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fFrom the Morning Post.)



Porte and its subject as may be compatible with the integrity of the Ottoman Empire and with the future peace of Europe, there would then remain no longer any point of difference between France and the Allies. Her Majesty's Government, in this note, express a fervent de- sire that France should again take her place in the union of the five powers, and a hope that the moral influence of France will be exerted to bring about so important an event; suggesting that although the French Govern- ment has declined to take part in coercive measures against Mehemet Ali, it cannot object to employing its means of persuasion to induce the Pacha to submit to the arrangements which would be laid before him it being ob- vious that many topics might be urged, and many prudential considerations pressed upon the Pacha with more effect by France as a neutral power, than by the four powers who are actually engaged in the measures of coer- cion. Lord Palmerston desires that a copy may be transmitted officially, to M. Thiers, of this note, which his Lordship concludes by an expression of confidence that "Europe will acknowledge the integrity of purpose which has actuated the four powers on this occasion; for their object is disinterested and just. They look to reap no selfish advantage from the engagements 11 9 which they have contracted; they seek to establish no exclusive influence, and to make no territorial acquisition and the ends they aim at must be as beneficial to France as to themselves, because France like themselves is interested in the maintenance of the balance of power and in the preservation of general peace." The Morning Herald of Saturday published a very important communication received that morning from Paris dated Oct. 2, half past eight, Friday morning, stating that the French Government had received the following most important telegraphic dispatch:- "Marseilles, October 1. Half-past one, Malta, Sept. 27.-The Prometheus, which left Beyrout the 20th, announces that after a bombard- ment of nine hours, which reduced the town to ashes, the Egyptians evacuated the town in the night and the allies took possession of it. The Oriental, which quitted Alexandria on the 24th, makes known that the firman deposing Mehe- met Ali, had been communicated on the 21st, to his Highness by the Consuls-Geneial of the four powers, who instantly struck their flags and retired on board their shipping. (Copy) "Director of the Telegraph Flocon." The Paris correspondent of the Herald adds- The above is the most important and alarming intelligence that could be received. As members of the French Government have said that if the treaty were executed a l'outrance, there must be war, I dare not say more to alarm the public mind, but I view it as much fatal news, and I have good reason to do so." This intelligence did not obtain universal cre- dit in the metropolis, owing to the statement in the Herald that Beyrout held out for 11 nine hours" it being deemed impossible that the place could hold out for any thing like that time. On Monday morning, however, the Morning Post in a second edition published the latest authentic news from Syria, from which we extract the following:- OPERATIONS BEFORE BEYROUT. (From a Supplement to the Malta Times.) Extract of a letter from the Princess Charlotte, off Beyrout, 19th Sept.:â We arrived here on the 11th, and made every preparation for an immediate attack upon the town and forts on the coast. The marines were all landed by the steamers, under the command of Captain Napier, of the Powerful, and then the work began in gallant style, the Princess Charlotte, Edinburgh, Ben- bow, Ganges, and Bellerophon, poured their destruc- tive broadsides into the devoted town of Beyrout, which in the short space of two hours presented a heap of smoking ruins. The marines, in the mean time, had not been idle, having, assisted by other ships, soon hoisted the British jack upon the forts on the coast. Our loss is trifling, considering the number of men engaged. The Total is six killed and sixteen wounded. Four have since died of their wounds. We have lost no officers. Lieut. Adair, R. M, of the Benbow, and Lieut. Giffard, of the Cyclops, wounded. The Prometheus steamer takes five wounded marines to Malta, and three officers, invalids. The noise of the guns was tremendous, and the fall- ing of the shells truly awful. Ibrahim Pacha is about a two hours' march from our advanced post waiting for reinforcements so are we, then off we go to St. Jean D'Acre. The Albanians are deserting fast from the Pacha's army the Druses are arming. We are now about 11,000 strong on shore. The number of Egyptians killed and wounded exceeds 1,000 men." Off the camp at Joana Princess Charlotte, Powerful, Thunderer, Ganges, Gorgon, Cyclops, Hy- dra, Wasp, Turkish Admiral and frigate, two Aus- trian frigates with Admiral. Off Beyroutâ.Edinburgh, Hastings, and an Aus- trian corvette. Off the Dog River.-Bellerophon and Revenge. Gone to Tripoli Benbow and Zebra. "Gone to Sidon.-Castor and Pique. At Betroun, arming mountaineers C'arysfort. Off Gibbel Dido. Blockading Acre Magicienne. Blockading Alexandria.-Asia, Implacable, Daphne, and an Austrian corvette. Sails for Constantinople to-day Phoenix. Irlim Pacha commands the Turkish troops, which now amount in all, including marines, artillery, engi- neers, and Austrians, to about 7,200 men. Ibrahim Pacha has been to consult with Soliman,.but report savs he has returned to the neighbourhood of Damascus. I think nothing of importance will take place for some little time. we have gained our object in open- ing a communication with the poor oppressed moun- taineers, and the enemy too weak to attempt our positions. Provisions are getting abundant, and our fleet now get fresh beef; the Dog River supplies the shipping with water, and the camp is supplied by wells on the beach."