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LOCAL ITEMS. MR W. SOOTT, the< platelayer who met with an accident on Thursday last. at Pontypridd Railway Junction, has had his arm amputated a little below the shoulder. He is progressing favourably at Car. diff Infirmary. ACCIDENT TO A HAWKER.âOn Saturday last a hawker known by the name of Chips," while on his way home to Pontypridd from "Ynysybwl, slipped and fell on some of his ware, causing a serious injury to his ribs. VESTRY.-At a Vestry Meeting held on Monday last in connectioa with the Glyntaff Burial Board, Messrs Moses Cule, William Griffiths and David Powell were re-elected members of the Burial Board and Mr H. S. Davies, and Rev. Josiah Roberta auditors, Mr James Richards presided. Trill: TOWN BALL. -At last we have seen pros- spectases lying arouud on the tables of our fel- low townsmen of a town-hall for Pontypridd. The names appended thereto, are a guarantee that the project, if possible, will be carried out. Beaidot supplying a much needed want, the building will be an ornament to the town; supplanting the present unsightly wheat market, and substituting therefor a handsome row of shops wifh a large and commo. dious hall above them. RBv. J. PUGH. -It is stated. on good authority, that the Rev. J. Puuh, of Trudegar, has received and accepted an Invitation to the pastorate of the church meeting at St. David's Hall. Should the rev. gentleman become our fellow-townsman, Ponty. pridd will receive a most efficient fellow-worker. Hie fame is in all the churches as a good preacher temperance advocate, and philanthropic worker.' May this pastor-elect soon settle among as, and help on the religious interests of the town by his well- known activity, energy, and enthusiasm. A ICRUEL ÃIBAPPOIlVTJUNT. A young couple from the hills visited Pontypridd last week for the purpose of celebrating the time-honoured rites of Hymen; but, alas, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip." The morning they hoped to see their golden hopes realised brought with it the cup of disappointment. Strange to say, both bride. groom and bride elect were taken ill at the same time, and had to postpone the consummation of that which they so devoutly wished for a more conve- nient and propitious season. COFFEE TAVERN (LunTED ).-The directors of the above institution met on Friday evening, Jan. 11 in one of the rooms of the tavern. No report was presented, but the iuterests and prospects mt the house were generally discussed. The directors are satisfied, so far, with their venture, and anticipate for it abundant success. The tavern is a very neat" clean, well oonducted establishment; supplying the very best of fare, and affording excellent accommo- dation. This cold season especially it may antici- pate considerable patronage. THERE ARE SEVERAL local bills in Parliament at present, and, among others, bills that will if passed affect the trade and commerce of the Taff and Rhondda Valleys. The Marquig of Bute's representatives have lodged an objection against the Rhondda. and Swansea Railway Bill. The Taff Vale Railway Company and others have lodged an objection against the Taff Vale, London and North Western, Great Western, and Midland Railways Junction Railways Bill. THE SNOW STORM.âFor the last week the weather has been bitterly cold. The Rhoidda. and Taff rivers were almost one vast sheet ofice, on Monday, and the Glamorgan Canal was c)m: pletely blocked up. On Tuesday morning siow began to fall, and towards the evening it cane on to one of the most severe snowstorms expr- ienced in these parts for many years. In Porcy- pridd on Tuesday night the snow was about th'ee feet deep, and where the wind had full play it ras even as high as the tops of the doors. Am<ng others who suffered from the fury of the stom was Mr Leyshon, the brewer. Several tiles wee blown off the roof of his office. The builditg however was not injured. LOST IN THE SNow.on Tuesday a lare funeral was going to Llanwonno, and as a cor- pany of young men were returning, one of ther number named Howells lost his hat through tb force of the wind, and in running after it he los his way on the mountain. His companions, seeinj him rather long, went in search of him, but Wert unsuccessful. They kept up the search througl the night, returning now and then to the Llan- wonno Inn to warm themselves. On Wednesday morning however, they saw Howollalirecti-qg hi, way home over the mountain. It appears that he had walked about the mountain for a long time, and at last came in sight of a stable, which he entered, and was very glad to find such comfor- table shelter from the storm. All the company reached home on Wednesday. TABERNACLE SUNDAY SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY.â On Sunday and Monday, January 16 and 17, the Anniversary Services in connection with the Sunday School were held, when the Rev. W. Morris, Treorky, preached in the morning on "The Cross, the subject of the christians glory." In the afternoon on the Sympathy of Christ the High Priest." And in the evening on the words of Job xxvi. 14. These are parts of his ways &o. On Monday evening the discourse was founded on Matt. xiii. 39, The field is the world," in treating the subject the Rev. gentleman explained The great idea in the minis. try of Christ to take possession of the world The claim of the Saviour to the world-the world is his field. The great preparation of the gospel-sufficient for the whole wolrd; the realization of the Saviours ideal in obtaining complete possession of fallen humanity. The field is the world blooming forth to tha glory of God in the harvest. The pulpit it still a power in our country, and is likely retain its hold of the hearts of men, notwithstanding the cavils of the unbeliever. Go to OLIVER'S. 80, Taff-street, Pontypridd, for your boots and shoes. Colliers' strovg boots at 6s. lid. Mens' light evening boots, 5s lid and 6s lid. Women's nailed boots, 4S, 4a. 6d. Boy's and tfirls nailed boots, la Ud, 2s 4d, 2s 8d, 3s and 3s.6d. L r TREHERBERT. A LECTURE. â THE COLLIER. AND HIS CON. NECTIONS." Last Monday evening, in spite of the bitter cold weathei, some hundreds gathered to- gether at Carmel, Treherbert, to hear Mr David Weeks, (Honddu,) delivering a lecture. The sub- ject was, The Collier and his Connections (Y Glowr a'i gysylltiadau.) Though young as a lecturer Mr Weeks proved a perfect master over his subj ct. He spoke for nearly two hours, but declared at the cloae, that he had not told hia audience half what he had prepared. And we believe we can safely say that all present long to hear the remaining part of this interesting lecture. Judging from what the lecturer said, and the different matters he sug- gested as the main points, to which he would call attention, we think the remaining part would prove not only interesting, but also edifying to all, es- pecially colliers. In his lecture, Mr Weeks refered to tho different theories concerning the formation of coal seams, gave a sketch of the collier's history, his trials and triumphs in the past, his present state which though an improvement upon the past, id far from being what it should be, and expressed a belief that it will improve again, and that there are bright days awaiting the collier. Every collier present could not but feel proud that he waa a collier, notwithstanding his trials and dangers. In his closing r-marks the lecturer exhorted all colliers to lead a sober steady life, to stt ivo to gain knowledge of. the coal trade and exhorted them not to r st till they have bettered their condition. It would do all colliers good to hear this lecture. Should they avail themselves of this treat, and endeavour to carry into practice the good sug- gestions thrown out, we believe that, a brighter day would soon dawn upon the collier. The chair was taken and well filled, by Mr Evan Evans, manager, Ynysfeio. After a vote of thanks to the Lecturer aud Chairman combined, proprosed by the Rev J. Rees, Carmel, and seconded by Rev. M. Jones, Tynewydd, all separated well satisfied. The proceeds will go to assist Robert Thomas, who has been disabled from following his occupation for nearly two years. In acknowledging the vote of thanks, the lecturer expressed his readiness to give the re- maiader of his lecture at any future date, for a similar purpose, free of charge as in the present. LLANTRISANT. IT IS REPORTED that a new tinworks is to be started shortly in the neighbourhood of Llantriaant, a little btyond Pontclown. CAERPHILLY. DEATH OF AN OLD INHABITANT.âOn Saturday last Mrs. Rachel Davies, (w-^wof the Thomas Davies, Castle Fa idence of her brother Mr E4 j