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BARMOUTH SOUTH PARADE Osborne House, Mrs Brazier- Mr and Mrs Seaward, Mr Blackman, Southamp. ton Mr and Mrs Bronson, family and maidv Sheffield Mr, Mrs, and Misses (4) Wilks, Worcester Mr and Mrs Robbins, Sutton Cold- field, Birmingham Belmont House, Mrs Thomas- Mr and Misses Topliss Mr Bousfield, Q C, M P, Mrs Bousfield, family and nurse, Lon- don Misses Greenberg (2), Birmingham Comber House, Mrs Roberts- Miss Melling, Southport; Miss Wright, luce, Wigan Miss M A Wright, Cheadle, Cheshire; H B Woodcock, Miss and Miss A Woodcock, Bradford, Yorks Mrs Hogben, Miss Bennett, Holloway, London Mr and Mrs Boden, Clapham, do Beach House, Mrs John Jones- Mr and Mrs F M MacDermott and family, Mrs Lovelock; Misses Mullens and Johnston and friends, London Mr and Mrs Sidney R King and son, Market Drayton, Shropshire Gwendolen, Miss Owen- Mr W Stem art, I family and maid, Stoke-on- Trent; Mr H Wimant, Hanley; Mr T Stewart, Liverpool A Bower, Knowle, Warwickshire Mr Hope and maid Bank House, Mrs D Edwards- Mr W Olpherts, Mrs James, Brighton Mrs Robert Pinney, children and maids, Dursley Mrs Fotheringham and maid, Mrs Duncan, family and maid, Watford Miss Brown, chil- dren and maid, Shifnal Mr J H M Greenly, Miss Edwards, Tetley Court MARINE TERRACE 2, Mrs Evan Jonesâ Mr, Mrs, and Miss Colclough and family, Stoke- on-Trent; Mr and Mrs Keable and family, London Mr and Mrs Pracy and family, do Miss Sams, Miss Littlebay,Weston-super-Mare 3,Clive-place, Miss Morrisâ Mr and Mrs Lane Allman, Mr J A L Allman, Miss Splaine, Woodlands, Bandon; Mr and Mrs Macdaniel, Master R MacDariel, do Mr and Mrs Garland, family and maid, London Mrs Perry, Edgmond Hall, Salop; Miss Perry, Mr H M Perry; Mr Dalton, London 4, Mrs E M Jones- Dr and Mrs Webster, family and nurse, Merthyr Tydfil Mr and Mrs: Clayton, family and maid, Boston Spa Mr and Mrs Bradley, family and maid, Acton 5, Mrs John Parry- Mr "!1d Mrs Matthews and family, London; Mrs MacKenzie, family and nurses. Miss Syncox, Edgbaston, Birmingham; Mr, Mrs, and MissNora Norgrave, Clifton, Bristol 6, Mrs Robert. Griffit'n- Mrs J G Johnston and family, Wavertree, Liver- pool Mrs and Misses Cameron, Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Maste(Lorker, London Miss and Miss H M Davies, Knighton Mr and Mrs. Smith, child and maid, Altrincham 7, Mrs E Jones- Mr and Mrs Blakeway and family, Birmingham Mus Nellie Taylor, Stourbridge; Mr and Misses Wright; Mr, Mrs A E, and Master E Jenks; Mrs Brown;5 Miss Lennard, Miss G and Mr L Lennard, Masters Lennard (2) and maid, Blackheath 8, Mrs W Owen- Miss and Miss S Hill, Newcastle, Staffs; Mr Thomas Ryland Barton, Yardley, Warwick- shire Mr and Mrs Clayton, family and maid, Boston Spa Mr and MissHolliDg, Leeds 9, Lynton House, Mrs Capt Williams- Mr, Mrs, Misses Jones (3), Master Bernard Jones, Birmingham Mrs and Misses Brownell (4), M:ss Woodgate, Masters Brownell (2), Birkenhead 10, Mrs Williams- Mrs Nanney Williams and family, Dolgelley Mr and Mrs R Price and family, Bromsgrove; Mr and Mrs Newton, London; Mr and Mra Eaton and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Newban, London 11, Mrs Davies and Miss Griffith- Mr and Mrs Floyd and family, Sutton Cold- field; Miss Moyd, Acocks Green Miss Syl- vester, Norwood Mr and Mrs Rawlins and family, Sutton Coldfield; Dr, Mrs, and Miss Ornsbury, Miss Fossett, Dublin 12. Miss Jonesâ Mrs Wilson and family, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Robinson family and servants (2), Lewisham .\Ii< ses Cord. l' (3), Sunderland; Mrs and Miss r,o"-nd^c Miss Cox aod Miss Bickerstaff. Liverpo, I Vronderw, Mrs Griffith- Mr V Stanley, Guildford Mr and Mrs Slade, Mr J Slade, Mr and Mrs Sydney Jones, Misses (2) Cooper, Miss Brown, Miss White, Miss Turnwick, London; Misses Jenks, Scar- borough Miss Oakton Mrs Mould Llvs Meirion, Mrs Adamsâ Mr E Richards, Cardiff; Mr and Mrs Arthur Miller, Mr Walker and sons, London York House, Mrs Cotton- Mr, Mrs, Misses (4), and Mr Horsey, Amhurst Park;;Mrs Asher, New Southgate; Mr,|Mrs, and Misses (2) Hawkins, Reading Mr and Mrs Lorimer, family and maid, Burton-on-Trent j Mrs Grew and family, do Tremydon, Mrs R Roberts- Mr and Mrs Sadler and family, Sutton, Cold- field; Mr and Mrs Moseer, family and maid, Surrey: Mr and Master R Parsons, West Bromwich Mrs and Misses Parsons and Miss Round, Master E Crump, Smethwick Mr Crump and Miss Mahon, Tottenham Mr Darnley and Miss Parsons, Stockport Windsor House, Mrs Griflith- Mr and Mrs Morgans and family, Chiswick Mr and Mrs F Sanders and family, St Margarets, London Mr A Mason, London Mr A V Juson, do Mr Thornton-Gardner, Kew Gardens, London Mr and Mrs Knight and family, Reading Mr and Mrs Stringer and family, London Ocean View, Mrs Evansâ Mr, Mrs, and Misses Smethurst, Warrington Rev Mac Parrett, Mr E Mac Darby, Messrs A Johnson, F and J Loach, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Lily Howie, West Bromwich Miss Hammond, Misses Matthews, Handsworth Messrs Carter and Joll, Bristol; Mrs and Miss Edwardson, West Bromwich Auckland House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Richards, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Barrow and family, Birmingham Cardigan View- Mrs Sarsons and family, Moseley, Birmingham Mr Berrisford Crystal House, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs Fullet, Mr and Mrs Frank Fallet, Misses Fallet, Dulwich, London Mrs T and Miss G Brummitt, Master R Brummitt. Derby; Mrs A Statham and family Miss"Walker, Derby 20, Oak House, Mrs Jackson- Miss Keys, Gunnersbury High School Mrs and Miss Rentzsch, Chiswick Mr and Mrs Grant, London MrGurgeen and party, Kew j Mr, Mrs, and Miss Nash, Finslmry Park, Lon- don Mrs and Miss Collins, Mrs Cunning, Bournemouth Misses Clarke, Abingdon Miss Garner and niece, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Hetherington, Muswell Hill Ty Fry, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Myers, nurses and children, Edg- baston, Birmingham Belgrave House, Mrs Williamsâ Mrs Milner, Cheltenham Mrs G W Robinson and family, Portugal Mr and Mrs Fleming and family, Argentina Mrs Alvaro Robinson, Miss and Miss Gertrude Brooke, Mr Brooke, Cheltenham MARINE MANSIONS. Westminster, Mrs Lettâ Mr and Mrs J Howard Ketley, family and maid, Westfield, Yardley, Birmingham Mr James Parker, family and'governess, Mr and Mis A H Last and family and maid, Birmingham 2, Mrs Winchester- Mr and Mrs Trentham, family and nurse, Bir- mingham Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss Trotter, Miss Warden, West Malvern Mrs H T Flint and family, Erdington Miss Hodges, do; Missess M and H Burrows, Lon- don Mr and Mrs Clayton, family and maids, Chester MORFIN TERRACE 3, Mrs Tank- Mr Parsons, York Mr and Miss Craston, Stock- port; Mr and Mrs Cheisman, family and maid, London Post Office, Mrs D Davies- Mr and Mrs J \Y Hartley, Heywood Misses Heap, Litttleborough; Mrs and Miss Hiscurks, Hyde Park, London Miss Campbell, London; Misses Elliot, Mackay, and Neale, do Mr V Graff, Birmingham Miss Broughtcn, Cheshire Mr A "Savage, Oxford Misses Aand B Hicks, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Trotman, London Mr and IMrs Price,: Misses Price, Wolverhampton GLANYWERYDD TERRACE 1, Mrs J Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Bailey, Nottingham Mrs and Miss Wild, Manchester Mr Brooke, Doncaster Misses Langford and L Brettell, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master J Howells, Caerphilly Mr R H Dawson, Bas- ford, Stoke-on-Trent 3, Mrs W H Daviesâ Mr E Hamer and family, Llanidloes Mr Williams, N and S W Bank; Mrs and Miss Pickin, Mrs and Miss Greensmith, Walsall Mrs and Miss Tomlinson, Gresford Miss Hughes, Llanidloes 4, Mrs Jonesâ Miss Sparrow, Birmingham Miss Carl* i s, Edg- baston, Birmingham Mr Scarman, Australia; Mr and Mrs G Scarman. Anerley Mr E Vuilleumier, do Miss. E Smythe, Gipsy Hill SILOAM BUILDINGS. 1, Mrs Jamesâ Mr and Mrs Lewis, Lampeter 2, Mrs Evans- Mrs H Plant, London SEA VIEW TERRACE 3, Miss Phillipsâ Mrs Wildayand family, Graveley Hill, Birming- ham Mr and Mrs Lawton, London Mr and Mrs Spearing, Liverpool 4, Sea View, Mrs Manfieldâ Mrs Irens, Master M and Master K Irens, Stour- bridge; Mr and Mrs Hodgson and child, Bir- mingham; Mr and Miss Horisoo, Bromsgrove DOCTORS BUILDINGS 2, Mrs J Daviesâ Misses Shemeld, Banbury KOHINOOR BUILDINGS 1, Mrs Capt Edwardsâ Mr and Mrs Kember, Chester 2, Mrs Dudley- Misses Holder and Gee, Worcester Mr Lane, Miss Holbourne, Smethwick, Birmingham CAMBRIAN STREET Tanygraig, Mrs Owensâ Mr and Mrs Edwards and family, Llanfyllin Misses Tooms, Birmingham; Mr Godfrey, Lon- don WATER STREET 6, Mrs D Richards- Misses Owen, Wolverhampton GLANYLLYN TERRACE GHnyllyn Temperance Hotel, Mrs D Williamsâ Mr "and Miss Hamilton, Southport; Mr and Mrs Worsey and daughter, Tipton; Messrs E and T Hibbard, Islington, London 1, MrR Richardsâ Mrs and Miss Chester, London 2, Mrs E Daviesâ Mr and Mrs Rudditch, London; Misses Horwood, Buckinghamshire; Mrs R Davies; Denbigh GLANYWERYDD HOUSE 1, Mrs J T Daviesâ Mr and Mrs J Lloyd, Pontypridd; Mr and Mrs D Lloyd and family, Caerphilly; Mr and Mrs Jones BELLE VUE MANSIONS. J, Miss Royeâ Colonel and Mrs Raikes, London; Mrs and Miss McRennell, London Mr and Miss L Wyatt, do Mr and Mrs Topham, Notting- ham Mrs and Miss Orr, London; Mr W Jones and party, Stowbridge: Rev W R and Mrs Dawson, Lincolnshire Miss Bye, Miss Collins and friend, Miss Steeples, Mr and Miss Potter, Mr Glitz, Messrs B Jones and Goodall, London; Miss Doody and friends, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs J E Allen, Tunbridge Wells; Mr Davies, London 2, Mrs J Jones Griffith- The Rev, Mrs, and Misses Bruce, Huddersfield Mr and Mrs Cross, family and maid, Pinner, Middlesex; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Kyte, Miss Talbot, Cardiff; Mr and Mrs J Hales, Leicester, Mr E Evans, South Wales; Mr Morgan, Lon- don Orielton Hallâ Mr and Mrs Jardine, two children and nurses; Mr Don Jardine; Mrs Marshall Mrs Turner; Mr and Miss Anderson and friend; Mr and Mrs Robson; Mips Hay Mrs Ireland and three children; Mr and Mrs Hess; Misses (2) Cotton Misses (2) Lloyd FRONFELEN TERRACE. 1, Mrs W H Williamsâ Mr and Miss Tavlor, Misses Elliott, Miss Chan- cellor, Birmingham Mr and Mrs J Leah, Mr C E and M'ss LeahT Davenport, Stockport 2, Mrs W Robertsâ Dr Paton, Mr B Paton, Dr BL and Miss Paton, London; Mr and Mrs Blackwood, Kilmarnock; Mr and Mrs Hughes and two children, Liver- pool; Mr and Mrs Carrow, do 3â Mr and Mrs Hamilton Atherley and family, London 4, Mrs Capt Griffith- Rev Wilson de Vine and family, Tupton Vicarage; Mr and Mrs Harris and family, Birmingham 5, Mrs R Griffith- Mr Machin and Miss Cooke and friends. Bir- mingham; Mr Wright and family. Wolver- hampton; Mrs and Miss Townsend, Chelten- ham FRONFELEN CASTLE 3, Miss Thomasâ Mr Plant, Mr Wilkins, Stafford; Miss Fletcher and party (5), London Mr and Mrs Perkins, Birmingham AELFOR TERRACE. 2, Mrs Captain Evansâ Mr and Mrs W H Moseley and family, West Bromwich Mrs Youngs and daughter. High Wycombe; Mr and Miss Davies, Bushell, Alvechurch 3, Mrs Daviesâ Mr and Mrs Pickering, Mr and Miss Pickering, Mr and Mrs Sefton, Blackburn Messrs A E Bennett, H Hilton, Mr Ruston, Miss Shifton, Wolverhampton 5, Mrs Williams- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Bird, Master and Miss J Bird, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Handsom, Mr and Mrs Nickerson, family and nurse, Manchester 6, Mrs Edwardsâ Mr and Mrs Jones and family, London 7, Mrs Petersâ Mr and Mrs Rubery, Bedford GLASFOR TERRACE 1, Miss Robertsâ Mr and Mrs Bolton, senior, and family, Mr and Mrs Bolton and family, Oxford; Miss Gilmore, Mies Ward, Chester; Misses Bates (2), North- ampton 2, Mrs J H Daviesâ Dr Paulson, family and maid, Loughborough 3, Mrs Daviesâ Mr and Mrs Hopley, family and maid, Birming- ham Mr Gulline and friend, Brighton Messrs Gardner and Barter, Oxford 5, Miss Daviesâ Misses Hand, Misses Harding, Wordsley, Stour- bridge Misses Band M E Chambers, Man- chester Mr and Mrs E Coleman, Heaton Chapel, Stockport; Mr and Mrs R Higham, Rusholme, Manchester; Mr F Sankey, Urmston, nr" Manchester; Mr and Mrs Robinson, Ashton- under-Lyne Miss E Young, Tyldesley, Man- chester Miss Schofield, Mr, Mrs, and Master Sagar, Atherton, do LLANABER ROAD 1, Moss Bank, Mrs Williams â Mr and Miss Mousell, Mr and Misses Politer (2), Mr J Strong, Birmingham; Messrs Eifion andCuthbert, Manchester; Mrand Mrs Sheldon and family, Hanley 2, Moss Bank, Mrs A Evansâ Mr T H Whitworth, Miss A Dunkerley, Hyde Melbourne House, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs Perry, Mr W and Miss Perry, Miss Bowyer. Wolverhampton; Mr and Mrs Aplin, Mr F, Miss, and Master T Aplin, and friend, Manchester Misses Young (2), Mrs Wreed- gway, Birmingham; Mr Humphreys, London; Mr and Mrs Williams; Mr and Mrs Wharton, West Bromwich Penzance Villa, Mrs G Edwards- Mr and Mr E Mander, Miss Ccstin, Miss Hobbs, Luton; Mr Bennett Misses Bennett (2), Miss Newbold, Manchester Mr, Mrs, and Mester White, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Stocks and family, Bacup Ivy House, Mrs Robertsâ Mr and Mrs Leutchford and family, London; Misses Wilson, Light, and Jacks, Nottingham Bron-Eifion, Miss Williamsâ Rev J and Mrs Welford, Messrs A W B and N B Welford, Woodley, Manchester; Mrs and Miss B Reynolds, Levenshulme Mr and Mrs Westcott, London Mr, Mrs, and Miss Gertie Crossley, Messrs Crossley (2), Manchester Buxton House, Mrs Robertsâ Misses F and C Williams, Miss Herbert, New- castle 1, Beulah Htll, Mrs Pughâ Mr and Mrs H Webster, Wexford, Ireland; Misses Webster, Dublin Mr John Webster, Canada Mr, Mrs, and Master L Whitaker^ Liverpool; Miss L Huddleston, Bury; Mr Andrews Birmingham 2, Beulah Hill, Mrs Robertsâ Mr, Mrs, and Miss Norman, Miss Cooper, Crewe Victoria Cottage, Mrs Jonesâ Mr, Mrs, and Misses (4) Fletcher, Marple, Man- chester Green Hill, Mrs Richardsâ Mr Percival Currey and party, Bayswater, Lon. don Mr and Mrs Foulkes, Mr A Marwood Wilson, Fairfield, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs F R Lilk, Miss Lilk, Moseley, Birmingham Bryn Teg, Mrs Jonesâ Mr and Mrs Isaacs, family and nurse, London Mr and Mrs Davies, Mr E Davies, Clapham, London; Mr and Mrs Chadwick, Derby Misses Winfield, Liverpool Brtfnywel, Mrs Ed WiIliams- Mr, Mrs, and Misses Horton, Messrs R and S Horton, Mr C and Master Horton,^Smethwick; Mr and Misses de Solla London Mrs and Miss James, Northampton Mr and Mrs Hat- combe, Bexley, Kent Fern Villa, Mrs Myattâ Mrs Trew Jegon, Miss Hcbbs, Staffordshire; Miss Barnet; Mrs Leather and family, Yorkshire Ripon House, Mrs Roberts- Misses Bristed, Misses Rawlings, London; Mr and Mrs Downes, Kings Lynn Mr Tamashita, London Misses Nicolovins. New York Misses Baker, Cook, Harmer, and Milnes, Mr Varian. Mr Mansford, Mrs Smith, London Gablesâ Mr and Mrs John S-arle and family, London HANLITH TERRACE 1 and 2, Mrs M Thomasâ Mrs Barker, family and nurse, Mr and Mrs Taylor, family and maid, the Misses Reid, Birmingham Misses Sackfield, Crewe Miss Stevenson, Mr Anderson, Miss Seeley. Mr Sackfield, London Mrs Bush and family, Coventry 3, Mrs Robertsâ Misses Butler, Dud'ey Misses, Mr F W, and Mr Humphreys, Wolverhampton Ir. Mrs, and Misses Marchington, Cheadle, Cheshire; Mr J Marchingt Droylsden Miss Burrow, Bury Mr Johnes, Montgomery 4, Miss Lloyrl- Mr V Graff, Mr H A Crofts, Miss Clark, Moseley, Birmingham Miss Heilhron, Edghaston Miss and Mr Broomhill, Moseley, Birmingham Messrs F and K Shaw, Wolverhampton 5, Miss Hoopsrâ Mr and Mrs Harry Ling. children and nurse, London Rev and Mrs Seaton and family, Yorkshire VICTORIA PLACE 2, Mr-i J E Risersâ Miss and Miss D Neufless, Birmingham Miss M Rhead. Liverpool Misses Wortley, Miss and Anscombs, L~>ndon Mr and Mrs Grepnalgh, Mrs and Miss Greenwood Bolton Mr and Mrs Kelsey, Miss Porter, Nottingham: Mr Handsworth HEXDRE VILLAS I, Mrs Jones â Mr and Mrs Danks, family and maid, Dudley Misses E Clegg. L Jackson, A Alderdey, B Greenwo-d, Nelson Messrs J Clegg, J Jack- son, J WTalker, H Parker, R Brotherton, (10: Mr and Mrs Jones, Mrs and Miss Horrocks, Bolton Mrs Kay, Mrs Jones 3, Mrs J Georgeâ Mr Thomas Adams, Mr C S, Mrs, Masters W and C and Miss F Milliard, baby and two maids, Mr and lrs A Oliver, Mrs S S and Miss Oliver, Cheltenham EPWORTH TERRACE. 1, Mrs E Williamsâ Misses Preston (2) Miss Stevenson, Loughborough; Mr Adams and friend, Miss Samson. Sheffield: Miss Moore, London Mr and Mrs Carter and family, Birmingham; Mr Allison, Man- chester Miss Hockward, Miss Horsfall, Sheffield; Mr and Miss Yeoman, Bristol 3, Mr R Owenâ Mr and Mrs Murphy, Wellington, Surrey Mr and Mrs Hughes and party, London 4, Mrs Griffith- Sergeant Major Williams and party, Worcester Mr and Mrs Harris, Messrs E and B Morral, Rev E Morral, London 5, Miss Griffith- Mrs and Miss Hall, Leicester Mr, Mrs, Misses (2), and Master Bubier, Worsley PARK ROAD Tal Aig. Mrs Griffiths- Mr, Mrs and Misses (2) Gazey, Miss Stroud, Miss Moore. Birmingham Vulcan Villa, Mrs Griffith- Mrs, Master and" Miss Tarry and maid, Wol- verton; Mrs Mundy, Northampton Nysfor, Mrs Morganâ Mr, Mrs, Master, and Misa Whitcombe, Staf- fordshire Mr and Misses (2) Anders, Lon- don Pantllan, Mrs Jonesâ Mr Hinchley,' Mr H Hinchley, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Allison and family, Stoke-on-Trent; Mr and Mrs Brown. Mr and Miss Brown, Birmingham Mr and Mrs and Miss George, Stoke-on-Trent; Mrs Whitefield Cerniw Lodge, Mrs Daviesâ Mrs Colton, Sparkbrook, Birmingham Mr Tyrel Misses (3) Jenkins, Miss Clarke, Mr Jones, Mr Davies, Ruabon BRYNDERWEN ROAD I Maindee House, Mrs Rocke- Miss F Lwis, Bullth Road; Messrs Hughes una Profit, Pwllheli Mr Bush, Newtown Clw yd House, Mrs Paghâ. Mr and Mrs Downe, Brighton Mr Thompson, Durham MARINE GARDENS Falcon House, Misses Perrin and Turnerâ Rev 0 B Williams Mr H Lowerson. London; Mrs and Master Lowerson. Leyton, Essex; Miss Gill, Colne Master Campbell Leonard, Lancashire 2, Mrs Williamsâ Misses (3) Hardcastle, Wolverhampton Mr W Morgan and son, Wellington, Salop 3, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs, Misses and Master Gower Gibbon, Leaming- ton Mr and Miss Hay, Bradford 7, Mrs Grogeryâ Mr and Mrs Browett, Mr Eric Browett, Mr StephensoD, Mr Atwood, Kidderminscer Miss Tye, Birmingham Garn House, Mrs Morgans Mr, Mrs, and Master Gerald Cousins and nurse, Purnacott, nr Holsworthy, Devon Miss Banks, London Roseneath, Mrs Williamsâ Mr Hugh Ronald Cooper, Blackburn Mr Geo Cooper, Bolton Mr and Mrs Davies and two daughters, London MARINE ROAD Colwyn House, Mrs Hyamâ Mrs C B Morgan and family; Mr and Mrs Cross and family. Handsworth Artro House, Mrs Williamsâ Miss and Master Lewis, Leamington Miss Groves, Birmingham; Misses Calverley (3), Misses Chadwick and Bullock, Accrington Dudley House, Mrs Morganâ Mr and Mrs C A Francis and family, Mr Brown, Birmingham 6, Bryn View, Mrs Daviesâ Mrs and Misses Muller, Clifton; Mr and Mrs Pollitt, Swinton Mr and Mrs Brettel; Mrs Evans, Llandderfel; Mr and Mrs Brown, Man- chester; Mr Grant, Liverpool; Mr Dearie, Lon- don Leamington House, Mrs Williamsâ Mr and Mrs Ball and daughter, Welshpool; Mr and Mrs Muirhead, Mr and Mrs J Muirhead, Misses E and Emily Muirhead, Brooklands; Mr and Mrs Wright, family and nurse, Notting- ham Snowdon House, Mrs Williamsâ Mr and Mrs Frost and daughter, London; Mr, Mrs, and Mr Hodges and friend, Rugby 1, Hugo-villas, Mrs Jonesâ Mr and Mrs Bennett and party, York; Mr, Mrs, and Misses Trew, Watford 2, Hugo-villas, Mrs R Griffith- Mr and Misses (2) Morton, Miss Watson, Mr A Duckith, Miss Howell, Mr Jones, Liverpool Mr King, do Mr, Mrs C H, and Misses Thompson, Withington, Manchester; Mr and Mrs C Morgan and family, Gloucester Miss Hobson, Wellington, Shropshire Gwynfryn House, Mrs Daviesâ Miss Roberts, Miss Blake, Mrs Boyle, Bangor Miss Dockery, London; Miss Boyle, Miss Stevenson, do; Mrs Warren and family; Misses Holmes, Aston, Birmingham; Mr and MIlS Clarke Jones, Mrs Jone3, Ruthin; Mr Woo £ and family, Birmingham Brouwen House, Mrs Edwardsâ Mrs Dobson and family, Leeds; Rev W T A Barber and family Mr aud Mrs Mitton and family; Miss T Williams Bay View, Mrs Mallettâ Mr and Mrs Nathan and family, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Greenwood, Miss Clegg, York- shire; Mr and Mrs Robinson, Manchester Glandovey House, Mr Edwardsâ Mr and Mrs Mee and daughter; Miss Chappell, Leamington; Miss Stratton, London; Mrs Playne and family, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Smith, Misses Smith, Birmingham; Mr C H Reynolds, Aston Aston House, Misses Jonesâ Rev and Mrs Spafford, family and nurse, Birken- head; Mrs, Miss, and Misses B, E, and H While, Moseley: Messrs J Pryce and Deakin, Birmingham; Mrs, Misses (2), and Mr Ratcliffe, Liverpool CUMBERLAND PLACE Miss Pughâ Mr, Mrs, Miss, and Master Abbott, Miss Flora Abbott, Manchester Mrs and Miss A Rochdale, Sheffield; Mrs and Miss Southall, Leominster Cumberland Cottage Mrs Griffith- Mr and Mrs Fisher, Mr Carleys, Birmingham Mr Hill, London 2, Cumberland House, Mrs Aetleyâ Mr, Mrs, and Master Caulkin, Birmingham Mr John Roberts, Oswestry; Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Hereford; Miss Pugh, Bristol Tanyrallt, Mrs Owenâ Miss and Miss E Whitehead, Miss Herbert, Nor- wood; Mr and Mrs S Brown, Wolverhampton WATERLOO PLACE 1, Mrs Capt R Owenâ Mr and Mrs Sowerby and family, London 2â Mrand Mrs Carter, Mrand Mrs Mils, Northwich Mr, Mrs, and Misses Yates, Stafford; Miss M Whiteworth HARBOUR VIEW I, Miss Roberts Mr and Mrs Jas Bowden, Miss Bowden. Man- chester Messrs Stanley, Miss Stanley, Brixton, London 2, Mra Jonesâ Mr, Mrs, and Mr Seller, Hull; Miss H Scott Bolton; Mr and Mrs A H Chadwick, Kersley' near Manchester Bryn Goleu, Mrs Capt Price â Rev E J Miller, R A, Anerley, London; Mr C Ward, Clapham Junction, S W; Master C Smith, do; Master W Lloyd, Master Charles London Mr J E, Miss M K, and Masters E and B Myers, Manchester PORKINGTON TERRACE 1, Mr John Jonesâ Rev jand Mrs Filden Smith, Miss and Master Smith, Miss Ealand, Hornsey, London Mrs, Misses, and Master Jack Hornsby, Birming- ham 2, Mrs Hugh Evansâ Mr. Mrs, and Miss Galhp, Derby; Mr E G Gallop, Cambridge: Mr and i. Mrs Charles- worth and family, Leicester Mr and Mrs Linder, Mr, Mrs. and Miss L and Miss C B Linder, Burhurst Hill Essex Mr and Mrs Home and family, Wellington, Moreton-in- Marsh 3, Mrs Jan° Jonesâ Mr J H Brown and family, Misses Cocks, West Kirby, Liverpool; Miss Catchpool and maid, Reading Dr Sipthon and family, Atherton, Manchester Mr and Mrs Paterson and family, London 4, Mrs Williamsâ Mrs and Messrs Lewis, Walsall Mr and Mrs Steers, family and maid, Cotham, Bristol Mrs, and Master Hancock, London Mr and Mrs Strudwick and family, Bromley, Kent 5, Mrs Rothwellâ Mr H V and Mrs Pears, family and maid, Surrey Mr and Mrs Briggs, Torquay Rev and Llrs Eldoas, Dartmouth Mr Paul, Corn- wall 6, Mrs Richards- Mr W L Robinson and family, Coventry: Mr, Mrs and Miss Cooper, Cheltenham Mrs and Mr Forman, Edinburgh Mr and Mrs Lock, Miss Lock, Mr Robins, London 7, Mrs Captain Lewisâ Miss Bird, Miss Marshal!, London Mr and Mrs Gane, do Mr and Misses Waller Messrs E F Crust, J Jarvis, E Freemau, aud Thompson, Kensington; Mrs and Master Brown, Coventry: Mr J Morris, Liverpool S, Miss Griffithâ Mr E Densham and family, Puriey, Surrey Mrs Thompson, son and daughter, Brighton Miss D Tryon, Stamfnrd Mr and Mrs Haslerigg and family, Leicester 10, Mrs Griffith- Mrs Kennard and three children, governess and maid, Philadelphia: Mrand Mrs Martin 11, Mrs EvanR- Miss Dawson and party. Clifton, Bristol Miss Osborne and maid, Kensington, London Miss Marshal), London 12, Mrs Evars â Mr and Mrs Gray, Walsall Mrs Leggatt and family, London IS, Mrs Daviesâ Misses Price and Bennett, Derby Misses Young and C Young, Burnastow, Deroy; Miss Frisby and maid, London; Mr and Mrs Berger, Liver- pool BORTHWEN TERRACE Borthwen Hcuse, Mrs Capt Evansâ Mr and Mrs G S Parkinson and family. Miss Wall, Miss Kenish, Bradford, Yorks; Mr and Mrs Bye, London; Mr and Mrs Riding, Bolton; Mr W MacKillop and family, Birkenhead Mr A Mackillop, Llandudno Misses Mackillop, Edingburgh 2, Mrs Richards- Mr and the Misses Wright, Olton, Birmingham Mr Steynor, do; Mr and Mrs Birkbeck and family, Stoke-on-Trent 3, Mrs David Jonesâ Mr, Mrs, and Master Elliot, London Mr and Mrs Drake, Mr Drake,* London Mr and Mrs Hall, Stockport Brynhyfryd, Miss Dedwithâ The Yen Archdeacon Hughes Games and family, Hull Rev F F Williams, Chelmsford Mr, Mrs, and Miss Parr, London Misses Moore, Wolverhampton ABERAMFFR4.. Mr and Miss Willis, Miss Cook, Hampstead Mr and Mrs T Vicars, Mr D L Vicars, Liverpool Idria View, Miss Williamsâ Mrs and Misses Ellis, London The Haven, Mr Cust- Mr and Mrs Wrigley and family, London Orielton Hallâ Mr and Mrs Wannop, Misses Wannop (2), nurse and 2 children, Hoylake Miss Leeg, Mr, Mrs, and Misses Barber (5), Mr and Mrs Clark, nurse and child, Misses Newcome and Crosbie, Misses Baker (3), Mr and Mrs Porter, Mr and Mrs Lamont, Mrs and Gibson, Mr and Mrs Hess, Miss Collett, Mr and ls Anderson, Misses Lloyd (2), Mrs Marshall, Mrs Turner, London; Misses (2), Cotton, Llan- dudno Mrs Jardine, Mr J Jardine, nurse and two children, Nottingham (Miss Hay, St Andrew's Mrs Ireland and three children, St Helen's; Mr and Mrs Soames, Messrs Soames (4), Miss Soames, Blackheath; Rev W and Mrs Whately, Bath Mr and Mrs Martin, USA; Mr Callander, Edinburgh Mr Woolliscroft, MrCiarksou, Liverpool; Mr and Mrs Bullen, nurse and two children, Cape Town GLANABER TERRACE. 1, Mrs Griffith jonesâ Misses Newman, Frank, Morgan, and Mathews, London; 3, Miss Jonesâ Mr Thomas, Pwllheli 4, Mrs Jones- Rev G, Mrs, and Miss Avery, Dorking, Surrey Glanaber House. Mrs Williamsâ Mrs, Misses (2), Rev W P, and Rev S Legg, London; Miss Evans, do; Mrand Mrs Jarvis, do; Mrs Southwell, Manchester; Mr Howlett, Birmingham GLANABER VILLAS. 1, Mrs Knockâ Mr A Edwards, Orleton; Miss Lever, Rugby; Mr Thomson and family, London 2, Mrs Robertsâ Mr S Mitchell and family, Solihull, Birmingham 3, Mrs Garnettâ Mr and Mrs Froes, Mr J Froes, Wimbledon Miss Plowden, Cardiff: Miss Pigot, Morthoe, North Devon Mrs and Misses Thunders, Ireland GRAIG FACH 1, Mrs Lewis Jonesâ Miss Bott, Stoke-On-Trent; Misses Wagstaff, Ben- bow, and Bagguley, Fenton 2, Mrs Richardsâ Mr and Mrs J W Linney, Clayton Bridge, Man- chester ST ANNE'S SQUARE 2, Mrs Evansâ Miss and Misses N and M Mitchell, Miss and Misses Bessie and L Blakemore, Mr Frank Micthell, Atherton, Lmcarbire; Mr Jones, Llanberis; Mr James, Calcutta 6, Mrs D E D3.vies- Mrs, Miss, and Master Taylor, Hanley; Misses Gosford, Fresfield Messrs Huxley and Ward, Wolverton Misses Few and Winterburn, do HIGH STREET Tal-y Don Hotel, Mrs Owenâ Mr and Mrs Trebilcock, Penzance, CoTnwall Mr and Mrs Duncanson, London Mr aud Mrs Acre Jones, do; Mr Williams, Newcastle-on- Tyne; Mr Gibbs, Birmingham; Miss Robinson, Mr Owen, Clifton, Bristol; Mr and Miss Williams, Bournemouth: Misses Judson (2), Mrs Akres, Shipston-on-Stour lr, Mrs, and Miss Rickcord, London Glan-y-don, Mrs Owenâ Mr Broomhead and friend, Mr Broombead, Manchester Glanymor, Mrs J Evansâ Mr H S, Miss, and Master,Richards, Handsworth; Mr and Mrs Baker, family and nurse, Weston- super-Mare lanyfron. Mrs Pritchardâ Mr and Mrs Moore, Withington, near Man- chester; Mr R C Holme, Worsley, Manchester: Mr and Mrs Bads, Birmingham Glanglasfor. Mr W J Morrisâ Capt H W A and Mrs Christie; Mr C 0 Roberts 2, Glanmorgan, Mrs Owen Williamsâ Mr and Mrs Tite, Northampton Mr and Miss Carmen and babies, Miss Mason, Birming- ham London House, lrs-J ones Mr and Mrs G C Walker, Miss E Jones, Wol- verhampton Mr G Hale, Aston Village, Misses Dowell, Miss Archer, Aston Park, Messrs Porter, Dowell, Cashmore, Birming- ham Misses Jones, Bala Mawddach House, Mrs Wynne Jonesâ Mr Mansfield, Mr and Mrs Bailey, Stoke-on- Trent Mr and Mrs Lee, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Smith, Manchester 1, Wesley-place, Mrs Williamsâ Misses A and H Walker Smethwick, Birming- ham Miss Hancox, Tipton 2, Wesley-place, Mrs Evansâ Miss Williams, Carnarvon; Miss Jones, Llano llyfni Mr, Mrs, and Master J H Roberts, BaJa Marine House, Mrs Williamsâ Mr and Miss Pownall, London Misses (2) Wait, do Misses Mabel and Florence Wade, Bir- mingham Glasfryn House, Mrs Edward Price- Mr and Mrs Schole, Manchester Mr and Mrs and Miss Petre, London Mr aud Mrs and Miss Denholme, Rock Ferry Aber House, Mrs Kirkâ Mr, Mrs, and Misses (3) Roberts, Port Talbot Glanmeon House, Mrs Edwardsâ Mrs Turner, and family, London Mrs Sparrow, Master Hindley, Wrexham Mr and Mrs Quinland, London j Vron House, Mrs Jonesâ Grosvenor, Mr Bridgewater, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent Messrs Hancock (2) Springfield House, Mrs H Jonesâ Miss Williams. Merthyr Mr Thomas, do Mrs C E and Misses K. D, and N Rees, Pontypndd 1, Brynymor, Mrs Edwardsâ Mr, Mrs, and Misses (3) Routledge, Mr Routledge (jun), Master Routledge, Tredegar Mrs Smith and two children, Birmingham 2, Brynymor, Mrs Jones- Misses Brown, Misses and Master Cecil Pegg, Leicester Miss and Mr Harrison, Brighton Mr, Mrs, and Miss Milne, London Mr and Mrs Porkinghorn, do Mis3 and Master Porkinghorn, do Bwlch House, Mrs Capt E Richards- Mr, Mrs IV C, and Misses Johnston, London Mrs, Miss, and Miss EMe Yardley, Mr Frank and Master Erie, Yardley, Bescott, nr Walsall; Miss and Miss Ethtl Payne, Greenwich CHURCH STREET Crown Hotel, Mrs E WYfott- Ir, Mrs, and Master Fagg, Halesowen Manchester House, Mrs E\OJ.D Davies- Mrs D W and Miss Blodwen Davies, Montreal, Canada 4, Aelydon, Mrs Jonesâ Dr Lister, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Vincent, Enfield, London Mr and Mrs Jones, Grays Mrs and Misses Grace, Birmingham Mrs and Misses Norton, London Mr and Mrs Scot and family, London Cardigan Stores, Mrs Hugbes- Mr Bowen, and family, Snrewsbury Messrs Jackson, Smith, and Tyldesley, Manchester Church Gate, Miss Williams- Mr Kimberlee and family, Kidderminster Mrs Burrows and family, London Miss Burton, Birmingham Mrs Smith, do Miss McCurdy; Liverpool.; Mr Frost, Coventry Mrs Thomas, Birmingham 1, Craigydon, Mrs J Joues â Mr A W Dare, Miss Laing Edinburgh: Misses (2) Dace, Mrs Rogers, Colchester Mr and Mrs Garret, Leicester 2, Craigydon, Mrs Wm -Jones- Rev and Mrs J Williams, lr. Miss G. and Master M Williams, Pontypool, Mr and Mrs G Onions, Wolverhampton Mrs G Samuel, Miss E W, Mr G C, and Master A Samuel, Misses G and M Samuel. Birmingham Greenwich Hause, Mrs G E Owen- Mr and Mrs Lewis, Wolverhampton M eiriou House, Mrs Jones- Mrs M and Mr 0 Davies, Rev J L Richards, Mr and Mrs W C ells, London 6, Tai Isa. Mrs Jonesâ Mr and Mrs Simkin, nurse and baby, Notting- ham Ty'Newydd. Miss Edwards- Mr, Mrs, Misses L and D Round, Mast ers A & Stacy Round, Handsworth: Mrs Toppery, Hockley, Birmingham: Mr G Fla veil, Mr and Mrs Fiibury and baby, London Lewis's Temperance, Mrs Lewisâ Mr and Mrs Chamberlain acd faz-rilv, ham Mr Firth and friend, London Mr Morris, Birkenhead Quay Cottage. Mrs Morrisâ Mr and Mrs Hughes and son, Liverpool Anchor House, Mrs Gritiiths- Miss Cheshire, Mrs Halliday, London Mrs and Miss Wright, Birmingham Mr and Mr H Stamford, do Penlan House. Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Hume'and family, Ipswich; Miss E Battely, London; Mrs Richmond ani chil- dren. Handsworth, Birmingham: Mr and frs G H Cowlishaw and family, West Briigford, Nottingham QUAY Tudor House, Mrs Edwards- Mr Colburn and party, Leamington Mr and Mrs H Smith and family, Miss Grant, Bir- mingham Pembroke House, Mrs Williamsâ .Nlr L Howey, London: Mrs and Miss (rale, Neath Mr and Mrs and Miss Dogett, Wandsworth Mr and Mrs J F Perking and family, Worcester Minafon, Mrs Jonesâ Major, Mrs, and Miss Montgomery, Warwick Mrs and Miss Templer, Great Malvern Wynnstay House, Mrs Evaosâ Mr J. Mrs, and Miss Hall, Miss Ariiibriz,, Pr, Air J F Hall, Mr F T Baines Hewitt, Hull Mr W Beesley, Mr Alfred Beesley, Mr G Smith, Birmingham Rev W E and Mrs Peters, Guildford ABERMAW TERRACE Bodlyn House, Miss Pugh- Mr and Mrs aud Misses Tnather, Walsall Mr and Mrs Beach, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Elgood and family, Leicester 2 and 3, Mrs Williams- Messrs Pare and Bowden, Banbury; Mr Langley, Elesbury Mr ani Mrs Elgood and family, Miss Drew, Messrs Edwards, Mrs Winbush and family, Mr and Mrs Skinner, London Misses Bridin, Dublin 4, Pembroke House, Mrs Ffoulkes- Mrs and Messrs E R and D Bedford. Acton, London Mrs and Miss Newton, Grimsby 5, Mr John Morrisâ Mr and Mrs Hughes, Misses Cook and Gest, Miss Williams and friend, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Maun, Mrs Buck, Cardiff