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THE YSTRADYFODWG SCHOOL BOARD CONTEST. The result of the Ystradyfodwg School Board election on Saturday, was looked forward to with a considerable amount of interest by the residents of the various populous towns" in that huge parish. The contest had been a keen one, but, we venture to say, that there was an absence of the sectarian bitterness and rancour" which some of our contemporaries are so fond of painting as part and parcel of almost every election, be it Parliamentary, Munici- pal, or parochial, that takes place within the confines of the Principality. The struggle was not as to what denomination should have the supremacy, but what places should be represented, so that oh the whole, it was a case of prophets testing the amount of honour accorded them in their own country. There is no doubt candidates have been disappointedâsome favourably, and others the reverseâand their supporters have canvassed and worked for them in vain. But, it was a matter of impossibility to place fifteen candidates in eleven seats' and they must console themselves with the reflection that 'Tis better to have fought and lost Than never to have fought at all." The new School Board will comprise the following gentlemen who were, on Saturday, declared by the returning officer, Mr Spickett, to be duly elected, and the figures indicate the votes recorded in their favour:â Mr W. W. Hood, Llwynpia, 6214; Mr W. Jenkins, Ystradfechan, 4855; Mr Henry Lewis, Ynysfeio, 4]51; Mr David Evans, Bodringallt, 4063; Mr Moses R. Rowlands Penygraig, 3305; Rev. W. Morris, Treorky, 3l66;|Rev. J. R. Jones, Llwynpia, 2700; Mr D. D. Joseph, Tydraw, 2610; Rev. W. Lewis, vicar, 2279; Mr Edmund Thomas, Maindy Hall, 2232 Mr W. Taylor, Fernhill Colliery, 2014. On the whole, we think this may be taken to be a fair representative Board. Mr Hood, who stood at the top of the poll, is a conservative in politics, bat his actions are so liberal, and his manner is so genial that he has, during the years he has been in the district, rendered himself exceedingly popular. He has about him none of the hang-dog look which some people ascribe to conservatives, but, on the other hand, he is open and conaoiencioas n the performance of his duties on the Board, and the best man that could be found to "keep the balance of parties." Mr Jenkins is well-known in the district, is i shrewd business man, well able to watch the interests of the ratepayers, as also is Mr Lewis, of Ynysfeio. Mr David Evans, Bodringallt, is an old resident who takes ° great interest in the public affairs of the valley, and almost ivariably takes the lead. Mr Rowlands's connection with the works. renders him a very fit gentleman to look after the educational interests of the young colliers of the district. The Rev. W. Morris represents a very large section of the parish and his experience as a member and chair- man of committees will be valuable. Rev. J. R. Jones is a new man on the Board, but we think be will prove himself well worthy of the confidence placed in him by the rate- payers. It was but just that the vicar of the parish should represent the church people of Ystrad on the School Board. Mr Thomas, of Maindy Hall, has a large stake in the parish, and will be sure, in the future as in the past, to look after the pockets of those who bear the burden of the rates. Last, but not least, comes Mr Taylor, also a representative man in whom we have every confidence. The non-elected candidates are :-Mr E. H. Davies, Baglan House, 1979; Mr W. Morgan, Tynewydd, 1903; Rev. W. Jones, Ton, 1798 Mr John John, 1317. Mr Davies thus stands in a similar position to that which he occupied at the last election, only owing to Mabon's non- atterdance, he was then declared entitled to the seat. We will only just remark that it is possible to do too mucb in public matters, and, though Mr Davies is a useful man in many respects, he may be claiming too many honours at the hands of his fellow-ratepayers. Hence, the present result. it is to be regretted that so able a representative as the Rev. W. Jones, Ton, was ousted, for he did his duty remarkably well, and was pre- eminently fitted for his seat. The supporters of the four unsuccessful candidates may have been Qver-confident, and through want of energy lost the day.


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