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THE STATE TRIALS It IRELAND. The State trial of Land Leaders la still pro- i cepdimr in the Dublin Conrt of Bench. The dofendauts f.re Charles Stewart parnell, M.P John Dillon. M.P.; J. G. Bigr, M.P.; T. D. Sullivan, M.P. Thomas Sexton, M.P. Patrick Egan hon. treasurer of the Land League Thomas Brennan, secretary of the Land League Michael O'Snllivan, assistant secretary of t\3 Land League Michael Boy ton, agent of the LandLeague, Kildare } P. J. Gordon, of Claremorris M%thew Harris, of Galway; John W. Nally, Mayo jJohn W. Welsh. Balla; P. J. Sheridan, of Tutyercurry. SEVENTH DA1. Mr. Parnell, Mr. Dillon, and T. D. Sullivan Were not present to-day, hating left to attend Parlia- ment.âConstable Stringer was ivCrtlled and gave evidence respecting speeches deliver by Mr Brennan, Mr. O'Sullivan, Mr. Boy to" andttber defendants. At one meeting Mr. Nally describe the landlords as blasted scoundrels," and rscornm^ded the people to buy pills," and march to their meetings in military order.âConstable Lavender,the neat witness,gave evi- dence 8S to the deliverj of a speech by Mr. aUy, at Kilmallock, in which he reminded his hearers that while they wotfd require a £3 licenoe to shoot game, they ooull shoot vermin all the year round for 10s.â landlords, it being apparently insinuated, representing vejcoin. Mr. Nally's re- marks, the witness said, generally caused laughter. Mr. Gordon spoke at fbe sanQ meeting, and said that landlordism Wfcs tllt curse of the country, and that the peofle should rlae in force, if necessary, to put it down.â In cross-examination, the wfcness d he could not take all speeches verbatim, ind he always left out of his transcript words that he yas not sure of.âMr, A. Wellesley, one of the proprietors of Mitchell's "News- paper Press Directory," W81 examined, and proved the receipt of an order for an issue of that work for 1880, signed T.D. Sullivan, proprietor of the Nation, âCounsel for Mr. Sullivan said they did not dispute the proprietorship of that paper.-âThe witness Laven- was recalled, and his examitption was proceeding when the court rose. EIGHTH )AY. Proceedings commenced to-iay with a long discus- sion on the proposal of the Atbrney-General to put in evidence copies of the Nation. Objections were raised to their reception by of the defendants' counsel, and Mr. O'Brien, refQaed to admit that the proprietorship of the p,per had been proved. Ultimately the judges slowed the evidence, whereupon the Attorney-Gneral read extracts from articles in the Nation eferri&g to the proceed- ings at several land meetings.The examination of Crown witnesses was then returned, and three mem- bers of the constabulary w1\ had acted during the agitation as Orown witnesses ame forward in succes- sion to prove speeches deliveed by some of the de- fendants, and referred to b the A.ttorney-General in his opening statements. Considejable amusement was caused by a speech oi JVlr, Nally beginning. «' Down with Churchill," NINTH )AY. To-day was occupied in prying speeches made in different parts of the country ^several of the traver- sers. Mr. Gordon at one mating referred to land- lord "who spent their ill-goten gains in houses ot ill-f»me in London," and xpressed the equani- mity with which he shotd hear of all the ââ throats of their enees being cut before morning. He also adviy aiming, even if they had to sell the cw to get a rifle, Mr. Nally at another meetin; denounced the hated and detested Government, ad advised the use of dymmite and gun cottq as means for the destruction of landlordism. He persuaded the people not to join the LaIt League, but to iom a league of his own. On other occasions he referred to Lord Randcph Churchill as the "Woodstook Wasp." Couoel fer the traversers causad passages to be read wih a view of shewing that the speakers had deprecate outrages and parti- culaily murder. They also hd passages read refer- ring to cases of alleged lancbra oppression. The witnesses included two policeien and two memben t of MOlIn. Qurney's staff of repttera. It TENTH DSt. Evidenoe was given as to tit printing of varlons documents for the Land Leagu, and constables were examined as to "peeohes deliveid at meetings held at Riversrille at Kilnia.deemen, conty Galway. ELEVENTH lAY. On tie resumption of the trit evidence was given relative to Mr. Egan's holding Ve office of honorary treasurer of the Land League. Reporters were then called to prove speeches made V Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Dillon, and Mr. Biggar, at yrious meetings, after which the Attorney-General saitthat the case for the Crown had closed with the excetion of one witness, who was on his way.âThe cou; then adjourned.â| Mr. Macdonogh, the leading sounsel for the tra- â Jtorsgs. had bwn absent tvo illness, but it wasxfoped that he would be abl to open the case for the <(eience when the court agaiimet.



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