Scowl and Nearling, London HOLYWELL ROW 2, Mrp Hughes- Mr and Mrs Hilberel. London CAMBRIAN TERRACE 2, Mrs Jonesâ Mr and Mrs Jones and daughter, Llan Festiniog; Mra Williams and family, Blaenau Festiniog, Mrs Roberts, Llanberis Mrs Williams, Festiniog 4, Mra Evans- Miss Landon, Miss Therwin, Worcester: Mrs and Mr P S Martin, Kings Heath, Birmingham Sea View Houae, Mrs J Evansâ Misses Purefoy FitzGerald, Oxford Miss Kentish, Walmer Cambrian House, Mrs Feddisâ Mrs Stanswood, children and nurse, Waterloo PORTMADOC ROAD Min-y-gaer Boarding House, Miss Jefferiesâ Mrs Mitchell, family and governess, London; Dr de Denne and son, Cradley Heath Mrs Booth, Miss Gardner, London Plas Isa, Williams and Owenâ Mr and Mrs McGusty, son and maid. Dublin Mr Hansford. Timperley Plas Helyg, Mra Lewisâ His Honour Judge and Mrs Edge, Dr and Mrs A Edge, nurse and family, London Mr and Mrs H B Edge, nurse and child, Harrow PARKIAU TERRACE 2, Mrs Owen- Rev A and Mrs Prince, Radcliffe Miss Prince, Burnley Misa E Smith, Lytham 4, Mrs Evansâ Mr and Mrs Bites and niece, Hollinwood, Old- ham Mrs and Miss Newbery, Lewisham, London HARLECH VIEW < M rs Griffiths- Mrs Whitehead, Rev J and Mrs Blanch and family; Sherborne, Dorset Mr and Mrs C S W'hitehpad, London 3, Tyne Mrs Jonesâ Mr and Mrs Whitlock and family, Birmingham; Mr Goodman, do BAY VIEW 1, Mrs Marksâ Mr, Mrs, and Misses (2) Burgis, Air E and Master C Burgis, Rusholme, Manchester Miss Claye, do TYN Y-GRISIAU TERRACE 1, Mor Anedd. Mrs Robertsâ Mrs and Master Hadley, Mr J Wheatley, Birmingham; Mr and Misses Mills, Miidleton, nr Manchester Brig-y-Don, Miss Jonesâ Mr and Mrs A W Morris, Oswestry Morvin House, Mrs Williamsâ Mr and Mrs G E Booth and family, Manchester; Miss Anderson, Barton-on-Humber, Lincoln- shire 4, Bron-y-Castell. Mrs Watkins- Mr and Mrs Bishop, London Mr and Mrs Austin, Bury Mr and Mrs Austin, Bolton 5, Monte Vista, Miss Robertsâ Mr and Mrs Jagger, baby and nurse, Llangollen Meirion House, Mrs Daviesâ Rev WSBurns, Annacroft Vicarage, Shrewsbury; Dr and Mrs Houghton, Birmingham; Mrs, Miss and Mr F J Heap, Manchester Mr and Mrs John Franklin, Shrewsbury School Gwynle, Mr R Griffith- Mrs and Misses Gilbert, Miss Meggitt, Wolver- hampton; Mr J H Swaine, Groiston, near Carnarvon VICTORIA TERRACE 1, Mr G Parryâ Misses Partridge, Moseley, Birmingham 3, Mrs Jonesâ Misses F Dolby and E Price, Gravelly Hill, Birmingham NORTH TERRACE 2, Mra E Williamsâ Mrs Williams, Ormskirk Mr and Mrs G Connard, .Southport, SALEM TERRACE 3, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs A Tintler, family and maid, Whalley Range, Manchester 10, Disgwylfa House, Mrs D Owenâ Mr, Mrb, and Miss Middlehurat, Roby, Liver.. pool BRYNTIRION TERRACE 5â Miss N Derry, Edgbaston; Misses Jennie.Fannie, Betty, and Daisy Wright and maid, Mr Harry, Wright, Handsworth Wood, Start THE ESPLANADE Bronygraig, Miss Heartyâ Captain and Mrs Nixon Miss Nixon and nurse, Winchea.er Mr Witham, Southport Miss Pugh, do Mr and Mrs Morplew, baby and nurse WELLINGTON TERRACE 1, Mrs Daviesâ Mr and Mrs Parkiu and family, Sunningdale, Berks 2, Mrs Williams Rev R D French aud family, Market Weighton, Yorkshire Glasfor View, Mrs Capt in Ellisâ Mrs, and Mis-es Cressy, Ashton-on-Mersey; Mrs R Green, Br.rtou-on-Trent 4, Minafon, Miss Williams- Misses Havell and Alsop, Sydenham MONA TERRACE Mona House, Mrs W 1 i nb- Mr and Mrs W H Billey and family, Erdington Mrs S Bailey, L"io ^ter Penrhoa, Mrs Capt Evans- Mrand Mrs B>utz, M ss and Master Bentz, Miss Ho-rsley, Range, Manchester Llys Moelwyn, Mrs r.v.nsâ Mr and Mrs Jam. an i family, Mrs 0 and Miss H James, Haul), rth, Birmingham Gest View, Mrs W J .^es â Misses E Owen ami \Y Williams, Messrs T and R G Williams. Blaenau Festiniog: Mr Ll Roberts, Garn. t »u)benmaen Pleasant View, Mrs Gi ffithsâ Mrs and Misses Spt-ucrr, Ashwell, Herts Penrnyn House. E ,ui Jodgsâ Mrs A Roberts, M. T E Roberts, Blaenau Fes- tiniog GLASFOR TERRACE Brook Side, Mrs J .me? Evans- Mrs and Mibses (4; >\ hite, Woking, Surrey; Rev C White CORPORATION STREET 3, Mra Griffits- Miss Howe and p; rry. Kettering, Northampton- shire 5, Mrs Edwards- Mrs, Miss, aud la ter F Windsor, Higher Broughton, M he.ter RAIIWAY TERRACE 7, Mrs E Evans â Mr and Mrs Edw, and daughter, Mr Edwards, Tanygrisiau ELLE VIEW 2, Miss Griffiths- Miss Oldham. M-RSI's Cooks (3), Emlev Castle, nr Pershore Arfor Villa. Mrs Captain Jones- Mrs and Mr Bet rv Misses Dodgshow, Burnley, Lancashire: :-d I. ?', Mrs Hairison, Moseley, Birmingham; I' Mrs Grundy, Misses L and E Gundy. Asi,ton under-Lyne Mr and Mrs Jamiesoi: 1 t iv sons, London Snowdon View, M Rev T Goods at > 11!Y, Dublin RevDr Goods, do Dr Dout !⢠if, Adelaide Hospital; Mrs Rogers and f Miss Wood, Liverpool (Co, I on Page 8.)